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In Kumkum Bhagya, Branch It all starts with the arrival of Preity. Prachi, Dr. She says she asked Preity to come there and tell Rhea’s report. He says that the report is lost, and says that the result of the report will be announced in front of everyone. Pallavi, Dr. He asks Preity if Rhea’s baby’s DNA matches Ranbir’s. Vikram says that you may not dare to read the report, but we are ready. Pallavi asks him to tell. Preity says her baby’s DNA is a perfect match with Ranbir’s, so this baby is Ranbir’s. Rhea smiles. Prachi is shocked. Alia asks if she paid Rhea for the report. Rhea says it’s true. Alia asks why you made me run and asks for a report.

Rhea says I’m not sure if the test was done on the same sample. She reveals that she took a sample from Prachi, made him sniff chloroform, and took her sample. He says he later went to the clinic and replaced the sample with his own. Alia says you did something amazing. Prachi says the DNA doesn’t match. Rhea says you said it like you were writing a report. Alia says Rhea is pregnant with Ranbir’s baby and you tried and failed. He says you challenged him.

Rhea says the test is done and the result is back, so don’t lift your finger at my pregnancy. She is not pregnant and says she agrees with the report. Pallavi says enough is enough and says the test is yours doctor yours and asks her to apologize to Rhea for causing doubt in her and her baby. Prachi says that Rhea is lying and I am telling the truth and will not apologize for telling the truth. It goes from there. Ranbir goes after Prachi.

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Sid follows them. Rhea says I will leave this house while Ranbir’s baby is in my womb unless Prachi apologizes to me. Prachi thinks of Pallavi’s words. Ranbir comes up behind Prachi and asks if he has doubts about her and thinks she shouldn’t challenge Rhea. He asks if she is ashamed of him. Prachi says not everything can be about you. He says he’s not ashamed of you. He says there’s more to the DNA test. Prachi says the child is not yours, why do you need it. Ranbir says I don’t want to do this. Prachi asks him to take a break. He says he knows where I’ll be when he wants to talk. He’s coming.

Rhea thinks everyone will come after me now. Alia goes after Rhea and appreciates her plan. Rhea says my mom won’t come. I thought you were going to beg me not to leave the house. Alia asks why are you hiding it? Rhea says I want to prove my pregnancy. She says she remembers Prachi signing a nurse when she went for a test. She says that a message will come that she is not pregnant. So she says she went to Prachi and stole the sample from her. 

She sees Pallavi, hugs Aliya and pretends to cry. Alia says I am you. Rhea says no one is mine, otherwise mom and dad would ask Prachi to apologize to me. He says that he can no longer stay here and will leave this house. Pallavi says that you will not go anywhere and there will be no concessions, since your respect belongs to us. She says Prachi will apologize to you otherwise she will lose me forever, she sees me as her mother, she will lose me forever. 

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Prachi asks why? She says she knows Rhea is not pregnant. He says I’m angry because I can’t prove it. He asks what he did that he changed the report. She says that Preity is trustworthy and tells what she did. Sid asks him to apologize to Rhea now or the situation will get out of their control. Prachi says I am telling the truth and the truth will come out. Sid says that you should fight with the support of everyone in the game and says that Rhea set Pallavi Chachi against you. He asks her to let Rhea make a mistake and then gets a chance to make a difference.


Pallavi says you are the mother of my grandson, you are my first and last choice, you are Ranbir’s wife and mother of the child. She says that she will take good care of her Bahu, as no mother-in-law takes care of her. Aliya asks Rhea to clear all her doubts. Pallavi tells Prachi that she will apologize to him. Sid comes to Pallavi and says Prachi called you.

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