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Manav is sleeping when he is awoken by the sun’s rays. He immediately wishes good morning to his son and questions who would give him a return kiss. Yatharth suddenly remembers the previous night when Manav defended Akanksha in front of everyone. Yatho turns away and mentions that he does not know what day it is. Manav questions what the problem is and says that they should not start their day like this. Manav receives a call from

Yatharth takes a seat on the sofa and calls Ayesha di, questioning why she wished Manav Happy Father’s Day when they had promised to cancel all of the celebrations of the Father’s Day. Ayesha di responds that even then she would wish Manav uncle and she asks why did he not wish him, to which Yatharth responds that he does not want to wish him. Yatharth sits on the sofa and says that he does not want to wish Man

Yatharth responds that the reason he still cares for the evil mother is because he does not wish for his father, which is not pleasant, when Sakshi mam queries him about his behaviour and asks why he did not yearn for his father. As soon as Manav comes out, he scolds Yatharth and asks him what is this behaviour as he has taken all the steps to keep Akanksha away from him but no one can terminate the blood tie that she has with him. Yatharth then goes to the restroom while crying. Manav comes out. Yatharth. Sakshi mam follows Yatharth and requests that he come out so that they can both take a bath together and that he would also make Yatho the famous guy, but Yatharth responds that she must not try to calm him down in any way. Sakshi mam follows Yatharth.
Manav asks Sakshi not to defend Yatharth because if they do not accept his one desire, then he starts creating a lot of dramas, and he would not be able to bear it because they do not get everything which they desire in their life, he must learn to accept it. Sakshi goes to Manav and questions what he is doing because Yatharth is still a child, but he should have patience with him. Manav tells Sakshi not to defend Yath Sakshi wonders what he has done as he celebrated the birthday with such a good heart and was even about to celebrate the Father’s Day, while Manav stands in anger and exclaims what will happen if he does not celebrate the Father’s day this year. Sakshi questions what has he done as he celebrated the birthday with such a good heart and was even about to celebrate the Father’s Day. Manav accuses Sakshi of destroying Yatharth and says that if she hadn’t done this, then he wouldn’t be so stubborn. Sakshi tells Manav that he can fix Yatho even if it was her fault for destroying Yatharth and then leaves.

Malti aunti comes to Manav and says that he claims to be both the mother and father of Yatho, but she can only see a father. She even scolds Sakshi for being so stubborn and then calls her out to have breakfast. Malti aunti then leaves to bring Yatho but comes back mentioning that he is not there. Sakshi and Manav are both shocked, so they rush out of the house. The guard is talking on the phone when Manav ask

Manav rushes to the Holkar mansion and calls out to Ayesha and Yatho. Ayesha comes to hug him and wish him a happy Father’s Day. Manav reveals that Yatho is not in the house, which causes Ayesha to become concerned. Niharika is also surprised to see him, and she suggests that they contact the police.

During the conversation that Akanksha is having on the phone with Vibhav, he asks her if she had anything to do with Yatho’s disappearance. She reassures him that she did not do anything and then ends the call when the doorbell rings. When Akanksha opens the door, she is happy to see Yatho and asks if he came alone, but Yatho mentions that he has something important to discuss with her.

Yatharth asks where Grandmother is, and Yatho responds that he did not come to stay with her because he was bored at his father’s house. Yatharth’s grandmother explains that they have all gone outside so that no one can disturb them, and she asks Yatharth if he came to her house because he was bored at his father’s house.

When Manav returns, Malti aunti asks him if he located Yatho. He responds that he was unable to locate him, at which point she admits that even Sakshi went hunting for him and claimed that she knew where he was heading. Manav then reveals that he knew where Yatho was headed. Manav gets angry with Yatho and explains that he has become extremely stubborn. Malti aunti responds that they are the ones at fault as they expected very high of him. She accepts that Yatho has suffered a lot for such a young age, but they should understand that he is still just a child because they make decisions based on their emotions and take it to their heart.

Yatharth asks Akanksha to not pass such emotional dialogues since there is not a tear in her eyes, he has come to warn her so she must stay away from him and his father since they both have learned to live without her, Akanksha requests Yatharth to not say this since they both have learned to live without her. Akanksha brings the chocolate milkshake for Yatho, but he does not even move to pick it up when she sits beside him placing the cup on the table Akanksha responds that she cannot live without them and that she loves them, but he says that because they do not love her, he does not care how she would be able to survive without them.

Akanksha gets up to open the door when she is startled to discover Sakshi, who tells her that Yatharth is standing right in front of her. Yatharth is relieved to hear this, and he tells Malti aunti that they were successful in their search for Yatho. Sakshi asks Yatharth why he came without telling anyone as they were really worried, she asks him to come as they must go back home but Akanksha pulls yatho away mentioning she is his mother so would drop him off but Yatharth explains that he forgot to introduce her as she is his new mother and so they need to leave, Akanksha stops saying she needs to talk with her but Yatharth doesnot want to leave however Sakshi requests for him to trust her and

Akanksha responds that Sakshi must stop pretending to be a good mother because she is the one who sent Yatharth to her with such hatred filled in her heart. Sakshi then asks Akanksha what she wants to talk to her about, and Akanksha tells her that she wants to tell her that she must stop acting like a good mother. Akanksha even blames Sakshi for living with Manav. Sakshi responds that she was the one who stood with Manav when Akanksha herself made sure that both her son and husband were on the roads, and she not only wiped off his tears but also supported them. Akanksha vows to once again come back in the limelight.


Yatharth approaches Manav from behind while he stands with both of his hands spread wide open. Niharika exclaims that Yatharth wants him to marry Sakshi. She suggests a game and asks Manav some questions while he has his eyes closed. One of the questions she asks is whether or not he would have married Sakshi if she had come into his life before Akanksha. Manav mentions maybe, at which point Niharika begins to laugh and have a good time.

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