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She asks Yatho to come since they have to leave, but Swati comes from behind seeing whom Akanksha starts acting just as Yatho hugs Sakshi, and she begs Sakshi to show some sympathy on her because she wants to be with her husband a second time. Akanksha warns Sakshi to see how she once again becomes the mother of Yatho and the wife of Manav. Sakshi replies that she can try and that she would also see how Akanksha manage

Manav is very concerned, and Malti aunti is also anxious. He receives a call and expects it to be from Sakshi, but it’s actually Swati. When he asks her what she’s hearing, she says that Yatharth came to Akanksha after getting angry with him. Manav is worried after hearing this, and Swati reassures him by saying that even though Yatharth is a really nice father, even he cannot fulfil the position of It is up to him to take care of everything, according to Swati’s advice.

When Manav sees Yatharth standing at the door, he experiences a great deal of anxiety. He calms himself by sitting down and opening his arms to Yatharth, but Yatharth walks away. When Manav attempts to follow Yatharth, Sakshi prevents him by saying that they need to give Yatharth some space because he is so upset.

Swati is busy working when Akanksha interrupts her and asks if she also saw how Manav still cares for her and how much she has changed. She then asks him to talk to Manav and convince him that she deserves a second chance. Swati asks Akanksha how she can talk to Manav about it, and Akanksha tells her that she needs to do it for her daughter. Swati continues to work after Akanksha’s request.

Manav is getting ready in his room when he notices the present that Yatho gave him but that he did not even open. He wonders what kind of a father Yatho is because he did not even look at it. When Manav opens the present, he is really amazed to see the portrait that is of his family. He remembers that Yatharth was trying his best to make him and Sakshi a couple, and so he took the selfie. Niharika calls Manav and asks if Yatho returned. Manav tells Niharika that Yatharth planned their future, which Manav does not agree with and cannot fulfil his desire. Niharika tells Manav that Yatharth is just a child and that he will calm down. She even offers to come at Manav’s house, but he tells her that he himself will come to her house since there is something which he wants to talk to her about Niharika responds that Manav is not fine because Yatho is not communicating with him. Mr. Holkar explains that this cycle will continue until there is some balance in their lives. Mr. Holkar asks if Yatho is doing well. Niharika says that Manav is not doing well because Yatho is not talking with him.

Yatho responds that he was not able to give what he desired so there is nothing else. Manav, who is getting worried, asks why he is talking like this because this is not right. Yatho, on the other hand, is frustrated. Manav explains that he is going outside while he is getting ready and asks Yatho if he wants anything. Yatho responds that there is nothing else. Manav looks to Sakshi before leaving. Sakshi expresses her desire to have a conversation with Yatho regarding his father, but Yatho excuses himself, stating that he does not wish to have any conversations with anyone.

When the doorbell rings, Vibhav exclaims that he is going to open the door but she stops him saying that it would be Manav so she will check. Niharika asks Manav to come inside and Mr. Holkar offers him a seat. Vibhav thinks that Manav is coming twice now and if he does not end their friendship, then he will remain a servant. Niharika asks Manav to sit down. Vibhav thinks that Mana Vibhav asks Mr. Holkar what kind of a father he is because he sent his daughter inside with a man in front of her husband. Mr. Holkar responds that he forgot that Vibhav is still Niharika’s husband and that he would have to take care of him. Niharika suggests that they should go to the room, and Mr. Holkar offers to send tea for them. Vibhav asks Mr. Holkar what kind of a father he is as

Niharika explains that Yatharth wants to get Manav married to Sakshi but what does he want to do and so Niharika suggests that she has a game, Manav questions what has gotten into her as she desires to play a game at this time, Niharika mentions that this is a rapid fire round and he must answer quickly, she keeps on asking him questions about Sakshi and even asks if he would have married her before Akan. Manav admits that

Malti aunti gives Sakshi the food, and then she stands behind Yatho with a song, which the two of them start singing and even enjoy quite a bit. When Manav comes through the door and sees the two of them together, he thinks back to when Sakshi first entered his life and assures him that she will be there for him along every path he takes in his life. Yatharth is stunned and at once starts hugging Manav explaining that he is the best father. Malti aunti comes questioning why do they not involve her when they are joyed. Yatho asks Sakshi mam to take a selfie of them all. Sakshi sees Manav stop, so Manav comes to Yatho and sits beside him while he starts feeding Yatho. Manav whispers to Yatho that he has agreed to bring his new mother

When Swati returns home, she is perplexed as to where everyone has disappeared to. Manav and Sakshi are overheard discussing a topic in hushed tones. When Swati inquires as to what they are discussing, Manav tells her that she will discover the truth very soon but that, in the meantime, she should just know that Sakshi is an extremely talented singer.


Swati tells Manav that she believes Yatho needs a mother in his life. Manav responds that those who are worthy make their own way into the lives, and she feels as if he still cares for Akanksha. Yatharth tells Sakshi that Manav has agreed to marry once again so that she will be the new Misses Bajpayee. Yatharth informs Sakshi that Manav has agreed to marry once again so that she will be the

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