Imlie [8th September 2022] Written Update

Imlie 8th September 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Imlie makes a phone call to the Rathore mansion. When Chini picks up the receiver, she hears Chichi, and responds with the word Chuchu. In the past, Imlie is shown waking up Chini in order to get her ready for school. Imlie claims that the name “Chichi” was one of her very first utterances when she was a little child. Chini was instructed by her to make use of this secret language if they were going to be discussing something vital. In the present, Imlie explains that Chini cannot take her name, but that she can talk to her about the things that are upsetting her. Chini reveals that Malini’s demonstration of black magic was frightening to her.

Imlie claims that she was aware that Malini was doing something inappropriate to her. When she finds out what Malini did, it makes her very upset. She orders Chini to wait for her outside the estate, and then she dashes to retrieve her from the mansion. Chini waits outside the mansion. The call is terminated and Chini proceeds to the upper floor. Aryan makes an effort to deter her in order to hand over some fruits to her. Malini makes her selection at the receiver position. While Malini is putting the finishing touches on the car, Aryan is constantly asking her what everything is. Malini has informed Chini that she would now reside at her own house with her mother. Chini has been estranged from Malini for the past five years. Therefore, this is a relatively insignificant effort on Malini’s part to ensure that she has a positive experience. Aryan advises Malini not to make the same mistake she made in the past when she lost Chini, because it will only make everything worse this time.

Malini responds that she will resolve any issues that may arise in advance, and he says that he would like to get in touch with Chini if she does not have any issues. She responds in the affirmative, and then goes on to make the request that he bring Chini to her because Imlie has been heavily responsible for indoctrinating Chini to have a negative attitude about her over the last few years. Nila and Preet are starting to feel hopeful now that they believe Aryan would eventually propose to Preeta and the two will get married. Anu asserts that because Aryan has not looked at Peeta at any point in the past 28 years, it is unlikely that the two will ever be married. Nila claims Imlie left so it is plausible. They tease Anu by claiming that now she will have to entertain her granddaughter who will want many things from her. Anu is the target of their jokes. Anu becomes upset and decides to depart after realising that she will have no time.

Aryan visits Chini in her room with the intention of having a conversation with her, but she is nowhere to be found. Utilizing a rag as a climbing aid, she lowers herself through the window. When Aryan sees her, she apologises to him for having to leave, but she explains that she cannot stay any longer. Anu confronts Malini and asks her why she wants to bring Chini back to their house when she is the source of the most of their problems. Chini’s return has prompted Malini’s declaration that she will now exploit the situation to her own advantage. Anu asks, “But what about Imlie? The latter may perhaps expose her.” According to Malini, it is not possible for Imlie to return to her life while still living. The very last time she came back, presumably because they did not kill her. She claims that she supplied a picture of Imlie to some thugs who are planning to assassinate her. Chini pretends that she did not see Malini outside, and then, after some time has passed, she runs away.

Chini is cornered by Aryan, who eventually succeeds in capturing her. Chini claims that Imlie is keeping an eye out for her and that she never goes back on any of her commitments. Aryan asserts that despite the fact that she had promised certain things to him, she went back on her word. Chini makes another attempt to flee, and this time Aryan chases after her. Imlie is being pursued on the road by a group of thugs who are driving a vehicle at her. She is initially rescued, but then she is struck by the vehicle, and after suffering injuries, she passes out and is left for dead. Chini yells Imlie’s name repeatedly and demands to know where Imlie is. Aryan sustains an injury to his hand as a result of falling to the ground while sprinting. When Malini finds Imlie dozing off in her phone, she can’t help but giggle. She reportedly confirmed that Imlie has passed away. She is unable to contain her uncontrollable laughter.

Chini is discovered by Aryan, who immediately develops sympathetic feelings for her. He believes that Imlie should have considered Chini’s discomfort before making her decision. When Malini and Anu arrive at the location, Malini immediately hugs Chini in an attempt to comfort Chini after hearing the news. They embark on their journey with Chini. Aryan finds the anklet that Imlie was wearing and which had fallen to the ground when she walked away. He grabs it, and the next thing he knows, Imlie is laying in the back of the ambulance as they make their way to the hospital. Aryan notices that an ambulance is passing by, and he gets a strange feeling.


Aryan asks Chini if he can comprehend her sentiments, and she tells him that she can show him what she drew to explain it. It is not necessary for her to conceal the information. She presents him with her drawing, and he looks at it in a strange manner, which is connected to Imlie.

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