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Imlie 7th September 2022 Written Update On

The Episode Start With:

Chini watches as Malini’s magician makes a doll disappear in front of her. If Chini continues to irritate her, Malini has threatened that she will destroy Imlie’s future in this manner. Malini has warned Imlie that she will get revenge on her if Chini continues to pick Imlie as Chini’s mother despite Malini’s promise that she will reveal to Imlie that she is Chini’s biological mother. Narmada claims that she is no longer able to withstand the same amount of pain that they have experienced over the past five years.
Aryan starts crying and says he doesn’t understand why this is happening to him; he feels like he’s a character in Imlie’s story, and she keeps showing up in his life and then abandoning him after each encounter. Why does she keep coming back to him if they are not meant to be together? If they are not supposed to be together, why does she keep doing it? He claims that because of her, he is not living his life, and that he desperately needs to breathe right now. He doesn’t want to be influenced in any way by her being there. Arpita claims that he once more allowed her to leave, claiming that he no longer requires Imlie in his life. Chini is carried aloft by him as he makes his way to the balcony.

Imlie sees Chini and Aryan from outside the fence and makes note of them. Chini believes that she is not a horrible girl, but because of Malini, she had no choice but to attempt to distance Imlie from her. Imlie is left feeling disappointed when Aryan enters the house. She does so while sitting near the street and thinking about Chini’s refusal to stay with her. Imlie receives a call from Meethi, and Meethi inquires about how she is doing. Chini found out that Malini is Imlie’s mother, as revealed by Imlie.

Meethi advises Imlie not to cry like this since she needs to retrieve Chini from Malini as soon as possible. If Chini has said such things to Imlie, then she must be in some sort of predicament. She encourages Imlie to do some investigating and uncover the facts. Imlie recalls how Chini wanted to tell her something but she couldn’t. She has stated that she will definitely take Chini back immediately because she believes there is something shady going on. She notices that her phone is off, which means she is unable to get in touch with Chini at this time.
Malini is praised by Anu for coming up with the ingenious scheme that successfully divided Chini and Imlie. Chini is overcome with emotion and longs for Imlie. Narmada and Arpita are attempting to be comforting to her. Arpita had assured Imlie that she will bring Chini to visit her tomorrow in order to bring her joy. Aryan claims that Imlie stole Chini away from her mother, hence Aryan believes that Imlie is deserving of this separation. Chini claims that she cannot allow negative comments about Imlie to come from his mouth. Aryan has expressed his desire to have a one-on-one conversation with Chini.

Aryan explains to Chini that she shouldn’t have loved Imlie as much as she did because Imlie has abandoned her at this point. He urges her to think back to the first time she was hurt and how, after some time, the pain went away. He assures her that the same thing will happen this time with Imlie, and everything will turn out okay. Chini breaks down in tears, and Aryan is there to comfort her. He leaves to grab her some food. She explains that she is unable to tell the truth to Aryan at this time because he is unaware that Imlie is not to blame.

Imlie approaches the people walking by and politely requests the loan of a phone so that she can get in touch with Chini. However, many of the people decline her request on the grounds that she might be a thief. She asserts that she works as a freelance reporter. Finally one old lady lends her a phone and she phones in the Rathore Mansion. Chini goes to pick it up since she believes that Imlie could want to talk to her possibly. Aryan is the one who brings the food.

Precap: Imlie admits that she is afraid of being alone and that she will continue to return to Rathore Mansion even if doing so would cause her to endure much more suffering than before. In spite of all the challenges, she is determined to get Chini back. She is unexpectedly struck by a car at that moment.

At the beginning of this episode, Malini reveals to Aryan that Imlie abducted their child from her custody five years prior. She still loves Aditya, Aryan says Imlie doesn’t deserve to hear taunts linked to Aditya, everyone understands that. Despite what Malini claims, the truth is that Chini was taken away by her. Malini confronts Imlie with the allegation, asking, “Isn’t it true that you ran away with my daughter?” Imlie retorts by saying that assertion is false. Chini is Malini and Aditya’s daughter, right? That’s what Malini wants to know. Imlie doesn’t answer. Aryan pulls her aside and begs her to clarify Malini’s concerns in the same manner that she did while they were in the hospital.

Aryan is taken aback by the fact that Imlie maintains her silence and weeps during the entire exchange. She claims that she was simply frightened. He claims that he trusted her and even asked her to tell him the truth while they were in the hospital, but she lied to him once more. He was disappointed. I can’t believe she would do that! Imlie responds that she is delighted that Aryan wants to assist her and that she was terrified while she was in the hospital and that she was worried for Chini’s safety since the truth is that Malini abandoned Chini at a temple when she was only three months old. Imlie implores Aryan to have faith in her, reassuring him that she would not be anxious since he will safeguard Chini from Malini. He claims that is not the case, and that she kept Chini from everyone, including Chini herself, and that she betrayed his trust by not telling Chini the truth. These are the actual circumstances.

Malini reveals to the Rathores that Imlie abducted Cheeku from their care and that she now intends to do the same thing with Malini’s daughter. Imlie yells that she did not kidnap Cheeku but rather that she misplaced him, and that she did not abduct Chini but rather that she rescued her. When Aryan tells Malini that Chini is her daughter, Malini responds by saying that she stayed up all night to take care of Chini when she was unwell, and that Chini sobbed on her first day of school. She was the one who taught her how to walk; does none of this mean anything to him? According to him, Chini’s mother is named Malini. She claims that Malini will once again leave Chini alone in the same manner that she did with her when the latter was a young child.

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