Kashibai Bajirao Ballal [15th August 2022] Written Update [KBB]

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Scene 1
Radha inquires about the treatment that Baji will receive from the doctor. He claims that we have no idea what happened to him, therefore we will strive to do our best. Mastani wonders if it is possible for her to see him. Kashi nods. Mastani goes to see him. Radha is informed by Guruji that the most effective cure is prayer, that there is a Vithal’s mandir in the woods, but it is very difficult to travel there, and that it is rumoured that whoever goes to pray there, God responds to the prayers of those people. It is my opinion that you ought to go there. Chimaji has informed us that Kashi and the other troops will accompany us there. According to Guruji, it’s not a conflict, and a loyal should go there by themselves. Radha asks Kashi how he plans to survive in the jungle by himself. Kashi has told me that I should go since it concerns Baji’s life. All of that is heard by Matank.
Mastani is comforting a person who is unconscious and telling them that if they stay with her nothing bad will happen to them. It is from there that she departs. Kashi walks up to him and places his hands on his feet. She replies that although this time has brought discomfort and distance between us, I still feel as though you are a part of my life. Perhaps you are still on my mind, and I will always adore you… Baji murmurs Kashi’s name. Kashi smiles and says you took my name? I am sure that I am still present in your thoughts; there is no one who can take that away from us. She reassures him while holding his hand that she will be back shortly. It is from there that she departs.

Matank tells Mastani that Kashi is heading to the mandir when he visits her. Mastani is surprised. She recommends that you go to that location. Mastani has stated that she will travel there if that is the only option.

Kashi tells her family that she is going to the temple, and she requests Radha to watch over her child while she is gone. Radha nods.

They have arrived in the bush, Matank and Mastani. Matank cautions you to be careful because you will be travelling alone from here on out. Mastani draws her blade and makes her way into the wilderness.

When Kashi arrives at the jungle, Sooriya offers her a sword, but she refuses it, saying that she has faith in herself instead. She then enters the jungle and begins searching for a path through it. Mastani is also present in the woods. Screams of animals can be heard by both of them. Kashi is hunting for the mandir as he is barefoot and trekking through the jungle. She comes across a Guruji who advises her to take some time off and relax there. Kashi says I can’t. Kashi declines the offer of some water that Guruji makes to her because she says she is too busy. Guruji states that many people come to look for the Lord, but the only way to find him is if you have done a magnificent act without your selfish reason in your life, then exhibit that, and ask for a desire. This is the only way to find him, according to Guruji. According to Kashi, human beings are self-centered, and every action is motivated by some form of selfishness. Guruji believes that even in the darkest of circumstances, there is a diamond to be found, thus one should never give up hope. Kashi gives a nod before departing from the area. When Mastani comes, however, she is unable to locate Guruji there.

Kashi is making her way through the jungle when she comes across some fruits. She is aware that they have been placed there in order to tempt her, but she decides that she will not consume anything until she has located the Lord. Mastani discovers several fruits on the other side, and she picks them up. She goes to the river in order to quench her thirst.

When Kashi finally gets to the river, she is parched and famished, yet she does not consume any food. Kashi supplicates, “I have performed many deeds in my life, but there is one act in which I did not have any selfishness, and that is loving Baji. I have always loved him, and if my love is pure, then please grant your presence to me.” Kashi is overjoyed after discovering an idol belonging to Vithal hidden beneath the tree. Kashi makes a prayer to him and presents him with some flowers. She implores the reader to spare Baji’s life. Kashi smiles and says, “I have your blessings now” as a few flowers fall at her feet while she is walking. She grabs the flowers and makes a hasty exit from the scene. Mastani is still in the bush when she discovers the idol that Vithal had hidden there. She hurries to him and prays that Baji will be okay. She claims that she felt her love was genuine and that this is the reason she is seeing you.

Kashi makes his way back to the palace carrying the holy flowers in his arms. She gives it to Baji to smell, and that is what causes him to awaken. Everyone is overjoyed. Kashi reassured him while he held his hand and said everything was going to be okay. Baji removes his hand from the situation. As soon as Mastani comes, Baji breaks into a broad grin. Kashi is miserable and retreats from the scene. Mastani is questioned by Baji about where she has been. Mastani claims that I was compelled to travel into the bush, where I encountered Vithal’s idol, because the nature of our love is unadulterated. I prayed to him, and it appears that you are awake now. Baji insists that we will tie the knot no matter what. Kashi takes in all of the information, and his thought process is along the lines of “if he wants that, then fine, but I won’t him in this scenario again.”

In the previous chapter’s review, Mahamanga instructs Suriya to “prepare arrangements for the war,” adding that Baji will accompany him. Suriya inquires as to what is going on with Mastani. It is recommended by Mahamanga that you make plans to kidnap her.

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