Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey [11th August 2022] Written Update

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 11th August 2022 Written Update on writtenlab.com

The first thing that Gunjan says to you in this episode is that she can tell you aren’t happy in this marriage. Anu claims that you are unhappy as well, and that you want a child while she expresses the opposite desire. She claims that we have argued about this topic fifty times, that she doesn’t have time for herself, that she can’t let her hard work go to waste, and that she does not want to have a child and become a housewife. There’s been an incoming call for her. He claims that you have forgotten what the day of the week is. She assures me that I have not forgotten, but that I am rescheduling my meetings so that I can get home earlier. He advises against doing a favour for him because there is a possibility that he won’t be home. She says that she will take care of everything from her end, and that you shouldn’t bring up the baby or consider having one if you don’t already have one. He claims that he wants the baby that we are having. Her response is that it is impossible for it to take place. The next thing you see, she’s going downstairs. Everyone encourages him to start his day with a healthy breakfast. She apologises and says that she is sorry, but she has to leave because she is running late, she is aware that today is her and mine anniversary, and she promises that she will return soon. Charu tells Chandru and me to come by in the afternoon, and she says that we used to work together before taking breaks. She claims that there is a distinction, despite the fact that the job in question is found in a corporation. He says things like, “I don’t know about jobs, but how to live life, job is imp, but one shouldn’t forget to live, I’m proud of your work, get some time for yourself,” and “I don’t know about jobs, but how to live life.” Gungun says that she tries her best, but it hurts her feelings that no one appreciates her work. They all encourage her to take some time for herself and to engage in activities with Neeti’s son.

She has informed me that I will be competing against him this coming Sunday. Charu inquires as to whether or not it is beneficial to only live one’s life on Sunday. Seema receives a phone call and Gungun offers his gratitude to her. She told me that I’ve been nominated for the World Press award, which is a prestigious award in the field of journalism and comes from India. The nomination came from India. Chandru extends his best wishes and congratulations. It is recommended by Charu that you first accept the blessings of all those present. Everyone speaks well of her. Gungun says it’s a big award. Anu comes up to her and teases her, telling her that winning an award is not a big deal, that we have won many awards up until this point, that she herself has won an award, that Chavi has won a gold medal, and that she has only been nominated for an award. Golu wants you to know that you shouldn’t beat yourself up over what he said because we are proud of what you’ve accomplished. Chandru says I will sing a song. Sargam says no, baby will cry. Gungun remarked that he can tell who is the happiest person in this place. She casts a glance in Anu’s direction. Sunanda advises you to make an effort to comprehend the following: although we are overjoyed for you, we are also concerned about you because you have so many responsibilities, including those of a mother, wife, bahu, daughter, and sister. Divya has told us that we should be concerned about the fact that you will merely become a reporter. Gungun has stated that he is unsure if he will participate in any other roles because people value his role as a reporter. Yug tells you to forget about it, and instead come home early so that we can celebrate the anniversary together. She requests that he inquire with Anu about whether he will be present at the event. Anu says I don’t care if you don’t care. Gungun leaves. When she arrives, she goes straight to her office. She gathers her employees together for the celebration. The boss believes that Gungun has demonstrated that Armaan was right to entrust her with the responsibility because she has shown that she is willing to put in the effort, and as a result, we can be proud of her. He inquires as to whether or not Anu had arrived. She declines the invitation and cites his lack of availability. He insists that he can’t miss your party and will be there. Anu receives a call from him.

I have work to do with the imp, according to Anu. The man extends an invitation to him and expresses his desire for him to contribute to the accomplishments of his wife. Anu says that you shouldn’t give me any suggestions because I’m busy. The man demands to know why the other person is acting so impolitely, as well as whether or not all scientists are grumpy. Gungun responds in the negative and states that he is a unique circumstance. The question that he asks is whether or not the two of you got into a fight. She responds with a negative and a “I’m sorry” from his perspective. He claims that everything is fine, suggesting that perhaps his disposition is off. She indicates that I will just show up. She is a sobbing mess. She believes that the demands of my job cause me to experience a constant state of high stress, that I frequently suffer from headaches, that I ought to make an appointment with a physician, and that I am unable to be employed if I am not physically fit. Anu is remembering that she exists. She inquires concerning the status of her upcoming medical appointment. According to the young lady, the news will be made official today at six o’clock. Anu rejects Gungun’s call. The guy asks why you didn’t go home since it’s your anniversary of getting married. It is his hope that Anu will. Anu expresses her gratitude to him. The other person questions why you are still in this location and wonders whether or not Gungun is on duty. Anu affirms that this is correct, and that she travelled a very long distance. According to the guy, we are scheduled to get together the following day. He goes.

Gungun calls Anu again. He claims that I was busy and asks why I received a call from him. Please explain. It seems that I was obligated to make a statement, according to her. He claims that you intend to imply that you will arrive late in your statement. She tells me that I have a consultation with a physician and that you should question me about why I am going. He claims that I am not interested in listening to your justifications for why you did what you did. She claims that this is not a valid justification and that it appears that you do not care for her. When she talks to the picture of Anu, she cannot hold back her tears. Anu comes home. Golu extends her best wishes to him on the occasion of his marriage anniversary. Yug says that we did your house up for you and that it looks great. The next thing we see is Anu entering his room. Everyone, including Golu, adheres to his leadership. They are concerned and want to know what the problem is. Anu claims that I am celebrating by myself, and Gungun has come up with a new reason why she can’t join in on the festivities: she claims that she needs to go to the doctor, and that she is unable to do so. I haven’t bothered to find out what’s wrong with Gungun. Golu is curious about the reason. Anu asserts that she is aware that I am recognising her attempt to make an excuse. Yug has something to say about what has happened to you. Khushi assures you that there is nothing to be concerned about in regard to her. Anu has stated that nothing untoward took place to her. Golu inquires as to whether or not she will provide an explanation, stating that in that case she should wait for me to call her. He calls Gungun. It is his understanding that she is not responding to him.


Gungun comes home. Sargam inquires as to whether or not you are feeling well. Gungun says yes. She raps on the door in an attempt to enter. The moment Anu is finished, she exits the room. She tells me that I have some tests, and she wants you to come with me because it’s important. He says I m not so happy

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