Kashibai Bajirao Ballal [8th August 2022] Written Update

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Scene 1
Baji brings Nana Saheb to Kashi and says, “I spent the night with him, and it’s difficult to handle him. How do you manage all of this by yourself?” Kashi claims that all women engage in this practise; therefore, I find it surprising that you even noticed it and questioned me about it. It is a stroke of good fortune that I should observe all of this. Baji expresses his astonishment at how well you are able to handle everything. Baji remarked that today was the first time in a long period of time that he had seen you smile. Kashi explains that all he wants is for his son to be content with his life. She recalled explaining to Mastani that she would not prevent Baji from committing the crime. Baji says, “I know you’re not going to be able to stop me from doing anything.” Mastani lives by herself, whereas Nana Saheb is surrounded by his family; therefore, it is my responsibility to look out for her. Kashi asserts that you are not aware of the real situation. You should be with the person who you believe needs you the most, and I won’t stop you from being with them. I just want you to have a clear head about what course of action you ought to take. Baji gives a signal of approval and then exits.

Mastani sees Baji leaving Kashi’s room. She tells Matank that she doesn’t believe Kashi will turn his mind against her, and that Matank shouldn’t worry about it. Matank cautions you against putting your faith in her and advises you to proceed independently of her.

Radha is making her preparations for the pooja right now. When Guruji arrives, she extends her greetings.

When Baji enters Mastani’s room, he finds her in the process of unpacking her belongings. He inquires about what’s going on in the situation. Mastani says, “I am aware that I could be attacked here; however, I saw you with Nana Saheb, and I am unable to separate you from him; therefore, we will stay here.” I don’t want you to give up anything for me, especially not important things. Baji claims that you are putting your life in danger by remaining here. Mastani responds by saying, “You cannot abandon your son for me.” Baji has said that you have such thoughtful consideration for me. Mastani remarked that she had been pondering whether or not the two of us could get away for a few days and detox together. Baji thinks that is a great idea, and she offers to perform the pooja for you before accompanying you on your trip. He will depart. Mastani is informed by Matank that she did an excellent job during the game. Mastani asserts that she never intended to put herself through all of this trouble; all she wanted was her lover.

Kashi witnesses Baji and Mastani’s belongings being carried out of the palace. She only notices the bag and declares that she is aware of what Mastani is doing. Kashi approaches Mastani and says, “You are going on a vacation rather than Baji leaving his family forever, is that correct?” You managed to persuade him to take a trip with you so that I would fail the challenge that I set for myself, right? You know that I won’t give up my rights to Baji unless he moves out of the house with you permanently, and I’ve already told you that. Mastani claims that you will not keep your word; why should she trust you? Kashi claims that you played tricks, but I have a strong feeling that Baji won’t even accompany you on your vacation if you try. If you end up being defeated this time, then the mature thing to do is to accept it like a good person. That location is where she embarks on her journey. Mastani has convinced Baji that he must choose between her and herself because she owns Baji.

Baji is instructed by Mastani that he must make a promise that he will come to see her after the pooja is finished. Baji gives her his word, and then he departs.

Both Baji and Kashi get themselves ready to take their places in the pooja together. Matank reveals to Mastani that they are all gathered there as a family, whereas she is hiding here in the cave. Guruji insists that Baji and Kashi hold hands during their pooja even though the two of them perform the ritual together but do not do so voluntarily. Mastani suffers emotional distress whenever she is forced to witness their union. Matank says Baji will be yours soon so don’t feel sad.


Mastani tells Bajirao that today is haldi kumkum, which is the reason why she is here. Precap: Someone just told me that only married women are allowed to attend this pooja, so I won’t be seeing you there. Mastani claims that I’ve already tied the knot and gone through all of the necessary Rajputana rites. Kashibai is quoted as saying that because Baji is not a rajput, the rajput marriage rituals are not something that we consider.

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