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Niharika is sitting there impatiently waiting when Vibhav comes in and compliments them, explaining that they are beautiful. He then exclaims that they should all have one of them so that when Manav sir comes to the office, then they would wish him. Niharika then explains that Manav will not come, so the party will not be held. Vibhav tries to stop her and asks her to drink the coffee, but she looks at him with anger. Vibhav thinks that she is under the impression that she owns everything, but in reality, he is the owner of everything and will soon own it all himself. However, she is very possessive about Manav, so he needs to do something about it.

Akanksha is walking into the house while pondering the possibility that her mother will be successful in persuading Manav. She believes that he has never celebrated any birthday without her presence, which is why it is imperative that she also attend.

Manav walks into the house with Malti aunti as everyone wishes him a happy birthday and even wishes him. Manav, with a smile, explains that this is the second time he was made a fool out of. He then begins celebrating with Yatho, who asks him to stop. Manav thanks them all for coming to the party, and Yatharth asks for ten minutes before mentioning that he is going to go with his father, who needs to get ready for the party

Manav is halted because of the shawl that is draped over his head. He removes the shawl, but he is unable to take his eyes off of her even after he has done so. Sakshi mam is standing in front of her, and Manav is left shocked, so he keeps staring at her. Yatho calls him, inquiring about how his Sakshi mam is doing, and he tells him that she is looking really pretty. Yatho calls her Patola when he agrees, but then Manav asks from where he is learning all of these words. Yatho mentions the internet, and after hearing that, Manav explains that he feels that he would have to restrict his usage. Sakshi mam also smiles when Yatho exclaims that he Yatharth tells him that he does not need to praise him every day rather he should praise his Sakshi mother.

Manav explains that she is deserving of the praise because they are unable to compete with her today and she will undoubtedly come out on top. Manav explains that he would not be able to compete with her, and Sakshi mam suggests that he should ask his father to change clothes after which they would see who looks more awesome. Manav is stunned by this suggestion and is about to enter Sakshi’s room when Yatharth tells him that his room is on the other side of the hallway.

Sakhi mam goes to thank Swati and everyone else for coming. She notices that Mr. Holkar and Ayesha seem uncomfortable, so she asks them why they did not have anything to eat. Mr. Holkar says that he is OK, and Ayesha says that she wants to leave early so that she may be with her mother.

Manav is about to see the present when he receives a text from Sakshi mam revealing that she is going out so he needs to take care of the baby. Manav is about to see the present when he receives a text from Sakshi mam revealing that she is going out so he needs to take care of the baby. Yatharth praises him, saying that he is looking like the hero from a movie. Manav starts saying the dialogue exclaiming they would Yatho and Manav will be leaving together.

Karan asks Swati to see how well Manav is looking as this is what they get after their own struggle. Manav achieved everything with his own will, while there is Vibhav who just shows off his wealth. Bubbly asks why he is comparing their Manav jiju to Vibhav. Manav achieved everything with his own will. Karan argues that although it is a very cheap thing to do, it has a lasting effect; this is in response to Swati’s assertion that her life would have been different if Akanksha had not cheated on her with Manav.

She asks him to check her name when she reveals that her name is Niharika, but just as she is about to enter, the other guard stops her and explains that he warned her not to even come close to this Bungalow. Akanksha questions what he is doing because the guest list that he is checking was made on her order. Akanksha asks him to check her name when she reveals that her name is Niharika. Akanksha makes the appeal to them that they allow her to enter the celebration.

Swati stops Yatho and asks where the woman he has chosen to marry Manav is because she needs to talk with her. Yatho whispers in her ear and asks if she will be able to convince his father because this is the last chance that they will get. Manav is at the party when he sees Mr. Holkar and Ayesha, so he goes to greet them. Swati stops Yatho and asks where the woman he has chosen to marry Swati inquires as to whether or not she has been invited to this party, and Yatharth responds by stating that she is the one who has organised everything, but he is unable to locate Sakshi at the gathering.

Niharika is seated in her house when Vibhav comes in and asks what should he do with the food as the caterers were asking for it. He then apologises and says that he made the choice to have the food distributed amongst the needy without obtaining her approval. Sakshi mentions that she knew he would be trying to manipulate Niharika mam, because Manav is not the kind of person who would ruin the company that pays him, and does Vibhav not know what his reality is, so she reveals it to him. Vibhav explains that whatever Manav did today is not right because he is not the boss of the company but has started to feel that she would not be able to run this company without his help which is not at all true, she must back

Niharika inquires of Sakshi as to why she is present, to which Sakshi responds that all she wants is to have a conversation with Niharika in private; hence, Vibhav exits the room. Sakshi responds that although Niharika jee is not accepting it at this time, she does still have feelings for him. Niharika comments that she does not have any affections for Vibhav and that Sakshi need not be worried about her. Sakshi tells Niharika that she has come to take her to Manav’s birthday party because everyone is waiting, and even Ayesha is really upset because she doesn’t have her mother. Niharika and Manav are both working together, which scares Vibhav because he knows that only Manav can foil his plans, so he is employing the strategy of “divide and rule.” Sakshi also tells Niharika that she has come to take her to the party because everyone is Niharika believes that given the circumstances, she would be required to cultivate her friendship with Manav even further.

Ayesha gives Manav a present, and he thanks her by saying that he did not get the gift that would make him the happiest, and that she is the only one who can give it to him. Mr. Holkar grins, but Manav explains that today he is going to get a lot of presents, and he is very excited about it. Ayesha is unable to comprehend, so she inquires of him; in response, he demands that she smile for him. Malti aunti accepts the gift that Manav has given her, and then he tells Ayesha and Mr. Holkar to cheer up before disclosing that he has a plan. Finally, he phones Yatho, and everyone rushes to begin the party after hearing that Yatho has arrived.

Niharika stops Sakshi so that she can order a red velvet cake for Manav. Sakshi responds that she has already baked it, but Niharika explains that she would not have eaten a tastier cake than it. Akanksha is standing when she notices that Niharika and Sakshi have both arrived at the party. This causes Akanksha to be taken aback because both of her adversaries are present at the same time.

Niharika and Sakshi both enter the party, Ayesha immediately smiles seeing her mother and so rushes to hug her, Manav smiles seeing that Niharika has finally arrived, Ayesha reveals that Niharika wanted to wish him for his birthday, he replies that he is glad that she came to the party as they all were really tensed without her, and Sakshi begins to feel envious seeing them together. Ayesha and Manav both smile seeing that Niharika has But then she convinces Yatho to join the dance, and even Manav comes to join them; nonetheless, Yatho exits the dance quite shortly. He is currently standing next to Ayesha and indicating how their strategy will be successful.

Everyone is cheering for Manav and Sakshi as they dance together and are having a great time doing it. After a while, Niharika pulls Manav away from Sakshi and explains that she wants to have a private conversation with him. Sakshi becomes anxious as a result of Niharika pulling Manav away from her.


Niharika makes a request to Manav, asking him to stay by her side during the conflict. When Manav explains that he and Sakshi were upset because they want to protect her, Niharika, who is crying, tells him that he needs to provide evidence of this. Malti aunti overhears their chat and, as a result, visits Sakshi while feeling quite anxious. When Akanksha spots Niharika’s car, she makes a dash for it and manages to sneak into the trunk or the rear seat of the vehicle.

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