Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 22 June 2022 [KKIS] Written Episode Full Update

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 22 June 2022 Written Episode Full Update [KKIS] : When Charu Requests Gungun


Goli inquires about Golu, Ankit, and Yug at the beginning of the episode. They are coming by evening flight, according to Charu. If Anu is alright, Sargam inquires. He claims Chandru is alright. He appears so lifeless, according to Goli. He claims to be exhausted and feeble. When he consumes the food his mother has prepared, according to Chandru, he will become stronger and glow. About Gungun, Sunanda inquires. Don’t use her name, warns Charu. According to Sargam, Anu’s life was saved by Gungun. No, according to Charu; Gungun is a liar and a con artist who went there dressed as a nurse to meet Anu; it was rescued due to Akriti’s good fortune. If she had given Anu the incorrect medication and taken action, according to Akriti…


Stop the nonsense, Anu says. While the terrorists threatened her, she was searching for me. She went to the police station, the commissioner’s office, the university, and the CM office. You’re not grateful to her. Where were you when she was searching for me? In contrast to Gungun, who, according to Akriti, did this for notoriety and is a self-centered, dishonest, and impolite girl, I have always studied throughout my life. He tells her to stop talking. What will you do? she asks. They are asked to cease bickering by Charu. According to Sargam, Akriti is your wife; if she hadn’t been concerned for you, she wouldn’t have pursued you. Sunanda declares her deep affection for you. Divya claims that you are berating her. She is the house Lakshmi, according to Chandru. Anu claims she has no right to criticise Gungun in this way. I don’t want you to do anything that you’ll later regret, says Charu. When everyone left me there, Gungun was searching for me and didn’t care about her life, according to Anu. Akriti claims that Gungun committed this act for attention. You can express your gratitude to Gungun, but Charu advises against evading your obligation to Akriti. I won’t flee, despite Anu’s advice, but I also won’t break my pledge to Gungun. He leaves. Charu considers taking action. He is bailed out by the lawyer and Ranvijay’s father. He reprimands the Inspector. Ranvijay shows up. You have one week to come here every day or we will come and take him, the inspector adds, adding that he is aware of how your father was bought off to terminate this case and that you weren’t saved. Ranvijay’s father strikes him and becomes irate.


Goli queries Golu as to why he did not accompany the group. Golu says the subsequent flight was ours. Tickets for the same flight, according to Ankit, were available. We are all dining together, as Sunanda suggests; this is important. I’ve created a special daal khichdi for you, according to Akriti. Sargam claims Akriti is very concerned about Anu. Divya claims to adore him. No, Anu argues, this is not love because Gungun fasted for three days in order to protect me. Anu is urged by Charu not to use Gungun’s name. Leaving the food is Anu. Charu claims that our family isn’t yet complete.


To meet Gungun, Charu arrives. He is invited inside by her. When I say this, he claims, you’ll make me depart. Is Anu okay, she inquires. He affirms that Anu has altered from the beloved favourite he once was. I’ve always tried to keep the family together, but today it’s falling apart. I’ve tried to explain Anu a lot, but he doesn’t understand. I’ve also threatened him, so I had to come to you. He doesn’t listen to anyone anymore, but he will understand if you explain. It’s for the sake of my family’s honour, so please return Anu to me. She sobs and queries how.


Do you still love me, Gungun queries. Yes, I do love you a lot, replies Ranvijay. Anu is visibly alarmed. Gungun says he is ready for marriage and asks Ranvijay to marry him.

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