Kumkum Bhagya [22nd August 2022] Written Update

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The Episode Start With:

Pallavi confronts Sid with the question of how he might accomplish his goal with his brother. She claims that your actions have demonstrated the filthiness of your blood and that you do not deserve to carry our surname. Vikram exerts his dominance on her. According to Pallavi, Sid is a sleazy individual exactly like his own father. Vikram cautions her to stay within the bounds she has set for herself. Pallavi claims that your brother has had an extramarital affair and is the father of a daughter. She also claims that his kid betrayed his father by getting his brother’s wife pregnant. If you don’t label him dirty blood, what other name could you possibly give him? Vikram yells at her while putting his fist up in the air. In order to demonstrate that their blood is poisonous, Pallavi challenges him to beat her. Vikram asks her to stop it. Pallavi expresses the wish that Sid would have perished in the same accident as his parents. Sid walks away while crying. According to Pallavi, Prachi is also a carrier of the tainted blood, and it is not our grandchild. Vikram exits.

Alia inquires of Cheetah on the reason behind his repeated phone calls to her. Cheetah says it’s a good thing you came to the event because otherwise I could have come inside. Alia pushes open the door and warns him to leave, stating that he did not complete her task. Cheetah threatens to reveal her by utilising the evidence they have gathered against her. Alia is going to retrieve some money for them. Cheetah informs his guys that he is unable to provide any proof at this time. Alia screams for him to go while also throwing money at him. Cheetah is seen to flee.

Rhea confesses to Ranbir that she merely adores him. Ranbir tells her that all she has to know is that he adores Prachi. Rhea advises Prachi to look at the people who love her, saying that she fell in love with Sid. Ranbir asks her to stop doing it to him. Rhea demands to know why he is unable to recognise her faithfulness. Alia arrives there and makes the request to Ranbir to accept Rhea as his girlfriend because she is loyal to him and loves him just as much as he loves Prachi. According to Ranbir, Prachi used to bandage him in this manner in the past. It has been said by Alia and Rhea that Prachi lacks purity.
Prachi is asked by Shahana not to cry since Ranbir is standing by her side and considering why Sid lied. Prachi recalls Ranbir’s perspective on her appearance. She informs Shahana that she needs to have a conversation with Ranbir in order to find out how he is feeling because she saw something in his eyes and she wants to know what he thinks about it. Shahana makes an effort to prevent her from continuing, but Prachi ignores her.

They are informed by Ranbir that he requires some time to himself. Rhea encourages Ranbir to have ill will toward Prachi by telling him that Prachi does not have his loyalty. According to Alia, Sid and Prachi may have already had an affair. Ranbir tells them that he is finished and wants them to leave. Alia challenges him to consider the statements made by them in the context of the truth. She is leaving. Rhea challenges him to confront the reality. It is frequented by Prachi. Rhea orders her to leave, claiming that Ranbir does not want to speak with her in any capacity. Prachi lets Ranbir know that she would like to talk to him. Rhea is the one who hears Ranbir’s request to speak to Prachi. He warns Rhea that if she does not go, he will abandon her and go with Prachi. Rhea storms off in a huff.

Rhea is questioned by her friend Alia about the reason behind her appearance. Rhea explained to her how Ranbir coerced her into leaving. According to her, she has no idea what they are talking about. Prachi presses Ranbir to reveal his level of confidence in her. Ranbir expresses to her that he loves and trusts her in his thoughts. He asks for her permission before wiping away her tears. When Prachi moved back, she said that she believed Sid’s accusations more than she believed her own. Ranbir claims that he had no idea. He demands to know the reason why she kept her pregnancy a secret from him. After a moment of silence, Prachi asks, “My baby?”
Episode concludes..

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