Imlie [4th August 2022] written update

Imlie [4th August 2022] written update on

At the beginning of the episode, Aryan cautions Imlie against engaging in activities involving open flame. She asserts that she is the source of the fire herself. Aryan says goodbye and walks away, stating that he will see to it that Imlie is unsuccessful this time. Imlie is under the impression that she will harden to the point where Aryan will be unable to penetrate her defences. Malini makes an effort to check her phone, but Anu discourages her by telling her to concentrate on the puja instead.

Malini makes an attempt to take her phone away from Anu, but in the midst of her struggle, her phone accidentally falls into the hawan fire. Anu apologises to Malini after the latter vents her anger at the conversation. Both Imlie and Aryan are exhausted from their day, and they are attempting to sleep. They begin to feel a void in their lives without one another. Their recollections are played out in flashback. (Tujhe Bhula Diya is playing in the background) They both start to show their feelings. Chini wakes up and hugs Imlie. It is Imlie’s responsibility to ensure that she stays in bed.

Meethi combs Chini’s hair, and Chini says that she wants to eat something tasty. Imlie asks her what it is that she wants to eat, and Chini tells Imlie that she wants to eat something tasty. Chini has expressed that she is interested in consuming the pizza as well as the other things that Aryan has brought for her. Meethi instructs Imlie to grant Chini’s request even though Imlie argues that the foods in question are considered junk food. Imlie is made to feel uncomfortable by Chini. Anu gets a reprimand from Malini because of the damage she caused to her phone.

Anu encourages her to wed Aryan because she believes that this will prevent Imlie from returning to Aryan’s life in the future. Malini interrupts her and says that she is only trying to cause pain to Imlie because Imlie stole Aditya from her. This puts Malini in control of the conversation. Malini explains that she does not have any interest in getting married to him, but she will make arrangements to keep Aryan and Imlie apart.

When Narmada calls Aryan, Arpita tells her to inquire about Imlie. Narmada then makes the call. When Narmada’s nerves start to get the better of her, she turns to Aryan and asks if he’s met any new people in the village. He comprehends what it was that she was trying to say. He claims that he did meet Imlie, but that in order to resolve all of the issues, he needs to meet her once more.

When Arpita and Narmada hear that, they get extremely excited and express their affection for Imlie. Aryan claims that he has not yet forgiven Imlie, and that he will take measures to ensure that he does not run into her again in the future, but that he will teach her a lesson. Nila and Preeta are able to overhear that, and they then proceed to let Malini know about it.

After hearing that, Malini’s anxiety levels skyrocket, and she declares that she cannot permit Aryan and Imlie to become a couple. Preeta becomes agitated and repeats over and over that the arrival of Imlie will make their lives a living hell once more. The second instalment of the love story between Imlie and Aryan will soon get underway. Malini admonishes her to be quiet, but she insists that she will figure something out.

Imlie goes to a shopkeeper to ask for the ingredients she needs to make pizza, but the shopkeeper tells her that unless she pays off the debt first, he won’t give her anything. Imlie approaches her supervisor with the request to receive her salary, but he informs her that he is unable to do so because the matter is no longer under his supervision. Aryan has arrived and informed everyone that he has purchased the news channel company in Pagdandiya.

Now that he is Imlie’s boss, he will be responsible for providing her with a salary. Imlie identifies herself as a freelance reporter, and she claims that her payment is owed to her at this location. Aryan explains that at the moment, this particular company does not offer work opportunities to freelancers, and as a result, she will need to perform some work in accordance with his guidelines before she can become one of his employees. Imlie reflects on the events of the past moments, and then she departs. Imlie receives a phone call from the proprietor of the store informing her that he is able to provide her with the pizza toppings that she requested.

She asks him to grant Chini’s wish, and she discovers that the shopkeeper is making fun of her by giving her some fake things after she asks him to do so. He claims that this is the place where she actually lives. Chini is called an unnamed woman by him, and he refers to her as the woman whose father abandoned her. Chini encourages Imlie to be brave and assert her girl power at the present moment, saying that this is the perfect opportunity to do so. Imlie smacks the shopkeeper and tells him never to speak ill of Chini again while also demanding that he stop making negative comments about Chini. They shove Chini away, and just as she is about to fall, Aryan grabs her and pulls her to safety.


Aryan is told by Imlie that she cannot take any chances with the children of Pagdandiya. This brings us to our final sentence. It is impossible for her to comprehend Aryan. Aryan states, however, that the decision will now be made by the police on her behalf. She will receive retribution for her actions. Imlie is taken into custody by the police, which comes as a surprise to her.

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