Imlie [6th September 2022] Written Update

Imlie 6th September 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Malini reveals to Aryan that Imlie abducted their child from her custody five years prior. Aryan believes that Imlie does not deserve to hear taunts relating to Aditya because Imlie still loves him, and everyone else is aware of this fact. In spite of what Malini claims, the truth is that Chini was taken away by her. Malini confronts Imlie with the allegation, asking her directly, “Isn’t it true that you ran away with my daughter?” Imlie immediately retorts by saying that assertion is false. Chini’s mother, Malini, wants to know if the rumour about her and Aditya being her parents is genuine. Imlie doesn’t answer. Aryan pulls her away and begs her to dispel Malini’s doubts in exactly the same way that she described doing it to him in the hospital.

Aryan is taken aback by the fact that Imlie maintains her silence and weeps during the entire interaction. She claims that she was simply terrified at the time. He claims that he believed her and even told her to tell him the truth while they were in the hospital, but she lied to him once more. He was disappointed. I just don’t understand how she can do that! Imlie responds that she is delighted that Aryan wants to help her and that she was terrified while she was in the hospital and that she was concerned for Chini’s safety since the truth is that Malini abandoned Chini at a temple when she was only three months old. Imlie makes the request to Aryan, letting him know that she does not want him to mistrust her and that she would not be bothered since he will protect Chini from Malini. According to him, that is not the case; rather, she concealed Chini from everyone, and she didn’t even tell Chini the whole truth; as a result, she betrayed his confidence. These are the truths that have been discovered.

Malini reveals to the Rathores that Imlie has already taken Cheeku away from them, and that she now intends to do the same thing with Malini’s daughter. Imlie yells that she did not kidnap Cheeku but that she did end up losing him, and that she did not steal Chini but that she did end up saving her. When Aryan asserts that Chini is Malini’s daughter, Malini responds by saying that she stayed up all night to take care of Chini when she was sick, and that Chini sobbed on her first day of school. She was the one who taught her to walk; does he not see the significance in these things? As far as he’s concerned, Malini has always been Chini’s mother. She claims that Malini will once again leave Chini alone in the same manner that she did with her when the latter was an infant.

Malini confronts her, telling her to stop lying since everyone knows how much she loves Aditya, and they also know that she would never do something like this to his child. Imlie makes an attempt to flee the house, claiming that she and Chini will do it together. When Malini sees that Imlie is once again attempting to abduct her daughter, she orders Aryan to take some action. Chini has arrived downstairs, and she has decided that she does not want to accompany Imlie. Chini asserts that Imlie intentionally withheld a significant piece of information from her, and that as a result, Imlie is the only person Chini will listen to because she is her mother.

Imlie insists that she has never spent even a single day of her life apart from Chini, and she begs Chini to refrain from separating them in this manner. At the very least, she can let her remain in this location in the capacity of housemaid. If she so chooses, she can refer to Malini as her mother and she is free to terminate her conversation with Imlie at any time. Malini believes that Imlie should give up acting because she ruined their lives after pretending to be a maid and entering their life. The Rathores are left in shambles after Malini expels Imlie from their home on the grounds that she must never return. Nila discards Imlie’s personal items by throwing them outside. Malini chuckles to herself as she shuts the door and walks away. Chini is helped by her.

Imlie sobs uncontrollably, while Aryan maintains his composure throughout the ordeal. During the flashback, Chini anticipates that Imlie will come to chat to her but Malini shows up instead. Chini cannot accompany Imlie, according to Malini, because Malini is Chini’s mother and Imlie is Imlini’s friend. She then invites the magician inside and watches as he makes a doll disappear in front of Chini. Chini receives a threat from Malini, who claims that Imlie’s future would be destroyed as a result of what she has done. Chini gets terrified.

The episode start with:

Imlie has been having trouble coping with her feelings of isolation, and she has been debating whether or not she should return to the Rathore Mansion. She declares that this time she won’t give up, and that she will go there to get Chini no matter what happens—even if it means her death.

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