Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey [20th August 2022] Written Update

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The Episode Start With:

Gungun expressing her interest in travelling to the United States of America with Armaan. Chandru asks her why she is so adamant when Anubhav is willing to make such a significant sacrifice for her. Gungun is reluctant to travel with Anubhav, which is why she makes this statement. Charudatt claims that his family’s daughter-in-law will not travel to the United States with an unknown person.
He makes the unexpected request to Gungun to divorce Anubhav before the rest of the family. Gungun claims that she has already prepared the divorce paperwork because she was aware that this was going to occur. She confirms that she has signed the paperwork and requests that Anubhav also sign them and turn them in to the court when he has some free time. Gungun tells Anubhav that he hopes his idea goes well and then follows Armaan out of the room.

After waiting for two years, Dean calls Anubhav’s residence. Sunanda is the one who gets the call. After speaking with her, she feels her spirits soar. She yells out Anubhav’s name. Sunanda’s loved ones inquire as to what transpired. Sunanda puts in a request to call Anubhav first. Anubhav receives a call from his friend Chavi. She overhears Anubhav turning down a job offer from a foreign corporation that offered him a salary of two crores. She informs him that his family is calling him down.

The stairwell is entered by Anubhav. He had a conversation with the dean over the phone. She extends her congratulations to him on winning an international prize for his groundbreaking work in microrobotic surgery. The Dean has his gratitude. Anubhav fills the family in on the news that he has won an international award for his initiative. The family is overjoyed and celebrates the occasion. A voiceover explains that thanks to Anubhav’s invention, any surgery can now be performed with ease, and his family is doing great, but despite these positive developments, Anubhav is unhappy since he is still looking for Gungun. Anubhav’s hallucination depicts Gungun with his hands clapped and a smile on his face.
The chairman and all of the employees are pleased to have Gungun back in the fold. She looks for Anubhav, and when she can’t find him, she feels upset. Anubhav is now giving an interview. According to him, his wife received therapy in the United States because at the time, microrobotic technology was not readily available. He makes the appeal to the government that this technology be made available in every part of India, so that patients don’t even have to go outside of their city to get treatment. He wishes to thank Gungun for winning the honour.

The reporter wants to know where the subject’s wife is. During this time, Gungun is giving an interview. Gungun is questioned by a reporter about the decision she made to remain in India rather than accept an editor position that was being offered to her by a large American firm. Gungun claims that this is the case because her family lives in the nation, and she adds that she derives happiness from remaining in her country and working.

Anubhav shares with Dean that he would be celebrating his success at the orphanage later on. Dean inquires as to whether or not he has received any information pertaining to Gungun. Anubhav nods no. Dean gives him the assurance that Gungun would give him a call once he learns about his accomplishment. In the meantime, Gungun tells her dean that she would be volunteering at an orphanage. The chairman questions why, given how much she adores children, she does not chose to become a parent. Gungun inquires as to the rationale for her decision to adopt a single child rather than taking in all of the orphanage’s children.
The individual in charge of the orphanage expresses gratitude to Gungun for taking the facility under his wing and therefore averting the impending disaster. Gungun is interested in providing financial support for the children’s schooling. Someone who is equally as charitable as she is is, according to the person in charge, already paying for the children’s education. Gungun is introduced to the children. A young lady inquires about the name of Gungun. She responds to her. The boy told the girl about an uncle whom the nieces and nephews refer to as lovely. She claims that he has a similar sweetness to Gungun. The children are ecstatic to meet Uncle Darling, and they hear the sound of an automobile. Gungun inquires as to whether or not their lovable uncle stops by the orphanage on a daily basis.

The young lady indicates that she does not agree and explains that he only visits on Sundays, but always successfully. Gungun is taken aback when he discovers that Anubhav is the darling’s uncle. When Anubhav and Gungun see each other again after two years, they have strong feelings. The children are happy for Anubhav since he won an award. The person in charge reveals to Gungun that Anubhav is paying for the children’s schooling and informs Anubhav that Gungun has adopted this orphanage and that she has recently returned from the United States.
The children have decided to refer to Gungun as their “darling aunty.” Anubhav hands a flower to the child and asks him to give it to Gungun. He obliges. Anubhav receives the flower from Gungun as a gesture of congratulations for the honour he received. Anubhav requests that Gungun keep the flower because she has just as much right to it as he does. Children ask Anubhav to perform a song for them. An emotional Anubhav starts singing the song “tujse naraz nahi zindagi” as he thinks back on the last time he saw Gungun. Gungun Crying continues to perform the same song. They embrace one another in an emotional display.

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