Kashibai Bajirao Ballal [17th August 2022] Written Update

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 17th August 2022 Written Update

First, Baji tells Mastani that they are going to get married right away. Mastani is heard to say, “I can’t believe this.” According to Baji, only Kashi is capable of doing this. Mastani asks, “How will we go about preparing everything?” Baji has stated that she does not care and that the wedding will take place the following day.

Baji inquires of Radha as to why they aren’t embellishing the palace. According to Radha, no one wants to be involved in this. Baji asserts that he is their Peshwa, and that they will wed no matter what the cost.

Kashi goes to the workers and requests that they prepare the palace for the wedding by decorating it. Radha approaches her and inquires as to why she is acting in such a manner. Why did you choose to enter into this marriage? Have you seen Baji’s condition? Kashi says he is in no condition to stop. Radha says he has gone wild. According to Kashi, I was unable to stop him.

Matank informs Mastani that Kashi has his sights set on one of her soldiers when he visits her. Then, according to Mastani, why didn’t she expose me until now? What is going through her mind? Matank asserts that they have won his attention in the woods. Mastani adds, “Kill him; I don’t want any disruptions before my wedding.” Matank nods.

Kashi explains to Radha that we are obligated to give this marriage our blessing because this city is dependent on him. Radha claims that the people won’t accept that marriage and that he will endanger our family line if he does so. Kashi claims that he is our guardian and that he is responsible for our safety. Radha states that you are welcome to dispute with me, but I won’t agree with you. Kashi has stated that it is his one and only desire. Radha asserts that we will never agree.

The soldier serving Mastani comes to his senses. According to Sooriya, we are required to inform Kashi.

When Guruji saw Radha, he told her that neither he nor any of his disciples would ever consent to their marriage. Radha has informed us that Kashi is not on our side, thus it is imperative that we take action.

When Baji sees people adorning the palace, he asks them how they came to an agreement. The worker claims that Kashi inquired of us. Baji notices that Kashi is departing and inquires as to where she is heading. Kashi has informed me that I must report to the forest jail to perform some labour. It looks like she won’t be attending your wedding after all. Baji claims that she devoted her life for me, but that I was unable to live up to her expectations.

Kashi makes his way over to confront the aggressor. She assures me that you are safe here; nonetheless, can you tell me whether Mastani ordered you to attack her? Sooriya yells at him to give her a response. Kashi suggests to be calm. The soldier claims that I won’t utter another word ever again. Kashi assures you that no one will force you to leave, but you are not permitted to do so. Other assailants make their way to that location. Sooriya asserts, “I am confident that these are Mastani’s men; they are here to kill the assailant because he is a witness.” Kashi is the one he begs to leave in peace. Kashi tells us not to worry about him and asks instead whether or not we can defeat them in combat. Sooriya assures us that our enemies are powerless to harm us now, so there is no need to be concerned. Kashi orders him to let in just one soldier at a time. Just trust me. Sooriya gives one of Mastani’s soldiers permission to approach the aggressor. The one who is attacking me adds, “I know you are going to come and save me.” Sooriya intervenes just in time to save the life of the assailant as the military is about to execute him. Kashi reveals to the assailant that Mastani is responsible for sending these men to kill him, but he would not compel him to tell him the truth. Kashi tells Sooriya in a hushed voice to refrain from pressuring him. It is not possible for me to risk Baji’s mistrust at this time. I am aware that Mastani committed an offence in order to win Baji’s favour, and that she will be found out, but for the time being, we need to protect him. Sooriya nods.

Kashi has arrived at the palace. There are some people around, and they all claim that Guruji has departed the mandir, which is why there was no puja taking place there. Because our religion is on the verge of being eradicated when Guruji comes, Kashi is informed that it was necessary for him to leave the mandir and come here. Because we have to look out for our fighters’ safety, we cannot proceed with this wedding. When Baji and Mastani heard that, they were taken aback. Kashi implores him to take it easy. If Baji is unable to preserve our religion, then Guruji asserts that it is our responsibility to do so. Baji inquires, “What religion do you follow?” Just do pooja for some time? I am responsible for the safety of these individuals, and now you intend to turn them against me? On the battlefield, you may count on me to watch out for your safety. Guruji has stated that we will not accept that Muslim girl since she is an illegitimate child and we are willing to give our lives rather than do so. Kashi manages to prevent Baji from drawing his sword just as he is ready to do so. Baji is curious about how a transgression against the religion can be committed through love. You are incapable of comprehending it in any way. Because, according to Guruji, your love shifts along with the bodies you inhabit, we shall never again enter the palace. You are free to act anyway you like, but Baji promises that he will marry Mastani. If you go through with this marriage, Guruji warns, we will never perform any pooja or prayers in this city again; that would be your responsibility from then on. He will depart. Kashi begs the members of her community to grant her some time so that she can find a solution. People give you their word that they trust you, and then they depart.

Radha travels to Kashi with the message that the marriage must be annulled. If Mastani has children, then those children will steal Nana Saheb’s rights. Kashi asserts that no one can take away what he justly deserves. Baji has a single request, thus you should grant it. Radha claims that others will conspire against him. Kashi adds, “I have always thought of these people, but at this moment I am only thinking about my love for Baji.” Baji has sacrificed his life for the sake of these others. After witnessing him in such a precarious state, I made the decision to sacrifice everything for the sake of his joy. She begs Radha to accept Mastani so that Baji’s happiness might be preserved. Radha shoots her a sneer before walking away from her.

Baji is feeling the pressure. Mastani is about to go to him, but Matank stops her and tells her that our warriors have attacked the attacker, and he has killed as a result. Mastani thinks it’s a wonderful thing, and that means Kashi doesn’t have anything against me anymore. Baji is confronted by Mastani, who explains that everything is unfolding because of her. According to Baji, the situation is quite dire. According to Mastani, these folks will cause a commotion as long as we are not married, but as soon as we are married, they will quiet down. Poojas are their primary source of income, and as a result, the performance of these rituals will continue after our wedding. Baji is taken aback by your statement, and she asks, “How can you say that?” You haven’t mentioned once that we can put the meeting off until later. Mastani claims that I will be fine if we never get married. You prevented me from leaving, and although I was ready to go to war with you, I don’t know how to demonstrate that I love you. Although it was your idea to have a wedding, I still think you should ditch the whole thing. I was assaulted so that I could also hear the taunts that other people are making. Baji tells me not to mention all of that because the situation is out of control, but I will figure something out.

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