Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey (29 June 2022) Written Episode Update[KKIS]

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Anu says, “Emotions aren’t a switch; give me some time,” at the beginning of the episode. Dean permits you to leave, fine. I arrived with the joint account payment, according to Ranvijay. Gungun queries whether I also need to sign the checks. He organises their international travel. We shall choose our child’s name there, he claims. She requests that he only anticipate receiving money. Anu and Garima cross paths at the college. Congratulations, she continues; you no longer need to meet Gungun in secret; your wife and family will be content because someone else is paying for your happiness. He claims that she is acting on her own accord. She replies, “No, I’m doing it for you so you can stop me from marrying Ranvijay.” He apologises and warns against doing so since Akriti might find it offensive. I don’t care; I already lost everything; I just have Gungun; please protect her from Ranvijay, he claims.


I have no control over her decision, he claims. You can accomplish this, she claims. He claims that my responsibility is to Akriti and that I don’t want to do anything but forget about her. She asks how you can be so egotistical when you are standing here alive thanks to Gungun. He claims that due of Gungun, this life is worse than death. At home, Golu advises Anu to face her grief rather than escape from it. I’m not fleeing, according to Anu. Stop Gungun from weddng Ranvijay, advises Golu. Ankit claims that we made an effort to communicate. Yug says, but she was silent. Like you, says Golu. You would despise Gungun because of something you don’t know, according to Anu: Ranvijay kidnapped me and gave me to the terrorists. I won’t leave him, Yug claims. Anu says his father has significant connections; ignore them; they could endanger our family. Why didn’t you inform us about this earlier? says Golu. Yug claims that we had the power to prevent Gungun from weding Ranvijay.


Akriti won’t listen, Anu claims; there is nothing we can do; I accept this. We don’t accept that you live in fear of Akriti, according to Yug. Accept that Gungun and I have broken up, according to Anu. No one transforms overnight, claims Golu. Anu claims that she will wed Ranvijay. For vengeance, according to Yug. Anu queries why and where I went. Talk to her and interrogate her, says Golu. Anu’s photos are burned by a gunshot. Plays: Phir aaye ankhon ke She sobs as she remembers him. Anu dials her. She stays silent. He phones her once more.


She responds and queries what you desire. I want to meet with you and discuss, he says. I don’t want to talk to you or see your face, she says. The Anu you knew is dead, she claims, and I may do everything to destroy your marriage once more. I have to talk to you about something important, so I’ll come to your house. I don’t want to see you, she declares. Meet me for the last time, he says. Okay, fine, she responds. He says we’ll meet at the coffee shop close to your home.


Akriti visits the facility. She fails to notice anyone. She is greeted and given presents by her pals. Thanks to her, Akriti. They applaud her collectively. They enquire about Gungun and Anu. Akriti claims that it is somewhat accurate. They keep asking her this. Enough, I’m heading to the lab, Akriti declares. We are near to you, the girl continues, so tell us. Anu and I are happy together, Gungun is not linked to me, according to Akriti, who claims that Anu had lost his way before finding it again. The woman apologises if you felt bad and says, “Good you cleared this.” We are going to a coffee shop, the guy says. Akriti queries when we should leave. 5 pm in the evening, the girl says. Anu invites Gungun to arrive at 5:00 p.m. I don’t want to meet outside, Gungun replies; I want you to go home. No, meet me at the coffee shop, Anu says. Akriti calls and Anu answers. You go to the cafĂ©, my colleagues are asking for a coffee treat, she claims, adding that they greeted me in the new department. You leave; I have an urgent meeting, he says. At the very least, she says, try to come; if not, phone and pick me up, and we’ll go home together. I’ll chat to you later, he says.


How will you get the money from Gungun, wonders Ranvijay’s father. As per Ranvijay, I will receive the entire sum. His father claims Garima is difficult. Ranvijay claims that we must take action for her and that we will.


With her buddies is Akriti. Anu won’t be there, she says; he has a meeting. Gungun and Anu cross paths at the cafe. Why did you call me, she queries. If you choose to marry Ranvijay, that is your choice, according to Anu, who phoned you to talk about him. He isn’t a criminal, she claims. He claims you should pay attention to me first since he kidnapped me and sent me to the terrorists. She queries what. He claims that I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want him to bother you or my family, that I won’t forgive him, that I would get revenge on him, and that you shouldn’t be married to him. She sobs. I don’t want you to be married to him and wreck your life, he claims. I’ve promised someone that I’ll get rid of you from my heart and life, she sobs. Tell me who he asks. I can’t say, she claims. He queries whether I am more imp than that person, and whether he forced you to wed Ranvijay. I can’t say, she claims. Why can’t you say, he yells. Akriti frequents the same coffee shop as her pals do. The girl claims that although you stated that Anu was in a meeting, he is already waiting for us here. He claims to be with his girlfriend. Anubhav is yelled at by a furious Akriti.



In front of everyone, Akriti chastises Gungun. She extends a hand. Anu halts Akriti. She claims that I requested Gungun come with me. Akriti claims that you embarrassed yourself. On Anu, Charu yells. I desire a divorce, according to Akriti.

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