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The conversation between Anubhav and the dean is what kicks off the episode. The latter gives him a copy of an article that discusses Gungun’s candidacy for the World Press award. Anubhav’s irritation is caused by the fact that she boasts about the fact that the scientist at their institution is Gungun’s husband. Dean is interested in inviting Gungun to an event and honouring her, and he wants to know when she will be free. Anubhav has stated that he does not care about the schedule she has for her job. Before, he would frequently inquire about her, but not any longer. Dean confronts Anubhav with the question of why he is talking in such a manner and then reminds Anubhav of what Gungun did for Dean. Anubhav recalls that she was the one who brought him back from the brink of death, but he cannot allow her to serve him as a slave in exchange for that. He claims that Gungun has changed and that she is no longer the girl he loved.

She doesn’t have the time to devote to him or his family, and she doesn’t even have the time to have a child of her own, so she wants to adopt a child instead. According to him, she communicates with him as if he is an employee in her office. Dean believes that rather than being envious of one another’s successes, they should both be proud of the accomplishments of the other. She implores him to be given the opportunity. Anubhav is not one to give in easily or always. He asserts that he and his family witnessed Gungun in his authentic form. In spite of the fact that she has the potential to be a successful businesswoman, she is not a good wife. He claims that he is unable to be proud of her accomplishments because his family made a significant sacrifice in order to accomplish those goals. Angered, he storms out of the room.

The chairman’s wife prepared some Sabudana vada especially for Gungun, and he brought some of it with him when he visited Gungun. He extends an invitation to her to attend the party that he is throwing in honour of Gungun’s nomination for the World Press Award. Gungun is uninterested and gives the excuse that she is not in the mood. The chairman extends an invitation to attend the party, requesting that they do so at least once for themselves.

Who are you looking for, Gungun? He will not divulge any information, claiming that doing so would ruin the surprise. A question regarding Anubhav’s identity is posed by Gungun. He nods no. He claims to have heard that she went to the doctor earlier today. It is at this point that he suggests that she depart. Gungun says no due to the fact that the 25th anniversary issue of Agrima magazine is being published this month. The chairman inquires as to the motivation behind her decision to undergo her examinations without a companion. According to Gungun, they were extremely busy. Gungun politely declines his request to accompany her even though he wants to. Gungun believes that she does not want anyone to learn about the medical condition that she is suffering from.

Gungun goes to see her physician in order to obtain her medical records. Gungun is taken aback when the doctor informs her that she has a brain tumour and that she needs to undergo surgery as soon as possible. On the other hand, Anubhav gets a message from Akriti asking him to meet up with her later that evening. Armaan calls the Chairman of the Jeet network and asks if he told Gungun about the party and if he didn’t tell that he organised the party. Armaan also asks if he didn’t tell Gungun that he organised the party. He gives his word that he hasn’t divulged any information to her.

According to him, Gungun turned down the invitation to the party. It has been brought to his attention that she is experiencing difficulties in her private life with Anubhav. He brings up the fact that Anubhav acted inappropriately toward him when he phoned him. It is his recommendation that the party be called off. Armaan gets determined to celebrate Gungun’s achievement. He suggests that it’s possible that she turned them down because of her husband and their family, and that they shouldn’t try to force her to do anything. Armaan argues that just because they are unhappy does not necessarily imply that Gungun should also be unhappy. It is imperative, according to him, that they continue with this party.

Gungun is asking her father’s picture why no one is proud of her accomplishments while she is conversing with the image. According to her, even he puts in a lot of effort in what he does. It was because of this, according to Garima, that his marriage to Gungun’s mother was unsuccessful. She warns against making the same error that her parents did in the past. Gungun suggests that perhaps her workaholic tendencies are genetically inherited. Despite his hectic schedule, according to Garima, Gungun was able to spend time with his father. According to Garima, one should work to bring financial security to one’s family and ensure that everyone enjoys life. She inquires as to whether or not she is content with her life. She believes that spending time together as a family is the single most important thing for a healthy and happy household. It has been a very long time, according to her, since she last witnessed Gungun laughing completely to himself.

Gungun claims that she was too distracted by the pressures of the house to laugh. Garima is curious to know what took place. She is adamant that Gungun give her a portion of the pie. Gungun claimed that they have been arguing about having children since the previous year. Garima promises that he will discuss the significance of a child’s role in the relationship between a man and a woman with Anubhav, and that he will make Anubhav understand the matter. Anubhav is the one who really wants a baby, according to Gungun. She begs Garima not to lecture her, threatening that if she does so, she won’t come here anymore.

Anubhav meets Akriti. The latter states that the reason why she is leaving the establishment is because her father is considering permanently relocating to Delhi. Gungun is the subject of Akriti’s inquiry, specifically regarding her international award nomination. According to him, she admires Gungun’s many accomplishments and is pleased for him. She believes that he should share some of the credit for her accomplishments and therefore presents him with a bouquet of flowers. The expression of gratitude from Anubhav. She inquires as to the specifics of their anniversary celebration, specifically how and where it took place.

According to Anubhav, there was a lot of activity at Gungun. Gungun claims that the same thing occurred at the couple’s most recent wedding anniversary. She claims that Gungun is not present in the anniversary photographs that Chavi posted on social media. Anubhav must be very pleased with how hard she is working, considering how much he values her. Despite having married Gungun, Anubhav claims that he still has feelings of isolation. Akriti explains that she is working hard so that they will have a bright future.

Anubhav claims that Gungun does not even want to have children and offers to help Gungun find a child to adopt if he so desires. Akriti expresses her regret that he isn’t content in his marriage and explains that the reason for this is because he had his heart set on marrying Gungun. Anubhav claims that he had feelings for Gungun, but that he is now looking for a partner who can fully comprehend him. Akriti has expressed his desire to find a partner who will take care of him and his family, including preparing meals for him, checking to see if he is hungry, and inquiring as to when he will be back at home. Anubhav is reminded of Akriti carrying out all of these actions. Akriti asserts that he wed a woman like this in the end. After explaining that he made a mistake, Anubhav exits the room.

The episode ends.


A recap: Gungun’s reaction upon seeing Armaan was one of surprise. They toast Gungun’s accomplishments with cake and cut it together. Armaan believes that the award winner should be the one to give the performance. Gungun and Anubhav dance. After seeing this, Anubhav appears stunned.

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