Kashibai Bajirao Ballal [5th August 2022] Written Update [KBB]

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Scene 1
Kashi confides in Mastani that he has learned that she plotted the assault on herself. Mastani asserts that this is not the case. According to Kashi, I discovered the truth. If Mastani states that Baji is leaving with me, then why are you placing the blame on me? Kashi claims that you intended for Baji to be cut off from his family, and that’s why you planned all of this, right? You had the expectation that he would pick you, rather than Nana Saheb. If that’s the case, Mastani asks, why did I even bother coming here in the first place? Kashi explains that this is because you have come to the conclusion that you will not be able to totally obtain Baji so long as he remains here. You dropped a hint about your room for Baji, and after that, you presented yourself to Baji as an admirable woman. Mastani believes there must be some sort of coincidence. Kashi claims that you were aware that Baji will feel sympathy for you if he learns what Radha did to you if he finds out what happened between the two of you. Mastani says I don’t want to talk to you. Kashi responds by saying, “I’m not through yet, Baji is a fine man, and he has always respected you.” You were aware that you might be assaulted, therefore you decided to carry out the attack yourself? Mastani asks where I could arrange for attackers to come from here. Here, only I have a home. Kashi has told me that you are not alone in this place; you have brought some of your guys here. Those employees are still under your employ. Mastani claims that despite the fact that you all hate me so much, I was not the one who was behind all of this. Kashi says Matank took Chimaji’s stamp right? You wished for Chimaji to be held responsible for the assault. You were confident that your people would not harm you, and that you would convince Baji to accompany you on your escape. It turned out to be a solid plan. Mastani claims that all of this is a hoax. Kashi says that Baji is not an idiot and that he is able to read people, but that he trusts you therefore he is not doubting anything because you are using your brains. Mastani is of the opinion that you won’t be able to prove anything. Kashi responds, “I am aware of it; yet, I desired to observe your true appearance.” According to Mastani, he cannot have both of these women. You are the other lady in his life, according to Kashi; I could have told Baji all of this. According to Mastani, the reason he won’t trust you is because he loves me. Kashi has confirmed that he does indeed love you very much; however, I will not share this information with him. You simply think about yourself, however I am obligated to consider everyone else. Because Baji is so concerned about the safety of you and your family, he is even willing to give up his son for your sake. When Mastani saw you, she asked, “Why are you here?” According to Kashi, Baji will quickly uncover the truth. Mastani claims that my one and only objective is to be with the man I love; hence, I want to be with Baji. Kashi remarked, “I am certain Baji will not go anywhere with you.” Mastani affirms that she has no doubt that he will accompany her. Kashi claims that your love is not genuine and that instead you are just being stubborn. Mastani says you can blame me but don’t question my love for Baji. Kashi adds that you want to win over everyone else, but that this is not about politics but rather a family. The affection that Baji has for you extends to not only his family but also to me as well. He still loves me. Mastani has expressed that he loves no one but me. Kashi says you are free to think anything you want, but he will not be leaving with you. Mastani asks, “What if we both leave together?” Kashi says, “I won’t stop him, but if he departs with you, I will surrender all of my rights on him, and he will be yours fully.” However, if he doesn’t leave, Kashi will resign all of his rights on him. Kashi gives her a hostile look before walking away.
Scene 2: Mastani is sitting by herself, when Matank tells her that Kashi will attempt to prevent Baji from doing something. Kashi reportedly told Mastani that she won’t be able to stop Baji, but that he won’t go. Matank claims that Kashi is challenging you, which means that after you and Baji leave, Kashi would be forced to give up her rights on him. It is imperative that Baji travel with you in any capacity, even if only for a few days. Once Baji has left this place, Kashi will also be gone from his life forever. Mastani inquires about the process involved. Matank explains the strategy to her.

Baji receives a visit from Radha, who informs him that they wish to speak with him. I allegedly spent the night with Nana Saheb, according to Baji. Chimaji confirms that you will be leaving him soon. According to Baji, this is not an easy task for me because you people do not comprehend the depth of my affection for Mastani. Radha has stated that we are not here to dispute, that we do not approve of what you are doing, but that we do not wish for you to leave. Chimaji adds that she is sorry, but that you should not penalise Kashi for that. Radha urges him to give it some thought before moving on from here. Baji adds, “I will think, but if I leave, then understand that I am doing it to protect Mastani.” [Baji] “I will ponder.” Radha reports that other people are speaking poorly of you, and Shahu has learned about Mastani as well. Even if you decide to walk away from your relationship with Kashi, we need to demonstrate that there are no problems between the two of you. I have performed a pooja, and I would like for you and Kashi to participate. It’s fine, Baji says; I’ll sit here with Kashi for the puja.

Kashi is investigating the preparations that have been made for the pooja. Chimaji has brought flowers, but she is in a tense mood.

Matank explains to Mastani that this puja must be a part of some scheme, and that they would attempt to thwart Baji’s plans. Mastani is getting ready to go when she notices Baji playing with his son. Kashi gives them a friendly grin and then walks away. Baji moves behind her. Mastani is aware of it all.


Mastani tells Bajirao that she is here since today is haldi kumkum and that is why she is there. In this pooja, only married ladies are allowed to participate; unfortunately, you cannot go. Mastani is quoted as saying, “I’m married that too with all of the Rajputana customs.” Kashibai states, Baji is not rajput. Tell Mastani that because your ritual requires you to have eight weddings but you haven’t done so with us, you are not regarded to be married.

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