Kumkum Bhagya [24th August 2022] Written Update

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The Episode Start With:

Rhea thanking Sid for passing off the deception as the truth in front of the family and saying that they all agreed with it. According to her, he is telling the truth with conviction. She claims that nobody believed me when I told that Prachi’s kid is of Sid, but that they believed you about the pregnancy. According to Sid, they adore me and trust me. Aaliya makes a correction and says that everybody used to love you but that they will all despise you from now on. Rhea and Aaliya giggle, making fun of him. They say poor guy. Sid claims that you have taken everything that was my and that now he wishes to leave this place in order to die. Rhea intervenes and says that you shouldn’t talk about death, that you don’t deserve to die, and that people like you are needed in this world. She mentioned that I could require your help in the future. Aaliya claims that he has a fragile psyche and that he is likely to develop romantic feelings for you. She explains to Sid that they will be leaving his sister soon, which is coincident with Ranbir’s acceptance of Rhea. Rhea calls her a step sister. She replies, “My beloved Sid, we are taking wonderful care of your sister,” and then she threatens to suffocate him by wrapping her arms over his neck. Sid claims that you are able to blackmail me and obtain Ranbir, but that you will never obtain him. He claims that you are a scumbag housefly. Rhea hits him and warns that she will kill his sister if he continues to act inappropriately with her. Aaliya addresses him as paplu and tells him that he must pray that Ranbir will accept Rhea since it is only then that he will be able to meet his sister. She reports that it was exciting. They are laughing.

When Ranbir visits the in-house bar, his thoughts immediately go to Prachi and Sid. He shatters the glass after remembering what Sid had said. When Shahana thinks about Ranbir, she wonders where he is and urges him not to abandon Prachi. She believes that if she could have, she would have killed Rhea and her Buji at that time. She overhears Rhea and Aaliya laughing together. Rhea, Aaliya warns you not to speak to Paplu in such a manner because he was once your husband. She claims that he became available to us. Rhea affirms that he was of beneficial service and notes that he was first requested for Prachi but ultimately arrived to assist her. She claims that he married her in Bangalore, and they are currently living together and fulfilling their relationship here. Aaliya claims that the relationship is being satisfied here. They laugh uncontrollably. Shahana is able to listen in. Sid begs them in front of them to let him go, saying that he has completed their mission and deserves to be free. Shahana is taken aback, and the vase, which had just fallen, landed on her hand. Rhea claims that someone is lurking in the backyard. Aaliya requests that she check the situation by going outside. They come out to conduct the inspection. Shahana is trying to conceal the fact that she has fled, and she considers informing Prachi and Ranbir. She begs you to protect me from these witches. Sid exits the room and starts moving toward the exit. Aaliya and Rhea both request that he cease his actions. Rhea claims that we have not completed our conversation. Aaliya says you can’t go till we ask you. They take him inside while holding his hand and guiding him. Shahana places the vase in its original position and then leaves.


Rhea inquires, “Do you love your sister or do you not?” Sid says that although I love her very much, there is no one for you. Aaliya will tell you who is talking and who is here to save us. Aaliya implores him to pay close attention to what she has to say, and then she informs him that he has already complied with what her and I had requested of him. Rhea has threatened that she will kill your sister if you do not do anything about us or tell anyone about us. She strikes Sid, then tells him to go get some sleep. She tells you that she loves you and then laughs. Sid goes.


The thought crosses Shahana’s mind to tell Prachi and Ranbir, and she explains that they did this to dishonour Prachi’s respect. Ranbir has the wheel and is operating it in an unsafe manner. He recognises that an accident is imminent and pulls over in the car. He drinks wine and gets drowsy. Shahana is thinking about telling Prachi when she heads to her room. She realises that she has gone missing. She looks in her closet and then wonders if she should see her outside. Pallavi is sitting in a sorrowful state as she mulls over Wendy’s comments. Shahana asks did you see Prachi? Pallavi claims that she was incredibly thrilled to hear that Prachi will be Ranbir’s baby mother and that she did godh bharayi and blessed Prachi with her whole heart. She adds that I wanted to do everything that was good for the baby, and it was Ranbir’s first baby and the heir of the family, but Prachi stole all of the happiness from me like she usually does. She says that I wanted to do everything that was good for the baby. She claims that I had fooled myself into believing that I could find happiness in my relationship with Prachi, but that this belief was an illusion. She claims that I was correct about Prachi and that she has arrived to get revenge on us. Shahana asks if you have any idea where she is. Pallavi wants to know if you believe that I care for her. She says that she sincerely hopes and prays that the person will not return to this residence because if she does, she will pine and cry and she will shatter just as she has shattered our family. Shahana cautions you not to speak these words since your curse can come true. Pallavi claims that I am doomed to suffer the consequences of this curse. Shahana is taken aback and starts crying while also thinking about Prachi. She prays to God that he will bring Prachi or Ranbir into her life. After making the call, she locates Prachi’s phone at her house. She bursts into tears and demands to know where you are. She discovers a notepad in that location.


In the previous part of their conversation, Shahana shared with Rhea the news that Prachi had left the house because she was so upset by Rhea’s false charges. She claims that everything went down because you pressured Sid to lie. Later on, Rhea’s thugs abduct Prachi from the road, close to where Ranbir’s vehicle is parked. Ranbir blinks his eyes open.

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