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At the beginning of the episode, Aryan instructs Imlie to put her signature on the apology letter so that he can release her from the obligation and allow her to sit in the front row. Imlie signs the letter with Happy Bailbuddhi Dibas, but she will not apologise for an offence that she did not commit. While Aryan insists that she should make restitution for her actions, Imlie insists that she is prepared to live with the fallout. Chini is brought on by the host to discuss the state for the speech. The humiliating topic “Najayez” was assigned to Chini as a result of Malini’s request to the instructor, as recalled by Malini (illicit). She gives the instructor bribe money and instructs her to write the same topic on all of the chits. It is difficult for Chini to properly pronounce the word “chit” when she is picking it. Aryan puts an end to the parents’ chatter about her, which centres on the question of who introduced such a topic to a child. Chini breaks down in tears and declares that she does not wish to comment further. Chini is brought to an understanding by Imlie, who joins her on stage, that her name, Chini, can have a variety of connotations, and as a result, how she articulates the meaning of a word is contingent on her point of view. Illicit can be used as a weapon against wrong things in order to put an end to harmful practises and bad habits.

Imlie is unable to assist Chini in this manner because, once Chini gets the idea, her parents will tell her that doing so constitutes cheating. Aryan claims that if they hadn’t made a scene, Imlie wouldn’t have helped her in the first place. Imlie comes down, and Chini gives a positive speech using the word “illicit,” which sounds funny to the audience as well. The audience applauds her entrance, and she continues her speech until it is finished. Meethi receives a warm embrace from Imlie, who then compliments the excellent work that Chini has done. When she realises what she’s done, she apologises to Aryan and pulls back from giving him a hug by accident. He says it’s okay. The recording of the video is Imlie’s primary focus. Malini is irritated by everything that she has observed, and she becomes angry. Chini is given the prize, which puts her in first place overall in the competition. She wishes to split the award with Imlie and expresses her gratitude to Imlie for all of her unwavering support.

Aryan thinks to himself as he looks at Imlie that if she was missing him, she could have gotten in touch with him at least once. She is under the impression that she has instructed Chini in all of the knowledge that he had previously imparted to her. Since Chini needs him, he gives her permission to perform on stage. Imlie gives Chini a hug when she sees that she is happy. Later, when it is time to distribute the laddoos, Malini signals Rajat and reminds him of how she instructed him to record the entire event in case the children became ill as a result of eating the spoiled laddoos. She instructed the men to substitute those spoiled laddoos for the ones that Imlie had prepared. After consuming them, children become uncontrollable and collapse. The children’s parents begin to freak out, and Aryan makes a number of 911 calls. Imlie becomes worried for Chini after she loses consciousness, which also happens. The children are rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, and while they are there, some of the parents begin to attack the men who brought the laddoos.

Imlie was held responsible by one of the men for the spoiled motichoor laddoos because he believed that she had brought them. Imlie tells him not to lie. Malini arrives and says that Imlie is lying and that she brought the rotten laddoos because she wanted Chini to win the competition. She says that Imlie did this because she wanted Chini to win. She anticipated that the other children would get sick, which would give Chini the opportunity to triumph, but the laddoos were given out after the competition, so her strategy was a failure. The parents reach the conclusion that Imlie merits their punishment and make the decision to remove Chini from the ambulance. Chini, unlike the other children, had consumed two laddoos, so Imlie and Meethi pleaded with them not to treat her in such a manner.

Imlie turns to Malini for assistance, and Malini tells her that in order for Chini to get better, Imlie needs to acknowledge her wrongdoing and sign the letter of apology. It is imperative that Imlie get ready as the wellbeing of Chini is the utmost priority. She was about to sign it when Aryan arrived with the car and told Imlie to get inside the car with Chini. She was about to sign it. Chini ends up in the hospital, and Imlie’s parents launch an attack against her, claiming that she harbours sinister intentions to hurt others and the like. Aryan intervenes and tells them that Imlie committed an offence, so he contacted the authorities to have her taken into custody. That comes as a complete surprise to Imlie.


Chini regains consciousness and inquires about Imlie from Aryan just before the chapter’s conclusion. According to Aryan, Imlie is now working elsewhere. Chini warns him not to lie because Imlie must be in some sort of difficulty; otherwise, she would have been here to help her. She inquires with him regarding the whereabouts of Imlie. Aryan looks worried.

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