Kumkum Bhagya [12th August 2022] Written Update

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Ranbir tells everyone that their landlines will be disconnected until Sid arrives and requests that everyone hand over their mobile phones. Shahana is the first to hand over her phone. Dida requests the other people to hand over their phones. Everyone donates their mobile devices. Dida is the recipient of the keys, and Ranbir instructs her not to share them with anybody else. The cell phones are then secured within the drawer. Aaliya signs Shaina to remain quiet. Shaina claims that I am her friend and that she relies on me for assistance. Aaliya asks Shaina not to create noise.. Rhea admonishes her to be quiet and tells her that her noise is hurting her ears. Aaliya tells the young man, “You can’t talk to me like that in front of you; I am your elder.” Rhea believes that I am capable of anything since I am anxious, furious, and frustrated all at the same time. Aaliya thinks you are idiot also, as you took Sid’s name. Rhea asserts that she was playing a bluff and that everyone was in on it. According to her, Ranbir trusted me the last time. According to Aaliya, there is a significant difference in him. She claims that I am an older person, that our conversations are extensive, and that our plans are extensive as well. Shaina says Badi bua, buji is right. Rhea and Aaliya are the ones who tell her to be quiet.
Prachi is visited by Ranbir. Rhea is said to have divulged a great deal of information, but Prachi claims that you would not inquire more. Ranbir keeps his finger on her mouth as he tells her that he doesn’t care what other people say, and his heart has testified to this fact. He claims that if I hadn’t questioned your character, then we would have been together and content. He blames me for your tears and claims that he is experiencing the same sorrow that you are. He claims that the source of my suffering is the question of how I can aggravate the person I care about. He wipes her tears away and tells her that the only tears that should be shed are happy ones. He claims that he is the reason for her weeping, at which point he starts to cry himself. She gently wipes his tears away and then says, “What is the cause of your tears?” Pallavi makes her way there and apologises to them for disturbing them. Ranbir inquires as to the reason behind your weeping. Vikram adds that she is crying because she is witnessing you cry. During your childhood, she would routinely make you sit on her lap. He tells me to remove the tears from my Pallavi’s eyes if you wipe the tears from my wife’s eyes. He praises Pallavi. Dida reveals that she has prayed in the temple to prevent my family from coming into negative contact with her. Rhea makes her way there. Dida begs her to take prasad. Rhea is under the impression that the issue at hand is not Prachi’s pregnancy but rather the avatar of God, which is driving everyone crazy. She is under the impression that they do not want to see her face at this time. Dida invites Rhea to partake in the prasad. Dida is disregarded by Rhea as she leaves.
Shaina inquires of Aaliya concerning any issues that may arise due to the fact that the two of them are currently roommates. Aaliya begs her for assistance in positioning the bedsheet on the bed. Rhea yanks back the sheet from the bed and asks, “What are you doing?” Aaliya says you can’t talk to me like this. Rhea is curious as to how you are able to sleep. According to Aaliya, sleep is necessary for a peaceful mind. Rhea wants to know when you plan to give your mind a break. Aaliya claims that you do not possess a mentality, which is the reason you plan things without giving them any consideration. Rhea claims that you are being rude to me in front of my friend. Aaliya claims that your friend is being rude to you. According to Rhea, everyone loves Prachi more than they love me. According to Aaliya, we are familiar with this from the past. Rhea shared with her mother that her friend Pallavi once loved me and supported me in my endeavours. If Aaliya has told you that she does not like you anymore and that she even hates you, it is possible that this is your fault. Rhea claims that it is not my fault and that everything went downhill after Prachi’s party when my mother made a 180-degree turn in the opposite direction and my life took a 360-degree turn. She adds that I contacted Priya because I thought they would believe me because I thought they would trust Priya. Aaliya claims that they are going to believe that you have adopted Sid’s name for yourself. Rhea has stated that she will sacrifice her life. Aaliya claims that Prachi will end her own life, and not yours. Rhea tells her that she is feeling lonely and requests her to do something for her. They share a hug. Rhea indicates that I will visit the house at some point. Shaina states that she does not know what happened to her and then asks if she has lost her mind. Aaliya has told me that I have the exclusive authority to speak on her behalf because I am her Buji.
Pallavi assures Prachi that she is not alone and that the rest of them are there with her at all times. Dida said that you were by alone the last time, but now you had us by your side. Prachi is asked by Vikram to have absolutely no doubts whatsoever. Shahana reveals to Prachi that she has always hoped that her extended Sasural family will be able to be with her. She claims that you have completed your vanvas. Rhea will depart from that location. Dida begs her to take prasad. Rhea acknowledges that she has made mistakes in judgement by stating all of that in such a manner and says, “I know that I shouldn’t have.” She is advised by Shahana to conserve her strength for when Sid returns. Vikram’s phone rings. Dida’s keys are in his possession as he engages in a video conference with Sid. Sid reports that he will arrive in the evening due to the cancellation of the flight. Vikram tells him to silence his phone until then and instructs him to do so. Sid inquires as to whether everything is all right. Vikram says yes. Sid silences his mobile device and walks away. Rhea looks on. Shahana hands over everyone’s phone to them in turn. Rhea is about to go and grabs her phone before she does so. Rhea’s friend Prachi informs her that she has consistently proven her wrong. “First you thought awful about me and attempted to make me bad, and now you are blaming the baby who has not yet been born,” Prachi says to Rhea. Rhea asks, “And what exactly have you done with me?” Prachi advises that because you do not know, you should not let your mind wander. She claims that I ran away from home because the trust that I had earned from my family had been betrayed, and Ranbir did not trust me. He says that the love and support of the entire family is with me now, and he says that I should not feel bad for all of the charges. She claims that she acquired the confidence she needed from her family and that she wants her family. She claims that I don’t want to keep someone who plays filthy games in this house because you would question the paternity of my baby and my integrity, and I don’t want to do that. Rhea has stated that these questions will be present. Shahana has indicated that proof would soon be presented, and she expects you to appear when Sid does. Rhea instructed her, “You are not to refer to your baby as Ranbir’s baby till Sid arrives.” According to her, there is no evidence to suggest whose baby it is. She is told by Prachi to be quiet. Rhea maintains that the truth cannot be concealed. According to Prachi, my truth will not wait for anyone; I will have the DNA test performed first thing in the morning, and then I will slap the reports on you. Ranbir says that you do not need to take the test because all of us trust you. If you don’t want Prachi to experience any stress, she says you should let her do anything she wants. It was her statement that the DNA test will be performed first thing in the morning. Rhea assures me that everything is going to be all right. Prachi goes. Rhea presses Ranbir to tell her whether or not he is in love with her. Ranbir is quoted as saying, “I never loved you; love happens just once; however, you could not get this.” He let’s Prachi know that they are going to get a DNA test first thing in the morning. Rhea begins to panic.



Prachi tells Ranbir that while he usually picks her up, she is reckless because of it. Ranbir responds that you may call it faith on my part.

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