Kumkum Bhagya [13th August 2022] Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 13th August 2022 Written Update on writtenlab.com

The first thing that happens in this episode is that Prachi asks you why you didn’t leave earlier. Ranbir remarked that the situation was handled effectively, which enables me to spend two additional hours here. Prachi has asked him to depart without further delay. Ranbir says, “I want to know two things from you.” The first is why you are upset, and the second is why you left home despite seeing me acting strangely. Prachi demonstrates her bangle jhumka to him and then asks, “How did you get this?” because she claims that she took it from his room. Ranbir suggests that you may have hidden them in my room so that you could have a confrontation with me, and he says that he has come to find out the source of your annoyance. Prachi will tell you the reason why you are interested in this information. Ranbir tells me that he cares for me as a friend, and because of that, he wants to know why I’m hurting. After that, he gives the impression that he is going to leave. However, Prachi does not try to stop him and instead tells Ranbir to leave; at that moment, Ranbir leaps out of the window. Prachi believes that he will return in a few more minutes in order to count some numbers.

Ranbir fails to recognise Sanju, but as soon as he hears Sanju’s voice, he becomes suspicious and thinks to himself that he is familiar with this voice. However, he quickly moves his vehicle out of the way so that he can investigate further. Sanju receives a call from Riya, and he questions her regarding the reason why she would send someone to steal money. Riya inquires of Aliya regarding whether or not she has dispatched anyone to the residence of Prachi. Aliya says no. Riya asserts that they did not initiate contact with anyone else. Aliya inquires of him to see that the work is completed. The departure of Ranbir takes place in his vehicle.

Prachi thinks that it appears as though he left really, maybe it’s because I told him so much, and she thinks back on the words that Ranbir said about how much he cares for her. When Shahana finally enters Prachi’s room, she inquires as to whether or not the cockroach in question is in fact Ranbir, who had been keeping us awake. Prachi tells her to be quiet, but Shahana presses her to reveal the thoughts and emotions that are going through her head. Noise is something that Prachi and Shahana hear.

Sanju and his men enter the building through the back door, and Sanju instructs his men to turn off the fuse. Prachi says that she will carry out her threat to kill Ranbir if he returns. If Shahana is to be believed, then it must be Ranbir. This confirms my initial suspicion. Sanju closes room doors from outside. When Pragya knocks on the door, even Prachi realises that it is locked after hearing the knock. Shahana suggests that it could be Ranbir, but Prachi says that it’s impossible because Ranbir is already terrified of everything. The men of Sanju claim that they have no choice but to search in the bedroom because the other locations do not have any money.

Pragya gives Prachi a call and tells her that burglars have broken into the house and locked the door to her bedroom from the outside. It was even them, according to Prachi, who locked us up. According to what Pragya has heard, it seems as though they came here to steal money from your company; she advises that we should go out and force them to flee. Prachi exerts her efforts in an attempt to open the door. Sarita Ben is curious about the individual who has returned to my residence. When Riya’s call is abruptly cut off by Sanju, she erupts into a fit of rage. Dimpi inquires whether or not it is a good idea to frame Prachi. Riya tells her to be quiet in an effort to calm her down. Sanju takes off his mask before dialling Riya’s number from behind his men’s mask. He tells her that he will get back to her as soon as the work is finished and then exits the room to go get network. Sarita is determined to demonstrate to everyone how powerful she can be by catching the men and bringing them to justice. When Sanju man sees her, she becomes angry and begins throwing things at them while also opening the door to the Prachi room. Prachi opens Pragya door. They come under attack from Pragya as well as everyone else. Shahana has indicated that she will get in touch with the authorities. They then go to the room belonging to Pragya and lock the door behind them. According to Sarita Ben, there is money in the room; I will be standing by the window in order to catch them. The relationship between Shahana and Sarita continues. When the Sanju men hear it, they go and get the money from the cupboard, and then they let Sanju know that they have obtained the money. Sanju yells through the window at him, telling him to hurry up and get out.

Sanju conveys to Riya the information that the work has been completed. Aliya requests that the money be delivered to their house the following day. Riya inquires as to what is going to happen next. Aliya suggests that we check out the drama the following day. The robbers were defeated by Shahana, who then opened the door. Pragya ran away with the bag, and the other robbers chased after her. As they threw the bag to one another, it became entangled in the fan. Thieves are restrained by the ladies, and their masks are removed before they are exposed. Pragya requests that Prachi dial 911 in the emergency situation. After noticing that his men have been captured and then noticing that money has been struck in the fan, Sanju enters the room while wearing a mask and threatens Prachi with a knife. He is asked by Pragya to refrain from doing anything harmful to Prachi.

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