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Niharika calls Manav and mentions that she was checking the employee list and asks if they have made the right decision by hiring Sakshi since she seems a little out of place. Manav says that ever since she came back to the office, this was her best decision and is saying this with experience since he has not seen a more confident women in his life. Manav also says that even if his memory is lost then he would not be able to forget her because she is his stre When Sakshi receives the call from Yatho, she returns to her desk where she is greeted by the latter’s question: “Are you going to vow to not tell anyone?” She reveals that she makes a really good milk cake, Yatho explains that Manav does not like it, but she then explains that she will make the ice cream cake, which Yatho says he also likes a lot, and Sakshi says that they will make the cake after waking up in the middle of the night. When she hears this, she gets really excited, but she manages to calm herself down.

Niharika immediately announces that tomorrow is the birthday of their CEO Manav, and that as a result, they are all going to celebrate it with a grand party because even the Holkar industry has once again attained birth. She then gives Vibhav instructions to arrange everything, mentioning that Ranay is going to supervise him. Vibhav extends his best birthday wishes to Manav. The call is ended with Sakshi stating that she will speak with Yatho at a later time.

Vibhav, recognising the opportunity, takes the tissue to her and mentions how he feels really horrible that Niharika disrupted all of her planning. He then suggests that she wipe off her tears because it does not make him feel pleasant to see her in such a vulnerable state. Vibhav tries to ask Manav a question, is Manav possessive about all of the employees, or is there something going on between them both that they do not know? Vibhav apologises, mentioning that he got angry, so he is getting the feeling of Deja Vu, of the time when he got close to his first wife. Manav sir informs him that he is aware of the entire planning, and he instructs Vibhav to take this as his last He should have done it a long time ago but is going to do it now even though he should have done it much earlier. Manav says that history will fix itself if people learn from their mistakes. Vibhav receives a slap from Manav in front of everyone. Niharika calls Manav for interrogation, and he goes to ask what occurred. Niharika then questions Manav about what is going on, and Manav responds that she should be asking the person who should be in jail this question instead of interrogating him.

Vibhav explains that he was simply having a conversation with Sakshi mam, but that Manav was the one who hit him, which caused him to become very furious, and that Sakshi mam need to send Manav back to jail because everyone here is taking his wrath out on him. In a fit of exasperation, Niharika demands to know why he is speaking since they have not posed any queries to him; he has no business conversing with her given that she is well-versed in the management of her own office. Manav immediately disagrees with Niharika’s assertion that everyone in this office will be respected and that no one has the right to slap anyone else. He explains that even if there should be certain rules and regulations, there are certain mistakes that should be punished on the same moment they are committed. Niharika also becomes frustrated, and she asks Manav if he is going to teach her how to run her company. Manav responds that he does not feel he made any mistake because if standing up for the right of a woman causes a hindrance to the rules of the company, then the rules of the company should be changed; he thinks there have been a lot of changes in this company, and Niharika asks what those changes are, and he says that there

Sakshi asks Niharika mam to try and listen, as Manav only slapped Vibhav because he was misbehaving with her. Niharika responds that Sakshi should have come to her, as then she would have surely made the right decision, unlike Mr. Bajpayee. Manav explains that he does not have to explain what relation they both have with each other, but there is one thing because until the environment of this office is changed and Sakshi’s behaviour While Niharika is concerned, Vibhav is standing there with a smile on his face. Manav is seen leaving while holding Sakshi’s hand.

Yatharth rushes to open the door, and he is surprised to learn that both of them arrived so early. He says that it is good that they did so because he had something to talk about with them both. After making them sit together for a selfie, Yatharth forces them both to smile and asks Manav what kind of smile this is because he believes that Manav has consumed some stale vegetables. Yatharth believes that Manav has eaten some old vegetables.

Yatharth expresses his gratitude to his mother and then turns to thank his father. When Yatharth turns to thank Sakshi mam, she gestures for him to refer to her just as Mam. Yatharth rushes into Manav’s room as Manav challenges him about why he is doing all of this given how unexpected it is.

Sakshi enters the room and asks Yatharth what he is planning, but Yatharth assures her that he is not doing anything. She sits down with him and informs him that tomorrow his father will not be going to his office so they will prepare a party. Yatharth mentions that this celebration will go on for two days, but she does not understand when he reveals that there is also father’s day. Sakshi is really happy with this plan and agrees to it. Yatharth Sakshi tells that he needs to be patient with his father and give him some more time because his father is not yet ready. She then asks him if he has planned any surprises, at which point Yatho requests her to keep it a secret so that it can continue to be a surprise.

Sakshi goes to Manav with tea and apologises for what happened. Manav makes her sit down and asks what she is sorry for; she replies whatever happened in the office. Manav then asks her if she thinks he should have talked politely with Vibhav after how he was talking with her; she replies no. Manav then says that people like Vibhav only understand when they get beaten, and he cannot stand it if anyone misbehaves with her and Ya Sakshi starts crying when he asks the reason, she says that he cares a lot for them, Manav replies that he cares the most for her and would not bear anything said against her, she starts crying again, so he explains that she is habitual of saying sorry and would be given the title of depressed queen, even when Malti aunti will wake her she would say sorry to her. Sakshi starts crying again when Manav explains that she is habitual of saying sorry to Sakshi reassures Manav that there would be neither an apology nor a thank you, and Manav, with a smile, adds that after spending time with the Bajpayee family, she has also become filmy.


Manav’s birthday is coming up, and Yatharth, Sakshi, and Malti aunti have all promised to throw him a large surprise party. Meanwhile, at Akanksha’s house, the atmosphere is strained since Akanksha is convinced that Manav has never celebrated a birthday without her.

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