Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey [15th August 2022] Written Update

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The first few minutes of the episode focus on Sargam and Sunanda having a conversation about Anubhav’s depression. They have prepared besan laddu for Anubhav in the hopes that it will bring a smile to his face. Sargam asserts that Gungun is to blame for Anubhav’s misery, and that she is the only one who can restore the smile to his face. Sunanda claims that she asked Gungun to prepare besan laddu for Anubhav, but Gungun responded that she was unable to do so due to a lack of available time. They both go into the bedroom that Anubhav and Gungun share and find Gungun already asleep in there. Gungun is questioned by Sargam about why she didn’t make laddus for Anubhav despite having time to sleep, despite having previously given the excuse that she was too busy with work.

Gungun claims that she is suffering from a headache right now. Sargam doesn’t believe her and insists that she doesn’t suffer from headaches even though she works in her office all day. The question is posed by Sunanda regarding the whereabouts of Anubhav. Gungun has stated that she is unaware of the situation. Sunanda inquires as to the rationale behind the advice that she should not call him. Gungun is made to feel inferior by Sargam, who makes fun of her by pointing out that she is too busy to call her husband. Gungun has informed them that they can also contact him. According to Sunanda, the responsibility of raising Anubhav now falls on her shoulders after the wedding. Gungun tells them to stay out of her way so that she can carry out her responsibility in the manner that she sees fit, and he asks them not to interfere. Sargam teases her by challenging her to carry out the task in the appropriate manner.

Sunanda claims that Anubhav stays away from the house in order to avoid getting into confrontations with Gungun. The fact that she is Anubhav’s first child is brought to her attention by her. Gungun is referred to as the boss by Sargam, but in reality, Gungun is only a daughter-in-law in the household where this occurs. Gungun asserts that she has never claimed to be a celebrity or the boss in the house, and that all she wants is their support. Sargam asserts that she never stopped claiming it, despite the many times that she demonstrated it through her behaviours. Sunanda claims that Anubhav’s life would have been much more fulfilled if he had chosen to wed a more straightforward woman. This causes Gungun a great deal of pain.

Armaan experiences increasing levels of anxiety as he recalls the doctor stating that Gungun has a brain tumour. He then gives the chairman the bad news about Gungun’s condition over the phone. He requests that Gungun’s visa for the United States be processed on an expedited basis in order to perform her surgery in the United States. According to the chairman, they cannot move forward without getting permission from her family. Armaan tells him that he doesn’t care about any of it and strongly encourages him to get started on preparing Gungun’s visa. The chairman inquires as to the motivation behind Armaan’s strong feelings toward Gungun. Armaan claims that he does not know the answer to this question, and that all he is aware of is the fact that she can receive the best treatment in the United States. Once more, he stresses the importance of getting her visa processed quickly.

When Gungun arrives at his room, he greets him. After setting the bouquet down, he turns around and starts walking back. Gungun is the one who puts a stop to him and inquires as to why he has a problem with her being there. Anubhav pokes fun at him by claiming that he has no interest in being in a relationship with a well-known person. Gungun confronts him, telling him to stop making fun of her and pointing out that she is not a celebrity.

According to Anubhav, she treats her family as if she were a celebrity because she does not make time for them. Gungun has expressed that she has no interest in staying at home and raising a family. According to what Anubhav has said, they have allowed Goli to work in the manner that she desired, just like they did with Gungun. He scolds her and tells her that Gungun needs to spend more emotional time with their family. Gungun mentions the success party that was organised by her office and inquires as to whether or not he brought a bouquet of flowers for her. Anubhav says that Akriti gave him. When Gungun finds out that Anubhav has met up with Akriti, he is completely taken aback.

The family is currently consuming their evening meal together. It is possible to use gungun there. Sargam keeps taunting Gungun. The latter party requests that Sargam take a seat and assist with the service of the meal. Family taunts Gungun again. They say that she wants to tell them something, so they believe that she came downstairs to have lunch in order to prepare to do so. Gungun has extended an invitation to them to attend the celebration of her success. Sargam criticises Gungun. She claims that she has time to go out and party, but she never has time to spend with her family. They all offer an explanation for why they can’t come to the party, but they still choose not to go. The reason given by Sargam for why they do not wish to go to her party is that they do not make it a habit to socialise. She continues by saying that they should not forget the humiliation that they experienced. Gungun is advised by Sargam that she ought not to squander her time attending that party but rather ought to devote her time to the members of the family instead. According to Gungun, she is obligated to leave because everything has been arranged to ensure her success.

According to Anubhav, Gungun does not have any health concerns that would prevent him from attending the party. In spite of the difficulties she is having with her health, Gungun has stated that she plans to attend the party. Gungun is cautioned by Chandru not to behave inappropriately in the presence of Anubhav. Gungun brings up the fact that even Gungun acted inappropriately with her, but he did not reprimand him for it. Gungun claims that she will go to the party even if she doesn’t win the award because the people in his office planned it for her enjoyment even if she doesn’t win.

Anubhav claims that Gungun has successfully crushed their dreams and then inquires about how she can expect their support going forward. Gungun asserts that she undertook all of this endeavour with the intention of bringing pride to Anubhav and the family. According to Anubhav, she carried out these actions for her own benefit. Anubhav claims that she was always teased for not having any goals in life; however, she wanted to prove them wrong and prove that her father’s upbringing was correct; however, they do not want to take part in her happiness. She mutters something to the effect that everything is all right before leaving.

At the party, the chairman makes the announcement that Gungun was selected as the winner of the award. He expresses his delight and happiness for her. Gungun thanks him. He describes the celebration that will be held for Gungun and mentions that before the party proper, they will be cutting a cake in honour of Gungun and the achievements of their company.

The episode ends.


The surprise ending is that Armaan shows up to Gungun’s party in India and joins in the festivities there. Gungun claims that this is the best surprise that has ever happened to her in her life. They enjoy each other’s company while dancing and cutting the cake. Upon witnessing this, Anubhav’s rage increases significantly.

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