Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey (23 June 2022) Written Episode Update[KKIS]

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Akriti says that Gungun won’t come to give you the medications at the beginning of the episode. I will take the medications, according to Anu, because I want to live for Gungun. She uses her name just enough. He repeatedly addresses him as Gungun. She leaves incensed. He claims that I’ll get rid of you because you irritate me. He dials Gungun. He claims that if she had responded, someone would have asked her to leave; however, I will not permit this to occur. He observes everyone sound asleep. He goes out. Gungun’s home is visited by Ranvijay. Why did you call me here, he queries. She sees Anu approaching. Does Ranvijay still love me? she asks. Of course, Ranvijay responds, “I still love you.” Did you call me to ask me this? To ask another question, she replies “no.” Anu is visibly alarmed. I really missed you, says Ranvijay.Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey

Gungun spots Anu concealing. According to Ranvijay, it was my love that manifested as resentment since I was so upset that you were endangering your life for Anu. However, after witnessing your bravery and commitment, I came to appreciate and love you even more. If you love me, will you, she asks. Ranvijay queries, “Married?” Anu sobs. Of course, I’m yearning to marry you, replies Ranvijay. Holding him is Gungun. Families should concur with her statement that I am also prepared to marry you. Anu considers how to accomplish this. I just want my gungun, adds Ranvijay. Anu believes that you want to wed the man who gave me to the terrorists; he has maintained his enmity, but you have not. Akriti was correct; you did all of that for attention; not me; I despise you. He sobs and walks away. Gungun apologises for hurting you, Anubhav, and adds, “I’m sorry. If our relationship hadn’t ended, your family would have disintegrated.” Everyone at home is awake. Anu is nowhere, claims Khushi. He has left once more, according to Akriti. Charu believes I went to ask for Gungun, but nothing has changed. Akriti claims that Anu promised Gungun he would get the medicines, and although I put up with it, he still left me and went to Gungun. We don’t know where he went, according to Golu. He wouldn’t have visited the institute, according to Akriti. I can’t see the everyday conflicts, adds Charu, so a decision will be made today. Anu returns home. They all reprimand him and inquire after his whereabouts. In their care is Anu. Anu is asked by Akriti if he met Gungun. Yes, says Anu. She claims that nothing will improve at this point because I am his wife and have no position or rights. I must go see my Maayka. Stop, Charu commands. He slaps and corrects Anu. Goli and Sunanda stop him. Everybody sobs.


Anu squelches Charu. He utters “truly” before getting on his knees. He apologises for everything and makes a pledge not to meet anyone without informing you first. How can I believe you now that you betrayed a previous commitment that you made, according to Akriti. This time, according to Anu, I’m making this commitment to myself as well. The storm is calm now, and I can see everything clearly. I’ve returned permanently, and I want to say sorry to my family.


Chandru inquires as to Anu’s whereabouts. You are knowledgeable, according to Charu. Anu claims, “I’ve come to my senses today; don’t ask me anything; I’ll attempt to prevent you from having a chance to gripe.” Charu considers Gungun. According to Goli, matter is not matter. Did you hear Charu, queries Garima. Yes, Gungun responds, I can’t allow his family fall apart. You messed up, according to Garima, and destroyed Anu’s heart. Gungun claims that his family would have been shattered. If it was your relationship, as claimed by Garima, shouldn’t he have had some input in how you decided to end it? Anu enters his bedroom. He sobs.



Charu broadcasts news. Gungun deserves this honour, according to Chandru. Akriti claims that our family has been invited to the award ceremony. We won’t go, says Charu. Anu is asked by Sargam if he will go. Anu believes that although I am happy for Gungun to receive an award, I shouldn’t discuss the fact that she is getting married to Ranvijay and beginning a new life.

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