Kashibai Bajirao Ballal [18th August 2022] Written Update [KBB]

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 18th August 2022 Written Update [KBB] On Writtenlab.com

Scene 1
Kashi is told by Baji that he is sorry for the pain he has caused and that everything that is occurring is his fault. I am able to cancel the ceremony. Kashi recommends that you wed her if that’s what you want, and that you leave the people management to her. Baji asks how? According to Kashi, I wrote a letter to Shahu, and he plans to visit here soon.
Shahu makes his way to the palace. Kashi is the one to greet him, and Mastani and Baji are there to greet him as well. According to Shahu, people won’t accept her. Radha begs him to explain things to Baji and help him comprehend what’s going on. Shahu says let’s start a court session.

Sooriya offers the assailant some food and tells them that Kashi is being kind to them, adding that since Kashi helped them survive, they owe it to her to confess the truth.

Shahu begins the session, and Guruji states that we will never accept a female from the Mughal dynasty. It is certain that Baji will betray us. Shahu has said enough; Baji is your warrior, and he has saved all of you multiple times. You will never be attacked by the Mughals as long as he is here. But, as Guruji explains, we just can’t consent to this marriage taking place. Shahu believes that you do not have the authority to make such a decision and that the matter should be resolved between Baji and Kashi; nonetheless, if Mastani does not object to the marriage, Baji is free to wed her. He says that it’s fine, but we can’t accept it, and then he goes with his guys. Shahu tells Baji not to worry about getting married since he will take care of everything and that the Brahmans do not pay attention to anyone else. Baji grins at Mastani and thanks Shahu. Shahu informs Kashi, “I have finished the assignment you gave me; I should leave now.” Kashi is grateful to him for arriving.

Scene 2
Mastani is having a good time and she tells Matank that she is overjoyed. She promises that from now on, nobody will refer to me as a mistress. Matank thinks you’ll make a lovely wife someday.

Kashi laments by himself and claims that Baji won’t belong to him longer. Baji serves as the groom there and then travels to Kashi. He says that you have been with me from the beginning, so come with me today. Kashi claims that you are offering my promises to another woman, so from this point forward, you will have to spend your time by yourself. Baji wants to know if he can pull this off on his own. Kashi has stated that if there is a problem, then I will be present.
The assailant is seized by Sooriya, who orders him to speak up before it is too late. The person who attacked me claims that I am terrified because Mastani will murder me. Sooriya says I am with you so don’t worry.

Baji comes to Mastani. She states that she is prepared to become your wife at any time. After taking her hand, he walks away from her. They are visible to Kashi.

Both Baji and Mastani perform their haldi rituals jointly. When Kashi sees that, he begins to quietly cry. Radha makes her way there and tells him that he can’t marry in this manner because he has murdered people in the war, and since he can’t marry on his own, he needs a priest to marry him to her, but there isn’t a priest who will do it. According to Mastani, this signifies that we are unable to get married. Baji remembers Kashi telling him that she will assist him in some way. He shouts out to Kashi. Kashi appears before them and says, “Baji can’t marry himself, but I know a way around that.” We have many different ceremonies, and one of those rituals allows them to get married in front of the havan. If God is a witness to their marriage, then no one will be able to dispute that fact. Radha confronts Kashi and asks her why she is acting in this manner. According to Kashi, this woman is Baji’s wife, and it is my responsibility to grant his request that this marriage be allowed to proceed. Mastani advises that we should go with it then. While Baji and Mastani are going to recognise each other as husband and wife and exchange garlands, Sooriya enters the scene accompanied by the aggressor. He claims that I have somebody with me who would expose the truth about Mastani. Kashi tells you that you are too late, the wedding is over.

Mastani says to Bajirao, “Please don’t be upset where I’ll go.” The previous sentence is a recap. You won’t be going anywhere, we are married, you are my wife now, you have everything, but I don’t have anything, Bajirao tells him. Kashibai sobs and declares that her love is no longer hers to possess. Mastani tells herself, “The ground you are standing on belongs to me, and I will take it away from you.”

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