Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi (10th June 2022) Written Update

Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi (10th June 2022) Written Update on WrittenLab.com

Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi 10 June 2022 Written Update

At the beginning of the episode, Purvi says that she thought she was dead for both of them and asks how she can come back. She will leave. According to Kusum, her mother is really sad. Purvi won’t go anywhere, according to Jagannath; therefore, they both consider her to be dead. Kusum believes that their connection is unbreakable and that even though Purvi may have second thoughts in the future, we are unable to stop her now. Purvi is heard sobbing inside of her room. Kusum comforts her after his arrival. Purvi claims that I despise them. Kusum has told you that your father has passed away and that you should cry as much as you wish. According to Purvi, I don’t want to even think about them. Kusum inquires as to whether you are able to forget them, stating that your father had passed away and that you are the only thing that your mother has left besides you. You have noticed that your uncle and I are also alone; we do not have anyone else, but we are with each other, whereas your mother is by herself. Purvi has instructed you not to invite me to visit her. Kusum says your mum needs you. The answer is no, Purvi, but I beg you to let me stay with you. Kusum gives her an explanation.

The following day, Kashi shows in to talk to Purvi. She tells me that if my uncle tries to stop me, I won’t go anywhere. He asks what will happen if I detain you. She gives him her gaze. She prepares to pack her backpack. She claims that Isha was the one to give me this locket. When she opens it, she finds pictures of Kashi and herself inside. Ek dil hai…plays… Purvi requests that Kashi force her to put it on. Kashi smiles. He forces her to put it on. Purvi thinks that till this kid comes, I need some time to myself. Kashi smiles and nods his head enthusiastically. She inquires as to the cause of your tears. He says no. She gives Dolly a hug. The sweater is a product of Kusum’s command to Jagannath. He makes fun of her. He claims that because you love Purvi, you want to keep her here, just like you desired to do with Deepa; nonetheless, you should let Purvi go.

Purvi appears and says, “Uncle Ji, I’m going to leave.” He walks away from it. She claims that I have no desire to attend. When he sees her, he becomes angry. She says things like, “I know you are saying this to hurt me, you don’t want me to go, tell me once, I will stop if you say, I promise.” She is aware that you are saying these things with the intention of hurting me. They shed tears. He makes a hole in the piece of chewing gum. They are smiling. Purvi hugs him. When Rekha got home, she greeted Purvi by calling her name. She welcomes Purvi with wide arms. Purvi runs. The thread from the sweater becomes entangled in her bangle. Purvi comforts Rekha by hugging her and crying. Purvi is instructed by Jagannath to leave and not look back. Purvi gives them a wave before going away. The thread has snapped. Jagannath responds, “I told you, it will be just the two of us in the end, all by ourselves.” Kusum replies that this isn’t true, that we aren’t alone, that Purvi has filled our hearts with bittersweet memories, that Delhi isn’t that far away, that she will come running to you if you call her, that she won’t leave you, and that she is your friend. He claims that it is nine in the morning, that I did not receive tea, and that you do not complete any work on time. They have a disagreement. The baby is given his tea. Ye Jeevan hai…plays….

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