The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) issued a statement on Saturday stating that Karachi would experience very high temperatures for the next three days.

The forecast from the Met Office indicates that Karachi will likely continue to see high temperatures and high humidity from Sunday through Tuesday.
The official reading for today in Karachi was 40 degrees Celsius, but the city’s residents said that it felt more like 43 degrees. Karachi is pleased with the rain, and there will likely be more of it over the following 24 hours.

There is now a humidity level of 29% in the air, and the winds are coming from the northwest at a moderate pace.

The month of September has an average temperature of 33.4 degrees Celsius. In 2015, the month of November had an average high temperature of 42.7 degrees Celsius.

According to the PMD, the temperature will likely remain between 39 and 41 degrees Celsius during the course of the next three days.

On the other side, precipitation is forecast for today through September 14 in the cities of Tharparkar, Umarkot, Badin, and M’rpur Khas.

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