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The Episode Start With:

Ranbir confronts Prachi with the question of why she hid the news about her unborn child from him. What does she want with your little one? Ranbir explains that he means our child. When I went to the hospital, he asked me why I hadn’t been told about it. He responds, “I believed you didn’t tell me because you thought I would accuse you.” He claims that he waited for her, that he was giving her time to say what she needed to say, and that he was thrilled about her pregnancy. He claims that I acquired the rental apartment for us and that I had the intention of beginning our parenting there. He is quoted as saying, “I wanted to do anything for you and was ready to leave everything as it was because I simply wanted you.” He admits that he was not happy to become a parent, but that he was happy that you made him a father. He states that I was glad to make Bau ji because I knew that you were about to bring that happiness in that world, and I wanted to offer you all of the happiness that you could possibly have. Now he says that I… Prachi wants to know, “Do you trust me, or not?” Ranbir responds with a negative answer and explains that the situation is not quite so straightforward. He tells her that he is feeling bad and asks her if she has thought about what I had to go through. He says, “I am aware that the day I accused you was devastating for you.” He claims that I didn’t allow anyone to get too close to me. You put faith in what Prachi says, regardless of what Sid said, right? Ranbir claims that I don’t trust him, but I don’t have any reason to not believe what he says. He says that I don’t know whether I should trust the proofs or whether I should trust you, whether I should trust my mind or my heart. Prachi glances in disbelief. According to Ranbir, Sid vouched for the proofs. Prachi claims that you cannot combine my name and Sid’s name in any way. Ranbir asks, “Why didn’t you tell me about the baby first?,” and then says, “Whether you tell me or not, I will find out about the baby.” If Prachi is to be believed, then you will believe Sid. If you hid anything from me, Ranbir claims it was all a lie; otherwise, you must accept the fact that you are dishonest. Prachi tells him that she can’t believe it and then asks him to tell him that she won’t answer. He claims that I am requesting a response. Prachi presses him for an answer, wanting to know if he trusts her or not. Ranbir says if I don’t. Then, according to Prachi, I will think that you have done the same thing with me that you have done in the past when you were with me. He claims that while I have changed from who I was in the past, you have not. Prachi has told me to drop it because we are no longer in a relationship of love or friendship. From there, she moves on. However, his efforts to stop her are fruitless. She leaves. He rips up the throw pillows. He does so by sitting down on the ground. Prachi is ruminating on the words that Ranbir said and the tears that he shed.
Tu bhi royega plays….
Prachi makes her way to her bedroom. Shahana inquires as to what occurred. The two embrace one another while Prachi sobs. According to Prachi, Ranbir told her that he questioned why I had told Sid the news about the baby. Shahana says that you should have questioned him about his level of trust in you. It was said by Prachi that he expressed a desire to trust me. He says that you either trust him or you don’t trust him. According to her, he does not trust me. Shahana says he is trusting Sid. It seems that the only person Prachi trusts other than me is Sid, Rhea, and Aaliya. He does not trust me and blames me for what has happened, claiming that I have had similar experiences in the past. She claims that I am always present during his conversations and that I believed that everything would go smoothly. She claims that she gave him a chance, and that after he married Rhea, she also gave him another chance. He didn’t have any faith in me, and despite the fact that I love him, he always manages to trick me. She claims that I am going through this because of the love I have for my true partner, Ranbir, and that I am being punished for the love I have for my true partner. Shahana claims that you are innocent and that she will question him about how he can accuse you of sinning. Prachi makes an effort to put an end to it. Shahana claims that I will interrogate him today. She leaves.

Ranbir mulls over what Prachi said earlier. Sid is approaching from the other direction and wants Ranbir to hear what he has to say. Ranbir cautions him not to and moves to punch him, but he stops himself in time. After Sid’s temper flares, he storms into Aaliya and Rhea’s bedroom. Aaliya is shocked that you would dare to come to this location. Sid blames her for attempting to kill him. Rhea asks Aaliya, did you do this? She inquires as to what the necessity was. Aaliya asserts that there was no danger to my life and warns against interrogating her. She claims that he confirmed our desires by saying so. Sid claims that you were aware that I would tell a lie in order to save my sister and adds, “Had you married Rhea, and do you realise that doing so was the worst mistake of your life?” He wonders why you came into my life and says that because of whom I have damaged my brother’s life. “Why do you come in my life?” Aaliya pushes him down. Sid believes that you should not have been born, and that even if you had wished to be born, you would not have been born as a female. He claims that you are not a lady but a witch instead. Aaliya says no Sid. Sid asserts, “I know you are a low-class woman much like Rhea.” Rhea presses her hand across his mouth while she tells him to either hit his head against the wall or find another outlet for his rage. She wants you to consider your sister and the fact that your father was a stingy person before passing judgement on us, she says. She claims that if he hadn’t been unfaithful, then you wouldn’t have a step sister, and that we wouldn’t have had to blackmail you. She asks her to worry about his step sister because, if she doesn’t, he will mourn her after she has passed away. She pushes him. There are tears falling from Sid.
Shahana wonders where Ranbir is and mulls over the idea of questioning him. She enters his room and inquires as to if he is using the bathroom before she leaves. When Prachi is in need, she wants to know if your love is this, which means that you will leave her alone. She makes the request that he reprimand her as well. There she was unable to find him anywhere.


Both Aaliya and Rhea feel elation upon witnessing Sid’s weakness. Rhea wants to know whether you have finished sobbing before they start talking to you about it. Sid claims that he can’t stand the sight of her. Aaliya asks him to refrain from looking at her and her friends. Rhea asserts that she has had enough of their dramatics. Sid claims that both of you are cheap and that you have harmed the environment by remaining where you are. He claims that animals are dependable, but that people will abandon anyone they care about. Rhea causes additional harm to his wounds before asking, “What is it my fault for?” in reference to the fact that she loves Ranbir and that he loved her. She adds that I went to a lot of effort to get Ranbir, and she calls you a fool for not knowing that I don’t love you. The expression on her face is one of amusement. Aaliya comments well played Rhea. Sid says I detest you. Rhea cautions them not to mention this while acting as though she is having a heart attack. She cries, then bursts out laughing out loud as she hugs Sid. Aaliya says what a loser? Rhea accuses you of being such a loser that you can’t even hate, and she accuses you of crying like young children. She adds that Sid did one thing correctly, and that was to present a lie as the truth in front of the family.


In the previous part of the conversation, Pallavi shared with Shahana that she only hoped and prayed that Prachi would be there, where she is. Shahana is hurt. In his haste, Ranbir causes a collision by carelessly driving the car. On the road, Prachi may be seen walking. Prachi is the recipient of Pallavi’s foul language.

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