Imlie [5th August 2022] Written Update

Imlie [5th August 2022] Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, some of the villagers are about to throw Chini away, but Aryan is there to save her. When Imlie realised that, she felt a sense of relief. A villager approaches Aryan in an attempt to warn him, but Aryan responds by punching the villager. Other men will say their sorry to Imlie before running away in fear. Chini has stated that she has always had faith that Aryan will come to their aid.

Chini receives an entirely new store from Aryan, which he dubs Chini ki Dukan after he bestows it upon her. When everyone else sees that, they are all surprised. Aryan tells Chini that she may now take anything that she desires from this location. Chini expresses her gratitude to him while also giving him a hug. Imlie claims that the shop is not hers, and because of this, she has no intention of stealing anything from it.

As a result of her carelessness, Imlie finds herself in close proximity to Aryan. Imlie claims that Aryan is only here to take advantage of her unfortunate circumstances and he came here specifically to do so. He is demonstrating his inflated sense of self-importance, and he expects her to worship him right now. Even though he is not paying her a salary, he is still trying to establish himself as a hero. Aryan claims that she is also demonstrating ego, and that because he is doing exactly what she said he would do, she is powerless to change anything.

Unexpectedly, Malini arrived in the village, and Chini intervened to prevent her from approaching Aryan and Imlie. According to Chini, a third person should not intervene in a conversation that already has two people talking. Malini teases her about her height and then reprimands her for not showing proper respect for those in authority over her.

Chini is of the opinion that Malini is lacking in social graces. They are both familiar with one another, and Maini claims that Chini was the one who stole Aryan’s phone. Chini believes that Malini must have been through a terrible loss to behave the way she does. Imlie experiences a moment of paranoia when she considers the possibility that Malini will find out that Chini is her only child. Both Imlie and Aryan make their voices heard in opposition to Malini.

According to Aryan, Malini travelled all the way to Pagdandiya just so she could indulge in her favourite pastime, which is hurling insults at Imlie. At the very least, she ought to behave politely when interacting with children. Malini is of the opinion that Chini should not act as a matchmaker between Aryan and Imlie because of their relationship. According to her, Chini was babbling incoherent nonsense, which is why she behaved in such a manner. She ridicules Imlie by claiming that the latter is so lonely that she is responsible for the upbringing of another child who does not have a name and who could be the result of a mistake made by a wealthy man.

Both Imlie and Aryan silenced her during their conversation. Chini inquires about Malini’s identity. “Who is she?” Imlie picks her up and thinks to herself that she will never be able to tell Chini that Malini is actually her mother, but that she must do whatever it takes to shield Chini from Malini at all costs. Malini explains that she learned that Aryan had purchased a News company in Pagdandiya, and since she is his 50 percent business partner, he needs her signature because he needs her to sign the paperwork. Aryan asserts that it is unnecessary for her to travel all the way here for that. Imlie leaves.

When Anu brings sweets into the Rathore Mansion, Nila Preeta questions her about the occasion, inquiring whether or not it is for Malini’s third marriage. Anu and Nila make fun of each other by saying that Aryan did not pay any attention to Malini or Preeta during their entire relationship. Anu explains that she brought sweets because Aryan and Malini recently purchased a news company in Pagdandiya and that is the reason why she came. That, according to Arpita, is not a significant issue. They engage in this practise on a regular basis.

Chini recounts the story of how Aryan pretended to be a hero and fought alongside the other villagers on Meethi’s behalf. Imlie advises her to ignore him and not pay too much attention to what he says. Chini and Imlie have a conversation about Malini’s impolite behaviour, and Imlie says that regardless of what Chini’s friend Malini says to her, Imlie will not use foul language around her.

Meethi is curious about who Chini is referring to in this sentence. Imlie deflects attention away from the original subject. Chini believes that if Imlie assures her that she will behave politely with Aryan, then she will also behave politely with Malini. Chini then goes on to practise her speech in preparation for the speech competition at her school which will take place the following day. Imlie believes that the Rathores are part of her history, and because of this, she will take precautions to ensure that they do not cause Chini any harm.


Aryan is told by Imlie that she cannot take any chances with the children of Pagdandiya. This brings us to our final sentence. It is impossible for her to comprehend Aryan. Aryan states, however, that the decision will now be made by the police on her behalf. She will receive retribution for her actions. Imlie is taken into custody by the police, which comes as a surprise to her.

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