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When Sameer comes in, Rishab is on the phone, and Sameer asks what the reason is because he is so happy. Rishab tells Sameer that Tapsee Pannu is coming, and upon hearing this, Sameer exclaims that he really has a crush on her and therefore is going to get ready. Shristhi sees Sameer running, and she wonders why he is so happy, and she is certain that it is related to a girl. While Shristhi is trying to find anything, Bi jee interrupts her and asks where she is heading. Shristhi tries to explain that she is busy, but when Bi jee tells her to bring the cake now, she begins searching for Preeta Di instead. When Bi jee tries to ask the reason why she has become so lazy after getting married, Shristhi says she wants her to do the work so she is going to leave, and Shristhi even instructs the guest. Bi jee reprimands her by asking if she is still going to make her do the work on her anniversary, but Shristhi tries her best to make an excuse. Bi jee reprimands her by asking if she is still going to make her do the work on her
While Anjali is looking for Arjun and wondering where he may be, Preeta is leaving, and Anjali thinks to herself, “Why is she always so angry?” as she watches Preeta go. Anjali asks where he has been all this time, and he explains that he felt dizzy and was about to fall, but Preeta saved him. However, she has been acting as if she has done a significant favour for him. Arjun comes up from behind and reveals that this is because she lacks any mind. Anjali asks where he has been all this time, and he explains that he felt dizzy and was about to fall, but Preeta He mentions that the best part is that he made her feel he was under the influence so that he tends to propose to everyone, including his chef. He says this so that he may propose to anyone. Anjali is stunned, and he responds by saying that it was all an act to make her believe. Anjali responds by saying that Arjun would have seen something in Preeta that led him to marry her. Arjun is looking at Preeta while Rishab is wondering what Arjun saw in Preeta that led him to marry her. Arjun tells her that Rishab is not a nice person, but that she married him for the sake of her former love, because he had a lot of money, which he discovered after they had parted ways, and that she should see how Preeta seems to be really happy with him. Arjun says that Rishab is not a nice guy, but that she married him for the sake of her former love. Anjali’s response to his question is that she appears to be at ease with him. When he asks why, she says that she cannot express the feeling she has. Arjun has just stopped the waiter from bringing him a drink when Anjali intervenes and prevents him from doing so. When Shristhi overhears them bickering with one another, she explains that she thinks of them both as members of her family and that she knows they feel the same way about her, and that because they are family, they typically help one another out. Shristhi is taken aback and asks him how he knew she had some work, to which he says that he is able to judge other people very quickly. Arjun then inquires as to what it is that they need to do. His dexterity astounds her, and she cannot believe it. Anjali confronts Shristhi with the question of whether or not she is having sexual relations with Arjun. Shristhi taunts Anjali by questioning if she is experiencing feelings of jealousy.
Raja turns to Sherlin and inquires about what is going on, given that the two of them were familiar with the servant. Prithvi becomes enraged and explains that they should not ask any questions because he is the boss, and that they should only listen to him. When Raja asks Prithvi if he has ever been the boss of anyone else, Prithvi threatens to kill Raja, but Raja responds that he is not in the least bit scared by it. Raja then orders Vishnu and the others to put the waiter under the bed while revealing that he is still Sherlin is unable to say anything, but she does mention that the person whose engagement party is taking place was once her husband. Bunty then asks who Prithvi is, and he asks why they are trying to find out about their past, considering that he did not ask them about anything that they had done at their meeting. Vishnu then calls him. Sherlin is unable to say anything else. Badshah says that it would be wonderful if he told them, and Prithvi explains that since Vishnu called him with respect, he is going to reveal that they are those who have tremendous goals. Badshah says that it would be nice if he told them. Sherlin warns him to stop talking because they only have one day left, and she explains that she will clear the cash because she knows where the safe is while they are doing it all on the dance floor, and she explains that they will steal everything on gun point while they are dancing, and after that, they can do whatever they want to do with Rishab. Sherlin reveals that she is going to leave the room, and then their plan will begin. Sherlin then inquires as to whether or not they should begin the plan before putting on the mask.

Arjun asks her why she is taking him to the kitchen when she reveals that she is going to tell him, he compliments her on how nice she looks with Sameer, she reveals that she also thought about it before the marriage but then everything changed after her marriage, Arjun explains that she may have married him to be close to her sister, and Shristhi also agrees and says that it may be true. Arjun queries They have a tendency to not comprehend the feeling at first, which leads to them marrying someone else, but after they realise it, everything changes. Preeta most certainly would have told her how much she loves Rishab if she had the chance. Shristhi interrupts him and explains that he may have said it today, but he should never say it again since they cannot judge a book by its cover; instead, they must first read it all the way through to the finish. Moreover, he is unaware of anything that her sister may have gone through in her life. Shristhi claims that she was present when her husband Karan Luthra passed away, since she was a witness to his passing. Arjun reveals that he is familiar with the occurrence. Arjun comforts Shristhi with a hug and mentions that Karan has returned. However, he immediately realises that he has made a mistake and quickly backs off, explaining that he means Karan is still here and not left as they saw the body die but the soul is still here. All they need to do to see him is lift their eyes, so there is no need for Shristhi to cry because she has such a beautiful face. She exits, asking how they can make new memories, but he must accompany her to the kitchen. Arjun exclaims that she can make it as he is the same Karan Luthra of whom she was a die-hard fan. He says that they are not going to talk about the past but instead generate new memories.

After Anjali hits the chair, Preeta runs to help her and then questions why she is working for Arjun because she is such a nice girl. Anjali does not understand when Preeta confesses that she has stated it before that Anjali can find someone better than Arjun, such as Rishab jee. Anjali is about to fall over. Preeta responds that it was not love at first sight but rather respect because she has known him for a long time and knows that he always puts of his family before himself. Anjali asks if Preeta fell in love with him at first sight, and Preeta says that she did not. Anjali responds that although she is grateful that Preeta is concerned about her, she is confident that she can deal with Arjun without any problems.
Sherlin sneaks into Rakhi Luthra’s room and immediately begins searching for the jewellery. She is startled when someone else enters the room, but she is relieved to discover that it is Bunty. Sherlin directs them to also begin searching and complete the mission. She is unable to locate anything, which causes her to become uncomfortable; nevertheless, Bunty indicates that he believes they have become bankrupt. She asks if he has become angry because they would not be able to have a party like this, and Bunty asks them to look at the jewels.

Arjun asks her why she brought him here, so she reveals she brought him to pick the cake. He calls her lazy, and she responds that whenever she picks the cake, it tends to get ruined, so she thought it would be best for him to do it with his own hands. Shristhi then enters the kitchen and declares that he made her emotional, and she is then excited to see the cake. Arjun accuses her of being extremely naughty, so she decides to pick the troll’s pocket. When Arjun sees the cake, he becomes very angry, Shristhi brings the trolly when he causes it to be ruined, Shristhi becomes stunned wondering what he has done, and Arjun apologises and explains that he hurt his hand, which is why the cake was ruined. Anjali, upon entering, reassures Shristhi that there is nothing for her to be concerned about as her friend is a chef who would help them arrange the cake. Shristhi explains that she needs to inform someone, so she rushes before requesting Anjali to ask her friend. Anjali believes that Arjun is only spoiling the things today, and because she does not understand how to get him to stop being jealous, she becomes worried.


Arjun happens to run into Preeta by accident. Someone has complimented them on how cute they look together. Arjun tells Preeta not to worry about it because the current state of affairs is not favourable and a growing number of couples are dissolving their marriages. Why haven’t you settled down with a spouse, asks Preeta.

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