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She thanks him for standing by her side while holding her hand when everyone went against her, she asks him to not leave her hand, but he pulls his hand away and mentions that she left him a long time ago so she should never think of coming back to him again. Akanksha thanks him for standing by her side while holding her hand when everyone went against her. Manav asks Swati if she heard what Akanksha is saying, he replies that she cheated on him and it is a crime so they would not be able to accept her after what she did to him, Akanksha requests him to give her any punishment after which she can enter his life, he replies that he accepts he sometimes gets lonely and remembers those times when he would try to cheer her up but he also gets lonely however, even though he gets lonely

Sakshi is sitting next to Yatho while he is sleeping. She is thinking about how Manav protected Akanksha when Vibhav misbehaved with her. She is also thinking about Niharika. Malti aunti comes in and asks if Yatho fell asleep. Sakshi responds that Yatho did fall asleep, but that the dream that Yatho saw might not be the truth. She says that Akanksha is his past and Niharika is his responsibility, but what In response to Malti aunti’s request that she not become disappointed, Sakshi said that his history had won today.

Niharika is reminiscing about the time when Sakshi told her that she and Manav are a team, and that Vibhav is envious of them because he is attempting to use the strategy of “divide and conquer.” At that time, Niharika told Manav that Sakshi had helped her understand that Vibhav is insecure because he is aware that he cannot harm her when she is with Manav because they are connected. Manav asks Niharika why she is giving him so much importance, and she tells him that she got his bail so that she can herself give him the punishment. Manav then requests that he not know about the acts, and Niharika explains that he took Manav’s wife so that he can also act. Manav then requests that he not know about the acts. Vibhav was given the advice by Niharika to simply go with the flow, and Niharika, who was sitting at the table, smiled to herself as she thought that now the tables had fully turned and that she would make sure Vibhav died a dreadful death.

Manav arrives back at his house and notices that the time has passed one. At that moment, he is reminded of Akanksha’s statement that he never really loved Manav, which she said before she departed with Vibhav. When Swat brings the medicated milk for Akanksha, she stops him and asks if she saw how Manav still has feelings for her as he cared for her. When Swati responds that even if they can believe it to be the truth, Yatharth still hates her as he doesnot want her to be around his father, Akanksha tells her that he is a child who got confused because of the fake love of Sakshi, who tries to act like his

She acts as though she is asking Manav what kind of party she organised as the birthday boy is still hungry. She attempts to offer him food but he refuses to take it. She informs him that they were taught that a human cannot think on an empty stomach. Sakshi is sitting with Manav. She asks whether he is thinking about Akanksha, and Manav replies that he made a pretty terrible mistake, because everyone would now think that he still has affections for Akanksha, and those injuries that he had concealed are now coming back to bother him. Akanksha would likewise get the impression that he wants her to return, even though this is not the case. Sakshi would then ask him what he wants, and he would immediately mention that he cannot sustain the same injury twice, at which point he would ask Sakshi what she wants. She retorts that it would be a terrible mistake for both Yatharth and himself if Akanksha were to return to his life at any point in the future. Manav nods his head in assent and adds that he should close all the available options for Akanksha after which he would be able to make some time for anyone else.

Niharika calls Manav and asks if he is okay; he reassures her that everything is good, and when he comments that he is okay right now but would like to sleep and asks if he can contact her in the morning, she abruptly ends the connection. Manav says that he will call her in the morning.

Sakshi inquires of Manav whether he is able to use his own hands to eat or whether she is required to feed him like yatho. Manav says that if they remove the second s from her name, the resulting word is Sakhi, which is the role that she plays in his life because she has been by his side through every difficulty.

Niharika is sitting at the table acting as though she is talking on the phone while Vibhav is eavesdropping from behind the pillar. Niharika asks Vibhav if he is missing her this much but she is also missing him. She thought of staying with him at his house but he himself left. She thought of spending some quality time with him. Niharika even exclaims that there is no need to be formal because they both would build their future together both professionally and casually. Mr. Vibhav is unable to take it anymore and decides to leave. Niharika starts smiling.

Vibhav, while he is sitting in the room, begins to think about how close Niharika and Manav were at his birthday celebration. This causes him to become angry, and he tosses the chess table across the room. Vibhav proclaims that Manav also entered his life with Akanksha, whom he invests a significant amount of money in, but he is going to take his wife so easy as it is impossible for it to occur, and Vibhav Kapoor would never allow his wish to come true.

Akanksha is muttering the name of Manav, and she asserts that she would reside in his bungalow and that everything is hers. She hears the cries of someone so asks who it is, and he replies that he is the criminal of Yatho and Manav. Akanksha questions if he did not get happy after humiliating her at the party, and she threatens to call Niharika when he requests her to come and meet him as he is at the back of her house. She refuses to even see his face, but he assures her that he wants to see her settle down in her life

Akanksha approaches him at this time and requests that he stop playing the part and get to the crux of the matter. Vibhav starts praising Manav, which worries Akanksha. He replies that he felt Manav is a really nice person when he defended Akanksha in the party, which showed his love for her. He felt like a cheap person in front of Manav and thinks he would not even get a place in hell after how he ruined the happy family. He realised that Manav does not love her body, but rather her soul. He saw that Manav Akanksha inquires as to whether or not he truly believes it, to which she responds that she continues to believe that he loves her, and now that she is able to deal with everything, she cautions him not to come and meet her, which he also promises to do. Vibhav says that it is best if she may ask for his forgiveness because the bone that was lodged with him is now rushing after Manav because when this woman goes for someone, she does not let go of them once she has them in her sights.


Akanksha responds that she would definitely come to reside in that house when Sakshi also challenges her, adding that she would witness how Akanksha once again causes difficulty for Yatharth and Manav jee. Yatharth asks whether he can inform her that she is the new Mumma.


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