Kashibai Bajirao Ballal [3rd august 2022] written update

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Scene 1
Baji takes a look at the deceased victims and declares, “I am aware of who is responsible for this.” If a lioness perceives that she is in danger from another lioness, then she will almost certainly attack the one who threatens her. Baji examines the faces and notices that there is a stamp featuring them. According to Baji, I am aware of who was responsible for planning this assault on Mastani. Kashi tries to stop him, but Baji grabs Chimaji and says, “You planned the attack on Mastani, didn’t you?” He takes the sword from Kashi. Chimaji says that if you want to hear that, then yes, I attacked her. Both Baji and Chimaji draw their swords and begin to fight each other. Radha intervenes just in time to save Baji’s life by pointing out that the target in question is in fact the victim’s brother. Baji angrily proclaims that he was in the wrong. Kashi claims that he is similar to my other brother as well. Chimaji has stated that she will not allow Baji to replace Kashi with a low-class woman. Baji yells at him and appears to be about to attack him before stopping. He asks Kashi to punish him, saying that he assaulted a woman and wants to know what your justice would say about the situation. Kashi claims that he assaulted a woman on purpose so that he can be disciplined for his actions. Ragma says no… Kashi ensures that Chimaji is detained by the authorities and removed from the area. She claims that I will explain my decision to the judge in court. All leave. Mastani confides in Kashi that she will make an exception for Chimaji if it turns out that this is all due to her. Kashi claims that you are the one responsible for everything that has happened. The strain that you are putting on Baji as a result of our requests is causing problems for my family. Brothers are fighting each other as if they were enemies solely because of you, but the truth is that you were attacked, and you should get justice for what happened. I am appreciative that you chose to forgive Chimaji despite what she did. That location is where she embarks on her journey. Mastani looks on.

Sooriya explains to his soldiers that the assailants were not his men; the question then becomes: who attacked Mastani?

Kashi is currently engaging in playful interaction with her young son. Radha reaches that location and says, “When I was younger, I always played with Chima in exactly this manner.” She takes Nana Saheb from her and then asks what the consequence for Chimaji would be. Kashi says to the other people, “I warned you people not to do this, and now I will have to punish Chimaji.” Chimaji, according to Radha, went through with all of that because he is devoted to you. Kashi claims that he is similar to my son, but when it comes to the administration of justice, I am unable to be partial. Would you have arrived at the same conclusion if Nana Saheb had acted in a similar manner, as Radha suggests? Just remember to give careful consideration to any choice you make. After that, she leaves. Kashi tells me that I ought to consider my son in the utmost priority.

Scene 2 Mastani goes to Baji and tells him to take a deep breath and calm down. Baji has informed me that this location does not provide adequate protection for you and that I must find another suitable location immediately. Mastani has expressed interest in moving in with your family and renouncing her own. Baji asserts that the aforementioned individuals are being impolite to you. I’ll get you out of this place, and you shouldn’t have any more hopes for the kind of treatment you’ll get from these individuals. According to Mastani, I will respect whatever choice you make in this matter.

Chimaji is brought before the judge as if he were a criminal as soon as the court session begins. Everyone is holding their breath in anticipation of Kashi.

Kashi comes face to face with Sooriya, and during their conversation, he reveals to her that he was a participant in the attack, and that he cannot permit anyone else to take Sooriya’s place. I’ve got something important to discuss with you. Please hear me out.

When Kashi entered the courtroom, he announced that it was time to begin the session. Chimaji is questioned about whether or not he was the one responsible for the assault on Mastani. He affirms that it is true, but Kashi has already gone to save Mastani. Kashi responds by asking, “What if I tell you that your soldiers didn’t attack Mastani?” Baji says you are taking his side. Kashi believes that I am acting justly because I discovered that the assailants were not members of Chimaji’s team. Mastani was the target of an attack from a team belonging to someone else. Baji inquires about the source of the information. Kashi claims that there is a witness to what happened. When Sooriya arrives, she tells them that she and Sooriya planned the attack, but that our men didn’t attack Mastani; rather, other soldiers attacked Mastani. Baji inquires, “What exactly is going on here?” Kashi interrogates Baji about how he was able to determine that Chimaji was the one responsible for the attack. According to Baji, I discovered Chimaji’s stamp in the possession of one of the men. Kashi asks Chimaji why, if he is saving himself, he would give his stamp to a man. Chimaji has responded that he does not see the point. You are aware that he is not as thick as people make him out to be. Baji asks, “Who then took the stamp off of Chima’s hand?” Kashi assures me that we will discover the truth, but it has already been established that Chimaji is not guilty. Baji claims that there is danger for Mastani in this location. Therefore, beginning tomorrow, the two of us will be relocating to a different palace. I will take care of the matters related to the government from that point forward. He embarks on their journey together with Mastani. Kashi is in pain and says that she made numerous attempts to prevent Baji from taking their son away from her, but he ultimately chose to leave.


Precap: Kashibai and Mastani are walking. Kashibai reveals this information to her, telling her, “I know who asked to attack you.” Mastani inquires about the individual. Kashibai leads her to a body of water, where she then reveals her reflection to her while telling her that she is she.

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