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The episode start with:

Aryan taking Imlie’s anklet off. While she is inside, the ambulance drives by Aryan. Aryan can see her from the inside. Chini walks towards Aryan after hearing him call Imlie, and then asks him where Imlie is located. Malini has stated that this will be the last time she visits the country. Chini is the next person she sees after that. Aryan has expressed that he does not wish to continue to hold out hope for the return of Imlie. He is unable to bear this sorrow, but he will continue to hope for Imlie’s continued well-being. Following a period of nine months, Arpita presents Aryan with a meal plate. He claims that Chini has not yet had any food; nonetheless, it is unclear how he intends to convey to Chini the news that Imlie will not be coming back. Aryan proceeds to tend to her needs by feeding her. Malini is unwinding on the couch while she gets a pedicure and enjoying the experience. Anu inquires as to the rationale behind her regular practise of transporting Chini to the Rathore Mansion on weekends. Chini would tell Aryan the truth about Malini’s blackmailing her to keep her distance from Imlie. Chini’s motivation was to protect Imlie.

Malini has mentioned that there are occasions when she requires some time apart from Chini. Chini is attending the best school there is, but despite the fact that she is providing Chini with every conceivable kind of solace, she also scares Chini on occasion so that Chini won’t tell Aryan the truth. Chini is intimidated by her because she claims that she will also take Aryan away from her. She has a strategy to deliver her to the Rathore Mansion, and this step is a part of that plan. They have been leading a life devoid of strain for the past nine months, thanks to Malini’s reassurances to Anu that she can chill off. Aryan realises that Chini is keeping a sketch from him, but he doesn’t see it. He takes it from her and tells her that there is no need for her to keep anything secret from him.

Aryan discovers that Chini was the one who drew Imlie’s sketch and included the word “missing” on it. Aryan tells Chini that she doesn’t need to feel sad because she lost Imlie, but Chini should remember that Imlie was the one who drove a wedge between her and her mother, and as a result, Chini was the one who drove Imlie away from herself. Chini asks but why Imlie has not been making an effort to get in touch with her for such a long time. Aryan inquires as to the motivation behind her desire to track her down. Chini claims that she is his wife; nonetheless, he does not appear to be concerned about her well-being or the reason why she suddenly vanished. She considers the situation and concludes that she is unable to divulge the truth about Malini to Aryan at this time.

Aryan thinks back to a time in the past when he provided Imlie with two phones so that she could stay in constant contact with him when she moved away. She poked fun at him by joking that she could keep ten phones and ten chargers if that was the case. Aryan drew her in closer and told her that she would tease him in exactly the same way no matter where they went. In addition to this, she assured him that regardless of where she is, she will always be able to locate an opportunity to communicate with him. Flashback ends.

Chini gives Aryan instructions to go out and post those missing posters of Imlie wherever they may find them. Aryan is present during their time together. He explains that he is running late for the office, and Chini prays that Imlie will come back someday because she can’t be cruel to such a sweet kid. Aryan believes that he has ceased having expectations from Imlie, and he occasionally feels awful for Chini because Imlie did not even come to apologise to her. Aryan believes that he has stopped keeping expectations from Imlie. While Imlie is sound asleep on her bed, Meethi inquires of the Vaidji concerning the reason why Imlie is not waking up. She claims that she took Imlie home from the hospital nine months ago, and that ever since then, she has not opened either of her eyes.

According to Vaidji, Imlie has lost the desire to life; therefore, Meethi is responsible for providing her with a purpose to continue living. Meethi starts crying because she misses Imlie, and Aryan eventually makes his way to the location where Imlie is residing. Aryan asserts that this is the location he was given, prompting the question of why no one has arrived as of yet. He waits for the others, and during that time, Imlie gradually opens her eyes. Meethi has a moment of astonishment and immediately initiates a call to Vaidji. Aryan is unable to recognise her face and becomes concerned that perhaps there is an urgent situation. He decides to investigate the situation by going inside the residence.


Aryan walks in and pulls back a curtain, while Imlie approaches him and tries to make contact with him. When he finally sees her, he is taken aback and overcome with emotion. When he glances at her pregnant belly, she gives off the impression that she is sick.

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