Imlie [5th September 2022] Written Update

Imlie 5th September 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Imlie goes to visit Chini. She confronts Imlie about the fact that she hasn’t prepared any moti roti for her in a considerable amount of time and asks why. Imlie claims that she has brought it with her today. Chini is presented with some moti roti and daal, and she is instructed to finish the meal. Chini begins consuming it, and Imlie travels to visit Aryan. Aryan administers Chini’s medications and then informs Imlie that the only thing that is left to give her is vitamin C. Imlie mentions that she also brought some daal roti for him. He insists that she is under no obligation to carry out such a favour for him.

Imlie tells him that she is aware that he does not require her assistance, but since he provided Chini with blood, he ought to consume something. He looks at her as she serves the food to him. He is paying attention to her. Since he believes that Imlie is still set about leaving the house, he needs to figure out a way to persuade her that she should not do so for the sake of Chini. Will she come around to our way of thinking? He continues by saying that there are other aspects of Chini that are analogous to Gudiya. He experiences a sense of belonging in her presence. Her blood group, in addition to having that specific ailment that Gudiya also had. Therefore, if Imlie is keeping something from him, she should just come clean with the information.

Imlie is under the impression that Aryan has correctly predicted it, thus she did not feel the need to reveal the reality to him. However, because Chini’s mother Malini abandoned her at the temple when she was only three months old, she cannot take any chances with Chini. If she did, Malini would likely do something much more harmful to Chini after five years. Imlie has made the decision that she will not tell anyone the truth about what happened. She tries to reassure him that it is nothing more than a simple coincidence, but Aryan doesn’t seem to understand what she means. When it comes to taking care of Chini, she does not require his assistance in any way.

He affirms that he is aware of that fact and that he has also witnessed how cautious she is around youngsters. She retorts that her feelings for Chini are identical to the ones she had with Cheeku. Aryan inquires with her over whether or not Chini has inquired on Imlie’s biological mother. It’s understandable that Imlie would be concerned about her disappearing. Imlie claims that if there is one thing she is certain of, it is that Chini’s mother does not love her in any capacity.

Chini is introduced to Malini, who then bestows upon her an abundance of chocolates. Chini is taken aback by this revelation, and she inquires as to the motivation behind her friend’s recent shift of demeanour. Chini is Malini’s daughter, so it should come as no surprise that she has a sharp mind and a witty sense of humour. Chini is the recipient of both her and a photo of herself that she shows to Chini. According to Malini, Imlie intentionally kept her from her child and severed their relationship. However, despite her best efforts, she was unable to provide her daughter with the support that she needed.

Chini is not someone who ought to have to put up with a low standard of living. She instructs Chini to address her as mother from this point forward. Chini throws away her chocolates because, in her opinion, the taste of moti roti and daal is superior to the taste of Malini’s chocolates. However, she did not express gratitude to Imlie after she had been rescued by her. Chini was very special to Imlie, and Malini is not even somewhat comparable to her. She instructs Malini to go in a different direction. Malini has informed us that she will be departing as soon as possible because Chini is not doing well at this time. It is important that she not rush the process.

Chini gives Imlie a hug in the room, and Imlie asks Chini if she is doing okay after the embrace. Chini is about to divulge the information of Malini’s visit, but Narmada interrupts her to inform Imlie that the milk is now ready for Chini. Imlie is on her way to fetch it, but before she leaves the house, Narmada warns her not to travel anywhere until Chini is fully recovered.

Imlie responds, “But it can’t possibly happen,” and then she proceeds to return the money to Aryan, which he had given for Chini’s treatment because she is Chini’s mother. When Aryan declines to take it, Malini arrives and says that as Chini’s mother, she will give the money back to Aryan. Aryan continues to refuse it. Everyone reacts with horror when they hear it, and Malini explains that Imlie stole everything from her, including her husband, and she even stole her kid, which was Aditya’s last sign for her. Aryan disagrees with this and takes Imlie’s side on the matter, but Malini reminds him that Imlie stole his baby as well; she doesn’t understand how he can forget about it. Imlie feels frustrated.


Imlie urges Chini to leave with her, but Chini declines, claiming that she will not listen to her because Imlie is not her mother. Imlie claims that Chini has feelings for her, but Chini does not. Chini is helped up by Aryan, and Imlie is dragged out of the house against her will.

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