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Dida confronts Pallavi with a series of questions that begin with “Why are you playing double cards?” and “If you wanted to ask Rhea, then why did you act to trust Prachi?” as the pilot episode opens. After mentioning that you had previously requested tea, Pallavi invites her to drink some tea. Dida tells me that this is not the answer to the question that I asked. The question that Pallavi poses to you is, “What do you want to know?” I am a human being, and very few things cause me to have any reason for scepticism. If I were to inquire about anything from Rhea, she would tell me that I was doing something wrong. She claims that I told Prachi that I trust her, but that my trust in her is not on the same level as my trust in Ranbir. She tells me that she knows I love her, but that it’s not the same as loving you. She claims that anyone, including herself, is capable of making errors, and she promises that if she does make a mistake, she will rectify it. She questions whether or not your trust was shaken after being presented with so many pieces of evidence. She claims that Rhea made a lot of statements and demonstrated a lot of evidence regarding the hotel and other things. Dida asks, “If that’s the case, then why did you place your confidence in her?” Prachi has expressed that she does not wish to cause any additional anxiety to Prachi because of the difficulties associated with her pregnancy. She claims that she said that to reassure her and provide her with safety. She claims that if Prachi has been dishonest, then I will not stand by Prachi and support her. She says that Prachi will not be stressed because whatever happens to her will be the result of her karma and will be the fruit of whatever she has done. She claims that I have lied in the past and that I am ashamed of my behaviour. She claims that a statement is not a lie if it is made with the intention of assisting another individual; therefore, you should focus on my good intentions rather than the fact that I lied. Vikram says Pallavi is not wrong. Dida considers matter to be something different, the nature of which I was unable to determine.

Shahana warns Aryan that there is a pregnant woman sitting in the back seat of the vehicle, and she asks him to drive the vehicle with caution. The conversation continues with Ranbir requesting that Aryan keep driving. Ranbir receives from Prachi the feedback that he is an even worse driver than Aryan. Sheb claims that he used to offer to give me a lift, but I would always decline his offer because I was afraid that if something happened to me, I would never get my life back. Ranbir points out that you are making this statement in front of other people. They are related to each other, according to Prachi. There is the start of rain. Prachi signals to Aryan to pull over and informs him that she intends to go to the temple. Ranbir has informed us that we will be going to the temple, which is where Dida frequently goes. Shahana interrogates them about the reason behind their misunderstanding of Aryan. Prachi says I will go. Ranbir lowers himself to the ground while still holding the umbrella and then requests that Prachi also lower herself. He takes Prachi with him to visit the temple that is located next to the road. Aryan confronts Shahana with the question of why Prachi left when she could have prayed without leaving this location. Prachi makes a prayer to God, asking him to bless her household with joy and tranquilly, to grant her unborn child a long and healthy life, and to grant her wish to have Ranbir as her child in every one of her future births. He inquires after your questions, what were they? It has been said by Prachi that if I say anything, none of my prayers will be answered. It’s impossible to catch the umbrella as it flies away. Ranbir goes to get it. Aryan is given the instruction to retrieve a second umbrella by Shahana. The question is posed by Aryan: “Where is it?” Despite Shahana’s admonition, Prachi smiles broadly as she soaks up the rain for the first time in a very long time. Ranbir and Prachi take pleasure in being outdoors together during the rain. They embrace one another in closeness. Ranbir twirls her around in his arms after picking her up in his arms. Both Aryan and Shahana are focusing their gaze on them. Aryan asserts that they are still children. Shahana laughs. Both Ranbir and Prachi are seen in this scene throwing water at one another. He draws her in toward himself with his hold. They strike a pose that exudes love and affection for one another. Ranbir is cradling her face in his hands. They share a kiss on the cheek.

Rhea is under the impression that she created the hotel story, but she failed to consider the DNA and hospital-related details. Since her strategy isn’t working out as expected, she is contemplating her next move. She is under the impression that my deception will be revealed to everyone, at which point I will be found out and punished. She claims that word has spread around that I bribed a member of the hotel staff, Priya, to lie about something. She carefully removes each petal from the flower and promises that I will be protected and that no one will ever find out the truth. As she carefully removes the final petal, she realises that she is about to be caught.

When Shahana, Aryan, Prachi, and Ranbir finally arrive home, they are completely drenched in water. Dida instructs them to go find a different outfit and return to her. Please give me a hug just this once, Ranbir requests it. Dida emphatically declines, threatening that she will smack him if he persists. Aryan insists that she is not drenched and requests that the reader embrace her. Dida has threatened to slap them both and has made this statement. Both Aryan and Shahana are adamant that they do not need to change because they are not completely soaked. The next thing we see is Ranbir getting changed. Prachi expresses her gratitude to Dida for preventing her from continuing, and she says that if Dida hadn’t intervened, she wouldn’t have been able to receive as much love as she did on this day. Dida is the recipient of her gratitude, which is expressed through a hug. Dida claims that I was not the one who held you back; rather, it was your happiness that did so. She wishes happiness for her, and then she tells her to go get herself cleaned up. Prachi gives her a hug before parting ways with her. She recalls what Pallavi had said and prays to God to make it so that Prachi is able to experience true happiness.

Prachi begins to sneeze, and Ranbir quickly grabs a towel to cover her mouth before leading her to a room. Shaina is observing their faces at this moment. After drying Prachi’s hair with a towel, Ranbir uses a hair dryer on her tresses to complete the process. Shaina wonders why Rhea is in the middle of them and why she is supporting Ranbir. She claims that Ranbir is completely submerged in Prachi’s love and he adores her with all of his heart. She thinks about telling Aaliya about their relationship because she has a desire to find a lover as crazy as him. It’s over for her. Prachi claims that my hair is lacking moisture. She is given the instruction to change by Ranbir. Prachi responds by saying, “First of all, you ought to have told me to change. Why did you make me sit down to dry my hair?” and then she calls Buddha. He would like her to repeat what she just said to him. He promises that the next time we meet, he will ask you to change clothes before drying your hair. She then utters the Sanskrit word “buddhu” before retrieving a saree from the closet. Congratulations, Ranbir, on making such a good selection. She goes to change into a different outfit. When Shaina visits Aaliya, she overhears her speaking with the goon. In their conversation, Aaliya tells the goon that she wants the money after the work is done. She requests that he send her a picture of Sid’s dead body in exchange for the promise that she will pay him the full amount once he does so. After hearing her, Shaina experiences a moment of astonishment. Aaliya sees her and says you didn’t hear me. She explains that I am speaking to you because of your relationship with Rhea. She insists that we have to back Rhea, despite the fact that she did not check whether or not this was the right decision. She says that if Sid comes here and says that he has nothing to do with Prachi and that the baby is Ranbir’s, then Rhea’s future is doomed to failure. She implores her to comprehend and instructs her not to reveal to anyone that she has commissioned a murderer to carry out her plan to eliminate Sid. She asks her not to tell Rhea as well, and she does not tell her. Shaina says ok.


A recap: Ranbir tells everyone, “I would like to request you please don’t say anything against Prachi, and I won’t say anything either. I’ll just pack my bag and leave this family with Prachi.” Pallavi slaps Ranbir.

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