Kashibai Bajirao Ballal [4th August 2022] Written Update

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 4th August 2022 Written Update

Radha travels to Kashi and tells him that he will not receive justice from a man such as this. Kashi promises that he will act justly toward the person he cares for. In order to prevent Baji from leaving with Mastani, Radha requests that she intervene. Kashi claims that if his heart is here, he won’t leave, but if it isn’t, then nobody will be able to prevent him from leaving. Radha asks, “How are we going to manage the government?” Kashi asserts that he is a warrior and that his reign will not be threatened in any way. Nobody else will suffer any losses except for myself. I wish I could stop him, but this is a test for us now, and if he goes, I will presume that my love was not genuine in the first place.
When Baji hears someone approaching, he asks, “Kashi?” because he is standing there. Mastani claims it’s me. Baji asserts that I mistook him for Kashi. Mastani says I will help you in packing. Baji informed me that I have some tasks to do before I go. It is from there that he departs. Mastani is informed by Matank that Baji would become her son as soon as he departs from this palace.

Kashi is looking into the origin of the assailants, and he has asked Sooriya to examine everything that is on the dead and see if she can find any hints. It is visited by Baji. Kashi observes that he is about to go and assumes that I will no longer glance at him. It is from there that she departs. Baji is perplexed as to why she did not identify her steps as she always does.

Chimaji and Ragma are informed by Radha that despite the fact that it was a mistake for us to plot an assault on Mastani, it is imperative that we reunite Kashi and Baji.

When Baji exits Kashi’s room, he observes the two of them engaged in conversation with Kashi’s son. Kashi casts a glance in his direction before exiting the room. Baji claims that I arrived to see my son. He decides to take his son. Kashi suggests that before you leave, you should visit with him and spend some time with him. It might be beneficial for you to spend the night with your son. Baji states that you are aware that it is difficult for him to leave the palace. Kashi argues that it is your choice, because you already brought another woman here, and now you are going to leave your family for a woman? I have even accepted Mastani on your behalf and on behalf of this administration; I am no longer in any pain. You are free to act in any way you see fit. Kashi retreats to her room, where she sobs privately to herself. Baji collects his son from that location.

Baji notices that his family is making preparations for a gathering and wonders why they are doing so. And they are going to party even though I’m leaving? They rely on Mastani a great deal.

Baji enters his room and finds Matank attempting to pack his bags while Mastani gives him instructions. Baji is confused by the situation. Baji remembers how Kashi would always take care of everything for him, and he believes that Kashi would always pack his suitcases herself, while Mastani is actually only giving Matank orders. Nana Saheb is upset while Mastani is playing with him, so Baji takes him away and pretends he doesn’t recognise him. This causes Mastani to feel terrible. It’s all good, according to Mastani, and she leaves from there. Baji informs his son that I am obligated to accompany his other mother in order to safeguard her.

Mastani hears from Matank that Kashi played a clever game by delivering her baby to him in the hopes that he will reconsider his decision. Mastani tells me that I can’t permit Baji to reconsider his decision. She observes the preparation of the decorations and adds, “Don’t be concerned; they want me to depart.”

Kashi has a conversation with the troops, and they tell him that we discovered a stone that can only be found in Bundelkhand. When Guruji arrives, Kashi inquires as to whether or not he was responsible for the attack on Mastani. He says no. Kashi challenges him to make a solemn oath in the name of his faith. He insists I didn’t attack her. Then, who, according to Sooriya, would assault her? Who would have something to gain from carrying out this attack? According to Kashi, the answers to your queries can be found.

Kashi confronts Mastani with the news that he has discovered who is responsible for the attack on her. Who is it that Mastani asks? Kashi says you.


Kashibai tells Mastani that she won’t be able to prevent Bajirao from leaving at this time, but she believes that he won’t leave. However, she promises that she will relinquish all of her rights to him if he departs with her, and if he doesn’t leave then…

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