KumKum Bhagya [18th July 2022] Written Update

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The episode begins with Ranbir explaining to Pallavi and the others that Prachi has given him a good reason for not disclosing this information to anybody else, despite the fact that she does not want him to do so. He claims that when you guys found out about it, I couldn’t contain my happiness and I had to let it out. Rhea tells Ranbir that you didn’t hear Mom correctly when she says that Prachi is not pregnant with your child. This indicates that she is pregnant with a child that does not belong to either of them. Ranbir tells her to shut up and describes the baby as his, saying that he is the third and final dream that Prachi has helped him realise. He claims that he has prior knowledge of all of this and has made preparations for it. He claims that the rented apartment is one that he has purchased for himself, Prachi, and our upcoming child with the intention that the four of us will begin our lives as parents in the same home in which they began their lives together as husband and wife. He asks if anyone here remembers the company merger party and then goes on to say that he had planned to tell Prachi about his plans on their anniversary, but Rhea’s pregnancy was disclosed on that day, so he was unable to tell her. He claims that Rhea passed out, which caused my plan to fail. He asserts that this is the reality.

Rhea becomes agitated as a result of this. She can remember the doctor telling her that Prachi is pregnant. She is reminded of Ranbir’s statement that he was aware of Prachi’s pregnancy for a very long time. She says to herself that there is no hope of her now, that Prachi is pregnant, and that she does not know what she will do now. She states that I have failed. Aaliya will go to the place. Rhea has informed me that Prachi is pregnant; this is all my fault. She claims that I attempted to get closer to him by giving him bogus news, but Prachi told him the truth instead. Aaliya says Rhea. Rhea cautions her not to say anything further and reveals that Prachi’s child will be born very soon. According to what she claims, everything is messed up. Aaliya wonders how you are talking to me? Rhea inquires as to why the two of you haven’t considered the possibility that Prachi is expecting a child, given that Ranbir has feelings for her and that it’s possible for her to give birth to a child given that the two of them have been together for two years. According to her, Prachi was victorious and stole Ranbir away from me. He points out that you yourself have become a parent, so he questions why you did not consider this possibility. She claims that I heard you tell her that you have a lot of experience and that you have tried and seen everything there is to see for Purab. Aaliya claims this is not my error. Rhea asks me who it is that I should ask then. Aaliya requests of her to visit Ranbir and confront him. Rhea tells Prachi that she has lost her mind and asks if she is aware that he had expressed interest in being a parent to her before she and him were married. She questions why this idea did not occur to you and claims that you have been completely inactive throughout the entire conversation. She claims that we are worthless. Aaliya asks, “I planned and manipulated, but what can I do if your fate is bad?” Rhea tells her that they should not discuss their destinies and that she learned from them that people who are losers depend on their destinies and not winners like us. She claims that this was your motivational speech and that if you had utilised your intellect even ten percent of the time, then Ranbir would have been mine. She calls me a loser and says I am lost as a result of you, and she says you were busy in Tanu. Aaliya tells her that if she hadn’t made the same mistake, she wouldn’t be here to see this day. Rhea asks what she can take from from her past blunders. Aaliya says didn’t you do any mistake? She claims that you were unable to woo Ranbir, that you were unable to win his love, and that the fault was not mine but rather yours. She claims that you did not follow my guidance very effectively. Rhea claims that you conducted an experiment on her and had her cry in front of Prachi. She also claims that you caused her to become a loser. Aaliya corrects you and asks how you could have possibly known that she is pregnant. She replies that you are mistaken. She asks how you were unable to figure it out and says that you used to claim that I despise children and pregnancy, which is why you were unable to see it clearly. She claims that Prachi’s pregnancy exposed your false pregnancy as a hoax, and that as a result, she will be allowed to stay in the facility while you are kicked out because you richly deserve this punishment.

Prachi is thinking of Ranbir and the rest of the family dancing together. The doctor inquires, “What are you thinking?” Prachi claims that everyone is aware of the fact that I am pregnant. The doctor questions how you managed to keep this information to yourself. A nurse visits you and reports that your husband is in a good mood and passing out sweets across the facility. She claims that he is overjoyed to become a parent and is dancing in celebration. Prachi inquires, “How are you?” Nurse says very happy.

