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The first thing we see in this episode is Pallavi putting her hand on Rhea. Aaliya holds her hand. Aaliya is asked by Pallavi to release her grip on her hand. Aaliya instructs everyone there to keep their hands to themselves. Pallavi insists that I respond to her inappropriate behaviour in some way. Aaliya believes that Rhea has demonstrated bravery by speaking up against an injustice by raising her voice. Pallavi believes that you have provided her with a great deal of freedom. Aaliya maintains that somebody has to speak up or else limits would be imposed in the pretext of doing what is right. Pallavi claims that if we had imposed any restrictions, you would not be in this room. Aaliya tells her that she won’t need to worry about her head being bent as long as she’s here, and she requests that she refrain from doing this again. What are you going to do, Pallavi? Are you going to slap me? Aaliya has informed me that she intends to press charges against me for domestic violence. Pallavi does not believe it. Rhea claims that no woman will look forward to her divorce. Pallavi says you have to just sign. Aaliya explains that just as Prachi chose the male toy, Pallavi is believing that she would have a son exactly like she did with the toy. Pallavi believes that I do not have a limited perspective. She claims that Rhea is aware of what I am looking for. Rhea insists that she will not be divorcing her husband. Ranbir has stated that he desires a divorce. Aryan is involved in the collision. Shahana says what are you saying? According to Ranbir, I am currently searching for the divorce papers, on which I have gotten Rhea’s signature. According to him, I did not reveal it to anyone because Rhea was pregnant at the time. Shahana asks him to show. Rhea requests that Prachi make a funny expression at her expense. Prachi wants to know if I am having a good time. Rhea claims that you have wanted this from the beginning and that it was either a coincidence or a conspiracy that it happened. She claims that you brought the police and the non-governmental organisation, and from this point on, I will not give you any chance. She puts pressure on her. Ranbir arrives at the location and informs Prachi that the crying phase is now finished and that a new phase would begin shortly in which she and he will both be present. He claims that I have severed my ties with Rhea. He demonstrates the divorce papers to her. Rhea asks how this is even possible considering she hasn’t signed the divorce papers yet. Ranbir tells her that she has signed a long time ago and then gives her the documents that she has signed. He claims that our relationship is done, and that at this point you must depart from this location. He grabs Prachi by the hand and leads her all the way to the dinner table. Rhea looks on revengeful. Shaina maintains a steady grip on her shoulder with her hand.
Aaliya arrives in someone’s company in her car to meet them. This guy walks up to her and hands her something. Aaliya gives him money. Rhea yells and proclaims that she will not leave the house. She claims that this is not my sign and then wonders when I actually signed it because I have no idea. After asking if you remembered the merger party, Ranbir reveals that after 12 o’clock it was Prachi and our anniversary. He claims that I have previously apologised to Prachi for my behaviour. He claims that I drugged your drink in the same way that you spiked Prachi’s drink and took her signals. Rhea inquires of you, “Did you teach him this?” Ranbir claims that Pachi did not instruct him, and that this is the result of your actions. He adds that he should have known that you would not sign the document, which is why he chose this path; he acknowledges that he is acting unethically, but he claims that he has no other choice. He claims that I learned about your pregnancy very late, at which point I decided to disregard it. She claims that if I had told Prachi, then she would have compelled me to continue living with you. Rhea reprimands Prachi and tells her that whatever she does, she will do in front of everyone. The divorce papers are thrown in the fire. Ranbir instructs her to back away from it. Rhea flashes a grin and then directs Prachi to take it. She claims that your final wish has already been granted. Ranbir warns you to keep your distance from Prachi because she was unaware of the situation. It is inappropriate for you to speak to my wife in such a manner, he says. She questions my identity, claiming that if she is your wife, then who am I? Even she claims that I am pregnant.
Ranbir states that I can’t argue with you and that I can’t make you comprehend more information. He claims that you are aware that I do not love you and questions why the two of you got married in the first place. She claims that if I hadn’t thrown these papers away, then you would have… She wants to know if you took these papers to court because if you did, everyone there would have laughed at you. According to what she says, this piece of paper is worthless. She asserts that if it is a Xerox, the item has no value at all. Aaliya will go to the place. Rhea is asked by Dida how she can continue to be with a person who does not love her. She says that if Ranbir hasn’t divorced Prachi yet, then she doesn’t understand how Ranbir can be your spouse. Dida has Aaliya’s gratitude for accepting Prachi’s name, and Aaliya notes that as soon as someone takes Prachi’s name, they feel more energised. She believes that if a person remarries, then the entire family will be imprisoned for the crime of betraying the second wife.

Prachi questions why she went ahead and married Ranbir given that she was aware that we were already taken. Rhea explains that marriage represents kumkum to her, which is values doing what is right. Dida tells her that the practise of divorcing a spouse was not common in Dida’s day. She claims that if you continue to play the game of getting a divorce, then I will have no choice but to take a severe action. Vikram has suggested that we have a seated conversation. Pallavi implores all of them to take a deep breath. She tries to calm Rhea down by telling her to come with her and telling her that she wants to talk to Rhea one-on-one. Rhea will not be going anywhere, according to Aaliya. It is not the place for drama, according to Pallavi. Aaliya puts the request to her to speak in front of everyone. According to Pallavi, Prachi is expecting, and as a result, we need to take special care of her. Rhea responds, “I Know, Because I’m Pregnant.” Pallavi has told me that I don’t have a choice and that I have to tell everyone now. She believes that Prachi’s pregnancy would be a difficult one. She claims to have discussed the matter with her physician and disclosed all relevant information to her. It appears to be a facebook. Pallavi apologises to Prachi and says, “I am really sorry. Prachi, I am feeling sympathy and anger on you.” She demands to know why you concealed. She claims that her doctor warned her that her complications could worsen if she had any additional stress. Aaliya expresses her regret and requests Rhea to reveal the secret to her as well. Rhea informs Prachi that she attempted to save her by having her sit on her shoulder; however, she was unable to do so. She claims that I instructed you numerous times to leave this area, but you did not leave even after I urged you to do so. She claims that she is aware that her pregnancy is difficult, and that she wants her to remain with the man who is the biological father of her child rather than with my husband. Prachi does not believe it.


Rhea shares with Ranbir that Prachi has expressed a desire to leave this place because she wishes to be with Sid, who is revealed to be the biological father of her unborn child by Rhea. Prachi does not believe it.

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