Imlie [5th December 2022] Written Update

Imlie 5th December 2022 Written Update On

Imlie 5th December 2022

In Imlie, Arto telling Imlie about Miss Shayara. He says it’s kind of like Imlie because he has no idea how many fans he has. He forgets in between and adds a few lines that are enough to motivate¬† Her. She thanks him and he thinks it’s not her but Chini who deserves all the praise for being Shayara, something she will tell everyone one day.

Imlie says she doesn’t have the heart to reveal that she is Arto’s Shayara, but she will soon. Rudra questions the reason for Chini’s smile as she cannot be happy for her. Chini says she realized her mistake, so she brought him an apology note. She thinks about what’s going on in her mind. She is about to open the card but she gets distracted. Rathods and Rana arrive at the scene. Arpita embraces her and congratulates her. Arpita says her won every extracurricular in school.

Imlie Today’s Episode Online:

Chini despises the Hindi language, but Arto says while not everyone appreciates the language here today, there are some people who sincerely respect it. He thanks her for being one of them. Chini enters the club and wonders why no one has brought in the card. The explosion will not happen. Imlie goes out to get a bag from the car. She notices the card and thinks it belongs to Rudra.

She takes the card and Chini sits in the back row at the ceremony. Rupy asks her to sit in the front row, but Chini says she’s fine here. She thinks if she you have to keep your distance from the stage. Arto prevents her from opening the card and takes her inside the club. She is nervous when the emcee announces their names to take the stage. Arto takes her hand to erase her fear.

They both smile at each other, receive the bravery award, and the children praise Imlie and Arto. During the speech, Imlie recites the same poem and Arto wonders why he didn’t tell her before she too read the poem. She does not reveal that she is the she Shayara of her. Arto thinks Chini is such a talented and sweet person, so why has she suddenly changed? He wants old Chini.

Imlie Latest new Full Episode:

The children take to the stage to take pictures with Imlie and Arto. Chini receives a call from a person warning her to stay away from paper bombs. Chini can’t hear him well and turns on the loudspeaker. Imlie discovers some paper bomb and Chini disappears.

Imlie thinks it means everyone is in danger and she doesn’t know how much time is left to save people here. Rudra talks to the family about him and Devika notices the card on the chair. Before she can open it, Chini snatches it from her.

Chini goes to Rudra and hands him the card. She asks him to see him, she is guilty of her act. Rudra says that he knows what’s inside the card and doesn’t want to waste time. Chini insists on what she tells him to read it himself by opening it. Chini gets nervous. Imlie sees both of them and thinks how to save Chini and Rudra from the bomb blast. You can’t shout, otherwise people will start to panic.

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