Kashibai Bajirao Ballal [11th August 2022] Written Update [KBB]

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 11th August 2022 Written Update [KBB] On Writtenlab.com

Scene 1
Baji rushes to Mastani and demands to know what is going on. Mastani breaks down in tears and explains that I had been told my entire life that I am an illegitimate child; when you married me with your sword, I thought I had a chance at a fresh life; instead, these people believe that I am simply your mistress. According to Baji, I will silence their tongues. Mastani argues, though, that they would never regard me the way Kashi does. Baji claims that everyone knows her and that she is his wife, but he also claims that you are his wife. Mastani states that no one was there to witness her wedding, so if you love me, you will wed me in front of everyone. Baji gives in and says it’s fine, he’ll marry you in front of everyone.
Kashi is currently lingering in the lobby, anticipating the arrival of Baji. After that, he comes back with Mastani and tells you that he wants to talk to you. Kashi makes the request to Mastani to allow them to converse. Mastani tells Peshwan, “You are a Peshwan, so it’s your rule. If you want to talk to him alone, I will leave.” After saying this, Mastani exits the room. Baji is invited to accompany Kashi on her journey. Baji says you can discuss here. Kashi took his hand in his and said, “Come with me.” She leads him to Balaji’s idol and suggests they light the diya together. Baji does it. Kashi says that your father put forth all of the effort necessary to obtain this Peshwa post. Baji has requested that we have a conversation about something. Kashi insists that he is not finished yet. She takes him by the hand and walks away from him.

Matank overhears Mastani saying, “I begged Baji to marry me in front of everyone, but what kind of marriage is this when I have to plot so much?” Mastani is speaking to Matank about her conversation with Baji. Matank has referred to you as a fighter.

Kashi presents Baji with some sweets and tells Baji that he prepared them especially for her. Baji says it’s tasty. Kashi shows him all of his wartime mementos after he has brought him into the room. Kashi asserts that I have constantly preserved your recollections at this place. I remember that when everyone was upset when Baba passed away, you avoided talking to me for many years. You still recall who was usually standing next to you, right? When Chimaji was being attacked, it was I who came to his rescue. This family means everything to me, yet you have neglected to remember everything. I turned into your shadow, yet you forgot all I told you. Baji says what’s wrong? Kashi tells me that I have a responsibility to this government to stop you. Baji tells you, “You know what’s going on in my heart. People have started hating Mastani and calling her my mistress.” Baji feels this is the worst thing that could happen to him. I am going to wed Mastani in front of all of you because I want her to be revered just as much as my wife is. I am sorry to bother you in this way, but it is necessary for me to do so. Kashi replies, “Yes, it is difficult for me because you took away my love, my respect, and my honour; but, I accepted it all because I thought you wouldn’t ask me of this.” Baji is telling you to stop being so self-centered and think about what Mastani is going through. Kashi affirms, “Yes, I am selfish, and the reason I do all of this for other people is because I am selfish.” She claims that Mastani would not have been permitted to live in this castle if I hadn’t accepted her, and that I even risked my life to defend her… I did accept everything, but I am unable to give you this. Baji says why not? Kashi asks why you forget that people are opposed to Mastani and that they will become furious if you do this, but you won’t listen to what I have to say. According to Baji, I have made a vow to her. Kashi tells me that I will convene a court meeting tomorrow, and until then, you have some time. Baji says, “I won’t modify my decision,” and then he walks away from the scene. Kashi starts to cry and then says that anything may happen now.
Kashi is confronted by Radha, who demands to know the source of his seeming anxiety. Kashi says that she has no idea what the next day will bring, and then she walks away from there.

Baji is solitary and lost in his thoughts as he stands there. Kashi is also sitting by himself.

Kashi is expected to show up in the courtroom in the morning. Everyone can be found there. Radha inquires of Kashi of the reason we are gathered here. Kashi reports that Baji has something he wants to express. There is a visit by Mastani. Baji informs me that I have come to the conclusion that I will wed princess Mastani. All look on.

In the following summary, Kashibai asks Bajirao, “Did you know anything about the sword ritual?” Have you heard that if you give Mastani your sword, the two of you would be married? Bajirao says, I didn’t know. Kashibai states, “Marriage has been done with the concerned of both parties and marriage without knowing of both parties is fraudulent, I’m sorry but your marriage will not be allowed.” Bajirao is knocked unconscious.

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