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Shaina telling Pallavi that whatever it was that she heard was incorrect. Aaliya says let Pallavi say what she wants to say. Rhea inquires as to whether or not you have anything else to say. Pallavi says I am sorry. Ranbir is under the impression that Sid would have picked him up from the airport if he had turned off his phone. Pallavi apologises for scolding Rhea and tells her that she should have backed her instead of Prachi. She claims that I do not have complete faith in Prachi and that my Ranbir adores the other woman. She claims that although I make an effort to avoid being disrespectful to you, there are times when I speak to you in such a manner in front of my family; however, you should be aware that I do not trust her completely. She explains why nobody supported Prachi when she was accused of having committed the crime along with Sid. Ranbir is walking away from there but he pauses to listen. According to Pallavi, in today’s society, everyone is talking about love and trust. According to him, Ranbir had also implicated Prachi, but now that the DNA report has been made public, everyone believes Prachi. She explains that it indicates that everything that took place was accurate. Ranbir enters the building and says, “truly, Mom.” He tells me to think about what I’m going to say before I say it, and he says I might feel ashamed of what I say afterwards because she is your bahu in addition to being my wife. Pallavi implores him to open his eyes and informs him that Prachi’s secret has been revealed. Ranbir asserted, both at the time and now, that it is not the truth. He claims that Prachi struck me on that day because I ignored what she was trying to tell me. He warns everyone that if they say anything negative about Prachi, he would pack his belongings and depart with her immediately. As a result of her anger, Pallavi smacks him.
The driver inquires of Sid if he is aware of who they are. Sid says no. He then tells the driver to halt the car and says that he will talk to them later. The driver asks if you would like him to hit your leg with the axe. The thugs are following the automobile. The driver claims that they have spotted us. He drives at a rapid pace. They halt when the signal says to. The goon drops to the ground while still holding the gun. As the thug approached the car while brandishing a weapon, the driver requested that Sid roll up the window and shut it. The goon is the first to knock on the window, and immediately then the Inspector is the one to knock on the window from the opposite side. Goon is questioned by the Inspector about why he is knocking. The thug offers an alibi and then leaves. The Inspector is in the automobile at this time. Sid says Mahesh. Inspector claims that you have seen me before. He asks, “Who was that other guy?” The Inspector advises us to leave him alone. The thugs are able to flee. The driver claims they are trying to get away. Leave them alone, according to Sid. Aaliya is called by the goons, but she does not answer the phone.
Pallavi’s question to me was, “How can you believe that you will leave for Prachi?” She scolds him for viewing life with her instead of with her, the woman who gave birth to her. She claims that Prachi is everything to you, whilst we are nothing in comparison. She claims that I have been very patient and kind to her, but after seeing the DNA analysis, I can’t bring myself to close my eyes. She claims that because your DNA is not in the baby’s DNA, I would not love and appreciate her in the same way. Ranbir responds, “I understand, why it is that you shall be good to her, my love is blind, but not yours.” He tells you that he loves you and that you are the one who gave birth to him and raised him. He believes that a mother and son’s relationship is one of give and take. He argues that the mother might be sleepy, but she puts the baby to sleep first and feeds the infant even though she is hungry. He says you made me appreciate women, not only seniors. He states that I am everything that I am because of you, and that I am entirely yours. He says that I, too, have picked up a lot from my experiences in this world, and that he has also taught me that you can’t make everyone happy. He begs them not to speak badly of Prachi and warns them that the ideals they have bestowed to him would be lost if they do. He believes that Prachi has a lot of his affection and trust. He claims that even if 100 reports come in, it will not cause my trust to dissolve.

Aryan reaches that location and reports that the police have down the stairs. Everyone travels there. Shaina claims that the real police arrived. Ranbir confronts Inspector and inquires about the purpose of his visit. Inspector claims that you do not understand the rationale. Sid arrives there in a hurry. Aaliya is under the impression that the goons are powerless to protect her and that she will be found out. Vikram asks Sid why he is breathing so heavily in the following sentence. Sid says nothing. Aaliya believes that if he went to PS and the Police brought him here, then she will be able to be spared. Ranbir asks are you saved? Sid gives him a hug and then inquires about his well-being. Ranbir says I am well. Sid meets Dida and Vikram. He puts his hands on Pallavi’s feet. Pallavi says its ok. Sid says you will think until I say. He claims that I’ve already met Inspector Mahesh Shukla, and I can vouch for that. He claims that we competed and that he came out on top. Mahesh invites him out for an early morning jog and then says, “I’m going to leave now.” Sid requests that you meet my family. Everyone is introduced to him by him. The inspector has left. Pallavi is curious as to why he is competing with his friend. She asks why you didn’t think about why we contacted you in the first place. Dida says let Prachi come. She indicates that we will communicate in her presence. Pallavi wants Rhea to call Prachi. Aaliya states that she is going to take a call while Prachi is still on her way. Sid inquires about the current situation. When Prachi arrives, then we can chat, according to Pallavi. Rhea visits Prachi’s room and informs her that Sid has entered the building. Prachi is quoted as saying that the truth will, at long last, be revealed, and that she does not wish for this event to take place in front of the elders. She claims that Sid will confirm that I am correct, but that you will come to light as a result of this. She claims that there is still time, and that you should accept the fact that you have shown bogus proves. She claims that both of us are aware of the truth and that she wants her to embrace the fact that she falsely blamed me. Shahana insists that she should be subjected to the mucky water. She claims that you have given her numerous opportunities in the past, and that when she walks downstairs, she will leave the house. Rhea threatens to expel the speaker by saying, “Sid has arrived.” After she invites them, they proceed to come. Prachi has indicated that she will consent to Sid’s chats. Shahana has Prachi’s hand in hers. They then leave.
Aaliya places a call to goon and informs him that the individual you were sent to kill is still alive. The goon claims that we were unable to kill him in front of Inspector. He claims that you did not give us any money so that we could trap ourselves. Aaliya explains the reasons behind gunda’s complexity. She demands that they give her back the money.

Prachi comes out. Sid inquires about how you are doing. Prachi says that I am fine; how are you doing? Sid also reports that everything is going well with him. Rhea claims that there is no longer a need to prove anything because everyone should now be aware of how profound their connection is. According to Shahana, if two friends are unable to inquire about each other’s well-being, then there is no friendship between them. Aaliya asserts that she is correct, stating that the two of them spent many days together prior to becoming separated, and that the situation is difficult. Ranbir requests Aaliya not to say that. According to Aaliya, you are trying to intimidate me. Vikram urges Aaliya to provide sometime. Rhea claims that if we give Sid and Prachi a little bit more time, then they will sign off on what to say and what not to say to each other. Sid inquires about the current situation. According to Dida, a debate on what is true and what is untrue is currently taking place. Pallavi challenges him to tell the truth. Rhea inquires as to whether or not Prachi is carrying her baby in her womb. Sid wants to know how well your mind is doing. Pallavi asks him to just answer. Sid insists that this is not the case and that Prachi is not carrying his child.

Rhea questions Sid in the following precap question: If Prachi’s child is not Ranbir’s, then whose child is it? answer me. Sid yells out, “It’s mine!” Everyone has been taken aback.

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