Kumkum Bhagya [1st December 2022] Written Update

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Kumkum Bhagya [1st December 2022] Written Update

In Kumkum Bhagya, Rhea telling Alia that she now understands why she wanted to take the car, as if she knew about us if Ranbir saw her. Alia asks why Ranbir came here and says that they have to set the time now or they will set it on fire. Rhea tells Alia that she will leave. Ranbir hears and thinks, if he really hears or dreams he thinks he must have been thinking. Then he turns to look. Alia stops Rhea. Ranbir leaves. Alia says you can’t tell Ranbir or Prachi anything. Shahana asks Prachi what happened to her.

Prachi says she is angry. Shahana says she doesn’t like the place with punks. Prachi says that the interiors are not very good. Shahana says I don’t know what’s in her heart? Prachi says this is a place where people have doubts and says that Ranbir is following Sid and her and doubts we came here to have a good time. In fact, she says she blames him. Shahana says it’s because of insecurity. She says that Sid is like a brother to you, but in Ranbir’s eyes he is your bride. He says where is love, where is uncertainty. Prachi says that where there is love, there is no doubt. Shahana follows him.

Rhea tells Alia that she loves Ranbir and cannot see him die. Aliya says who burned it. Rhea signals to the punks. She says that Ranbir will not come out without Prachi and as soon as Mihika comes out we will go out and leave the house. The fool hears and says that this is a matter of property, not kambhakt ishk. Rhea gets mad at the thug. Alia asks him to remain calm.

Kumkum Bhagya Today’s Episode Online:

Rhea says they say kambhakt ishk. Another idiot asks if he’s crazy. The fool says money is important to us. Rhea tells the punk they are a team.

Alia asks the thug how to defeat Ranbir. This idiot says we’ll hit him over the head with a stick to get him out. Rhea says I will hit you with four sticks. Aliya asks him not to get angry and says that it was the idea to make them pass out. She says it was set on fire when Ranbir was taken out. Rhea says where she got the idea from. Alia says she has seen the world.

Nbir enters the house and sees Mihika. She calls him and immediately sees an idiot in a mask. He tells the fool that he will take Mihika. Goon shows him the knife. Ranbir hits him and makes him fall. He then unties the rope and frees Mihika. The idiot is looking for his knife and is about to stab Ranbir. Mihika yells at Ranbir Bhai. Prachi hears Sid and Shahana Mihika. Then they hear Ranbir scream. Sid and Prachi take the name Ranbir. The intruder accidentally stuck a knife in the chair and asks Ranbir why he is screaming. Ranbir says thank god.

Prachi, Sid and Shahana arrive there and are about to leave with Michika. Ranbir asks them to take him. He discusses. Prachi says she came there worrying about him. Ranbir helps the punk and takes the knife from the chair. Gong points at them with a knife. Ranbir says he is Ranbir Kohli, the chocolate boy, etc. Other idiots come in and smell like chloroform. Prachi, Ranbir, Sid, Shahana and Mihika pass out and fall to the ground. Rhea and Aliya come there.

Kumkum Bhagya Latest New Full Episode:

Rhea asks the bullies to remove Ranbir. They take Ranbir out and keep him in the car. Rhea asks the tramp to go and burn them. The unconscious tells Ranbir that Prachi will be burned and now we will be one forever. Alia blesses him. He finds a match on the ground and tells Rhea to go and give the matches to the punks. Ranbir is not completely unconscious. Alia enters and asks the punks not to douse the corpses with kerosene so that when the police and medical examiners arrive, they will think their deaths were accidental.

They douse them with kerosene. Aliya lights the fire and smiles. Rhea rejoices when she sees the earth burning. Aliya and the hooligans come out. Rhea hugs Aliya and says that I am very happy, everything is working in our favor, and thanks her. Alia says welcome, you are my lucky charm so it’s possible. Gong asks for money for this money. Alia says she will take it. The idiot says that last time we missed the money, and asks him to give the money before the police arrive. Rhea asks Aliya for money.

Aliya says the money is in the car. They go to his car. Rhea walks up to Ranbir’s car and kisses him on the cheeks. She says we will be one Ranbir. He looks for the keys and thinks they must be in the spark plug. He thinks he should find the keys and get out of here. Ranbir says be unconscious until I get back and just stay here.


Rhea tells her Bua, look, Ranbir is not here. He says where he could go. He says he has no idea. Goon says that she must have gone inside to save Prachi. Ranbir saves Prachi.

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