Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey [12th August 2022] Written Update

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 12th August 2022 Written Update on writtenlab.com

When the doctor examines Gungun at the beginning of the show, she discovers that her blood pressure is dangerously high. Gungun claims that it’s due to the stressful environment that she works in. Additionally, Gungun claims that she suffers from headaches and vision problems on a regular basis. According to the doctor, her symptoms could be caused by a number of different serious illnesses. She recommends that she get a few medical tests done in order to determine what the problem is. Gungun has indicated that she will pick them up the following day as she currently needs to head home.

At the kulshreshths, Charudatt is frustrated because Gungun has not yet returned home, and she is not picking up the phone when he calls her. According to Anubhav, she is purposefully ignoring the calls she is receiving. Then, at that very moment, Gungun dials Charudatt’s number. Gungun receives criticism from the latter for the fact that she does not spend enough time with her family and husband because of her work. Gungun reports that she will get to his house late because she has some work to do. She finally ended the call by hanging up.

Gungun visits Garima. The second person is overjoyed to see the first one. She inquires of Gungun the reason that she has come here, considering that the two of them should be celebrating their wedding anniversary at home. Gungun reports that the purpose of her visit is to receive her blessings. She is bestowed with the blessing of Garima. Gungun informs her that she has been put in consideration for the World Press award. Garima experiences joy as a result of her success. Garima inquires as to whether or not she is making time for her husband and family. “Yes,” she responds.

According to her, a woman isn’t truly fulfilled until she has carried out the responsibilities of a daughter, a daughter-in-law, and a mother. She demands to know the reason for her absence from the trip with Anubhav. Gungun claims that he had some work to do, so he went directly home after leaving the store. Garima has advised her to head home as well because everyone will be waiting for her there. Gungun wants to know if she will feel sorry for herself if she is diagnosed with a potentially fatal illness. On the occasion of Garima and Gungun’s wedding anniversary, Garima requests that Gungun refrain from negative conversation.

The vehicle has a gungun mounted on it. She communicates with Armaan through a video call. The latter sends her best wishes for a joyous anniversary and expresses congratulations on being nominated for the award. Gungun is overcome with emotion and starts crying. She apologises to him and tells him that she didn’t want to call him and cry on the phone, but that her heart is heavy and there is no one here with whom she can share her problems. She inquires as to the reason he left the United States. Armaan claims that if he were present, he would not be able to conceal a great deal of information. Gungun claims that he tried to keep the fact that he likes her a secret from everyone. She breaks down into tears before telling Armaan what the doctor had to say to her. Armaan asks her to end the call so he can talk to someone else. Gungun responds with confusion but ultimately complies. Armaan calls his personal assistant and requests that all of his scheduled appointments be cancelled because he is leaving for an unknown location.

Gungun returns home. Gungun is questioned by Charudatt regarding the reason(s) behind her visit to the physician today. Gungun reports that she has a meeting scheduled for today. She is interested in learning more about Anubhav. According to his family, Anubhav has retreated to his room because he refused to stay for the cake cutting ceremony. Anubhav hears Gungun’s knock at the door and comes into the room. Gungun asks Anubhav to open the door. When I knock on the door, Anubhav answers it. He exits the room, taking a pillow with him, and proceeds to sleep in a different room.

He invites him to sleep in their room and assures him that he won’t wake him up during the night. According to Anubhav, she has already caused a significant amount of disruption for him. Gungun reports that she has a number of medical examinations scheduled for the following day. Anubhav confronts her with the question of why she is sharing this information with her and teases her. It’s been confirmed by Gungun that this is a serious matter. Anubhav indicates that he takes this matter seriously as well. He gives an excuse that he is too busy to go with her, so he declines her invitation. He then exits the building after announcing that he is completely miserable there. Gungun gets sad.

The next morning, Sargam and Sunanda make a request to Gungun regarding his breakfast. Gungun claims that it is getting too late for her to eat with them and that she will do so the following day instead because she has already left. Gungun is criticised by Sargam for disobeying the older members of the family and not living up to her responsibilities toward the family. She inquires as to the rationale behind her absence the following day, given that the fasting period is currently in progress. The argument between Gungun and Sargam continues.

Charudatt claims that she is developing an egocentric attitude as a result of the fact that she is successful financially. Because they try not to let any food go to waste, Charudatt requests that Gungun eat some of the food as soon as it is served on the plate. Gungun claims that she needs to give her blood sample, which requires her to go stomachless in order to comply with the requirements. Concerned members of her family inquire as to why she did not reveal this information earlier. Gungun claims that they did not explain anything to her, and she then begins to rebuke them. She claims that they started getting irritated with her after she continued to bother them. She claims that she, too, is troubled and that she simply can’t take it any longer. That location is where she embarks on her journey.

In the medical facility, Gungun is the one who administers her patient’s blood test. She inquires as to the physician’s reasoning behind ordering an MRI for her. The doctor reassures us that she will once her reports become available. The character known as Gungun visits the office. The meeting that Gungun has scheduled is brought to her attention by her personal assistant (PA). After discovering that Gungun isn’t feeling well, she inquires as to whether or not she could bring her some tea and a sandwich. Gungun claims that she is engaging in the practise of fasting. Her personal assistant advises her not to embark on a fast because she is not in good health and she will be unable to consume her medications if she does so. Gungun has told her that she is obligated to fast because the rest of her family is fasting, and that it will not appear respectful if she does not fast as well. She requests that she be given fifteen minutes to prepare for the meeting before it begins.

Armaan puts in a call to Gungun’s primary care physician. He declares that he is Gungun’s physician and then inquires about Gungun’s state of health. The doctor has indicated that it appears to be a serious problem, but she will not be able to provide further information until she has reviewed the reports. Armaan requests that she call him as soon as she receives the reports and informs him that he will be arriving in India the following day.

The episode ends.


Precap: Anubhav meets Akriti. Akriti explains the characteristics of the woman he envisioned as his future wife. The patient Gungun visits the doctor and inquires about the results of her reports. Gungun was shocked to hear that the doctor had diagnosed her with a tumour on her brain.

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