Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey [18th August 2022] Written Update

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The first few minutes of the episode focus on Ankit and Kushi talking to Goli and Pradyush over the phone. When Goli finds out that Gungun has a brain tumour, he is completely taken aback. She inquires as to the reason that Gungun’s family is opposed to her receiving treatment in the United States. Ankit asks Goli to address this matter with the rest of the family. Goli has given his word that he will return home later. Her gratitude is reciprocated by Ankit and Kushi.

Armaan plans a surprise supper complete with candlelight and serves it to Gungun. Gungun inquires as to the location of the other employees. Armaan claims that he released all of them and adds that this is a particular arrangement for a special person. Gungun is perplexed by this and wants to know why. Armaan explains that she is leaving the company today, which is why she is making this statement, and she asks that this be considered her going-away party.

He says that he discovered the letter while searching for a file and places it on the table before continuing. According to him, the action was appropriate. After completing her treatment, he is able to confirm that she has returned to the company. Gungun is taken aback when Armaan prepares her go-to white sauce pasta dish as a surprise for her. After taking that first bite, Gungun starts to feel emotional. Armaan inquires as to the reason for her tears. According to Gungun, there is someone who will look after her. According to Aramaan, these tears are ones of joy. He requests that she clear it away for him. Gungun obliges smiling.

When Gungun got back to her house, she saw that Goli was already there waiting for her. Goli extends an apology to Gungun on behalf of the rest of the family for the fact that they were unaware of Gungun’s sickness. Charudatt tells Gungun that he needs to apologise to her, and he also expresses regret for reprimanding Gungun out of anger earlier. According to him, they would all travel to Mumbai, where they will seek medical care for her at a sizable facility. According to Golu, they had even looked at apartments in Mumbai in the event that they decide to reside there.

At that precise moment, Armaan calls Gungun. Gungun answers. He claims that he made the reservation for the plane ticket, secured an appointment at the medical facility, and paid for everything in full. According to what he has said, they will have to depart the day after tomorrow. The moment Gungun hangs up the phone, she informs her family that she won’t be able to visit them in Mumbai since she will be receiving treatment in the United States. According to Charudatt, Gungun has not budged from his position. According to Chandru, the conversation took place in the hospital in Mumbai. According to Gungun, prior to them, someone else made preparations for the hospital in the United States. Anubhav inquires as to whether or not that particular individual is Armaan.

Gungun says yeah. Chandru is concerned about the well-being of Gungun while he is in the United States. According to Pradyush, Gungun must prepare all of her meals on her own in the United States. Goli assures Gungun that because they are all present to care for her, she would recover quickly from her illness. Anubhav has informed her that Armaan will be there to look after her in her time of need. Anubhav is asked to disobey Gungun’s instruction and not begin again. Anubhav is confused as to why Gungun would want to travel all the way to the United States to get treatment when they can get it right here.

Gungun claims that she will receive more suitable medical care there. Anubhav tells her to quit trying to find reasons not to accompany Armaan. They refrain from fighting because of Sunanda’s intervention. She requests that Gungun think of her as Gungun’s mother and that Gungun speak the truth about why she wants to travel to the United States. It has been confirmed by Gungun that she is being honest. She pulls out her medical records and wants them to double verify them with any physician. She claims that she’s reached the final step and needs to start operating it as soon as possible.

Anubhav informs her that the operation can also be performed in India and then inquires as to what aspects of the United States are superior to those of India. According to Gungun, there is cutting-edge technology about microrobots. Because he loves her and wants them to be apart, Anubhav believes that Aramaan must have been lying to her about their relationship. Anubhav makes the accusation that Gungun wants to visit the United States so that he can spend time with Armaan. Anubhav receives a slap from Gungun after calling into question her integrity. She ultimately decides to walk away from the relationship because Anubhav has let her down.

Golu makes a call to Gungun’s doctor and puts the conversation on the speaker. He enquires doctor regarding Gungun’s condition. The doctor warns that Gungun’s health is critical, but she doesn’t want to notify her family about her illness since she doesn’t want to worry them. Golu inquires with the physician about the possibility of Gungun receiving treatment at a specific facility.

The doctor recommends that she get treatment in a nation that makes use of modern microrobotic technology because her odds of surviving the disease are quite low. She goes on to say that these treatments come with a high price tag, which is why Gungun is attempting to secure the necessary funding on her own. When Anubhav and his family discover the truth, they are taken aback. The remorse that Anubhav feels causes him to cry.

Gungun is visited by Anubhav, who expresses his regrets to her for having misunderstood her. He assures her that she will be able to receive treatment in the United States and that he will be there for her throughout the process. He has expressed his desire to make things better for the two of them.

According to Gungun, there is nothing that can be done between them anymore. She claims that she will travel to the United States no matter what he does because she is determined to live. It would have been better for her if Anubhav had recognised his error sooner. She claims that the reason they are unable to be together is not her profession, but rather his inflated sense of masculine ego. According to Anubhav, he was extremely concerned about the possibility of losing her. Gungun asserts that his anxiety caused him to lose her on a daily basis. She challenges him to accept that he want a weaker version of Gungun that he can command. According to Anubhav, he is rooting for her to be successful. Gungun claims that the countdown will continue until she is behind him. She claims that he began to misunderstand her once she began to shine more than he did and that this caused him to get jealous.

The episode concludes.


In the previous chapter’s summary, Charudatt asked Gungun who she would rather travel to the United States of America with: Armaan or Anubhav. Gungun has conveyed her desire to accompany Armaan in her statement. Before making his exit, Charudatt requests that Gungun divorce Anubhav. Gungun tells Anubhav that she has signed the divorce papers, and she urges him to do the same so that they can turn them in to the court. Armaan will accompany her on her journey.

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