Pallavi explains to Ranbir that she does not believe in the stories that are told in movies. Ranbir said that Prachi is going to make his third wish come true. Pallavi tells him that he is going to be the father of Rhea’s child, and she reprimands him for making their life more difficult and begs him to stop his drama. She asks him to consult Prachi on the best course of action to do regarding the pregnancy. What exactly do you mean, Ranbir asks? Pallavi points out that you have already bloodied our nose by staying with two different women, and she inquires whether or not you intend to become a father to two children simultaneously. Ranbir begs her, “So what do you want, and please don’t say what I’m thinking,” warning her that if she does, she will disappear from his sight. Dida is perplexed as to how the woman can suggest to her son that he terminate the pregnancy. Vikram says Pallavi didn’t mean how you are thinking. Pallavi clarifies that she means the exact same thing and emphasises the importance of the positive news, saying that it is the information that she receives first. Ranbir requests that Stanley and Shahana provide confections for everyone. He argues that if the news is good, it will make you happy regardless of when it comes to you. Dida is informed by Vikram that they are going to go on from here. Pallavi warns that if you continue to neglect her in this manner, you will run into a lot of trouble. She claims that Prachi cannot become Ranbir’s baby mother because she is not his wife and so cannot bear his children. Dida warns her that she will have a negative reputation if she continues to speak ill about her. A member of the staff invites them to the visiting room so that they can converse there.

In addition to sharing his good news, Ranbir brings confections for everyone in the hospital to enjoy. Additionally, Stanley hands out the candies and reveals that my employer is expecting a child. Rhea loses her cool, snatches the box of candy away from Stanley, and appears to be prepared to hurl it. Ranbir puts a stop to her and asks what the motivation is behind her actions. Rhea expresses her negative feelings all at once, saying things like “I am angry and disturbed” She claims that you are content. He requests that she refrain from talking with him while having an attitude and tells her that he is content. She claims that you would have divulged the news of her pregnancy to me on the very same day. He asks why will I tell and how I would do it. He claims that you have a good understanding of what Prachi and your pregnancy mean to him. She inquires about your feelings towards my upcoming pregnancy. He says, “I am proud of Prachi’s pregnancy and feels that your pregnancy is a mistake and in fact I wonder if you are truly pregnant.” However, he also says, “I am proud of your pregnancy.” Rhea asserts that a woman would never deceive the father of her child about her pregnancy. Ranbir is going along with Stanley. Rhea looks on upset.

Aaliya confronts Pallavi with the question, “What am I seeing, and why can’t you see it?” She claims that you are not only a mother but also a mother in law and the head of the house. She claims that you have pledged to look after Rhea more than you have committed to look after me, so what will go down behind your back? Dida inquires as to whether or not we are causing Rhea stress and whether or not our home is a prison. Vikram says let Aaliya say? Aaliya adds I am just stating, but Prachi has done. She claims that Ranbir was prepared to go with Prachi that night and places the blame for his decision on Prachi. Ranbir arrives at the scene and says, “Prachi is unaware of this, and I wanted to surprise her.” After pleading with her not to blame Prachi, he left the room. According to Aaliya, Prachi is the one who must have taught him this. Vikram implores her to put a stop to it. Aaliya claims that Prachi attempted to kill Rhea’s baby, but Ranbir was unable to observe this happening. She claims that he knew about her pregnancy but chose to remain silent about it. She suggests that there is possibly a plan. Dida asks her to stop doing that to him. Aaliya engages her in debate. Dida tells her that they are not friends and that she should treat her conversation with respect.


Rhea has the presumption that she can convince him to trust her by telling him that it never breaks in real life. She has stated that she will not concede defeat. Dida reveals to Aaliya that Prachi was about to leave the house in order to avoid standing in the way of Rhea’s happiness, but that she was prevented from doing so by me because I was aware that Prachi was expecting a child. For the sake of her sister’s happiness, Prachi believes that she should not continue to reside in this place and should instead depart. According to her, I had to get going. After falling, Ranbir calls out to Prachi.

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