Kumkum Bhagya [24th November 2022] Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 24th November 2022 Written Update On Writtenlab.com

 Kumkum Bhagya [24th November 2022] Written Update

In Kumkum Bhagya, Alia telling Prachi that Rhea is pregnant with Ranbir’s baby and she doesn’t know who she is pregnant with. Dida says your words hurt Prachi. Pallavi says Prachi brought herself to such a turn and defies Rhea why this should be done. He says you know well that you should apologize to him and says he was with Prachi at one point and let him challenge Rhea even though he completely trusts Rhea. She says I convinced Rhea to accept this challenge because I don’t want any doubt in your heart. Prachi says I still haven’t passed the test, I doubt the report. Rhea says she still has doubts even after reading the report. Prachi says I think the report is not true and asks her to do the test again.

Rhea asks if I should get the signature of the Minister of Health on the report or should I take a loyalty or agni pariksha test. Prachi says a DNA test is required. Rhea says I am ready to do it again. Alia thinks Prachi’s example is easy. Rhea says you lost the first fight and asks her to apologize, otherwise she will leave the house by herself. She says she heard wrong and wants you to apologize she. Then he says I’m tired of leaving this house. Pallavi asks Prachi to apologize to him.

Aliya says Rhea is your sister, sorry. Vikram says Rhea is the mother of Ranbir’s kid, she apologizes to him. Rhea brings her bag and starts to leave. Alia thinks if no one stops her. Prachi apologizes. Rhea smiles triumphantly and turns to Prachi. Did say something, she asks. Prachi says I am sorry. Rhea asks him to speak loudly again. Prachi says I just apologized to you and apologized.

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Rhea asks, sorry for what? Prachi apologizes for hurting your feelings, maybe your report was correct and I was wrong. Don’t leave this house for your mother, she loves you and says she will find you. She says everyone loves and loves you, she. Pallavi asks Rhea if everything is okay and hugs Rhea. Rhea smiles. Alia tells Ranbir that Rhea will give birth to her child and even Prachi accepts this so that she can be with Rhea. Pallavi says take care of Rhea. Vikram tells Dida not to worry as there is always drama here. She says she will take him to her room.

Sid comes to Prachi and says he did the right thing by apologizing. Prachi says I don’t remember when I apologized without making mistakes. He asks if I have a problem, why am I sorry if I didn’t make a mistake. Shahana comes and says there is nothing they can do as Mihika is under surveillance. Is he saying we now know where Mijica is? Prachi asks him to take her to Mihika. Shahana asks what is going on here? Prachi says Rhea has proven that the child belongs to Ranbir. She says the DNA report is positive and proves that her child is from Ranbir.

He reveals that he had to apologize to Rhea multiple times when he didn’t do anything wrong. Shahana says you have to expose Rhea and Aliya and take revenge. Prachi says tonight will be a kayaking night for Rhea and I will erase the darkness she has kept us inside. She asks Shahana to come. Shahana asks Prachi what will they answer Pallavi. Prachi says we will go through the back door. Pallavi hears and asks where are they going?

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Shahana says she heard them talking when she tried to answer.Prachi says we are going somewhere. Sid says he has to meet his clients at the Star Sheraton hotel and they want to meet my future wife. Pallavi says ok go meet our international customers and asks Prachi not to do anything wrong, so she apologizes to them.

Rhea and Alia sees them leaving. Alia asks Pallavi about them. Pallavi says Sid went to meet international clients and we cannot upset them. The guest says they’re gone. Alia goes to Rhea and tells that Prachi will fall in front of Ranbir and she will be totally broken. She says we have to do the same again and break the trust, she says. Rhea says only this plan is successful. Alia says that your lover is offended by betrayal. She says she is afraid of Ranbir sitting in mandap with Prachi, so they will have to inflict deep pain. He reveals that Prachi went to Sheraton Hotel with Sid.


Rhea comes to Ranbir. Ranbir asks where is Prachi? Rhea asks are you doing this on purpose. She asks why you are not acting normal. She says Prachi does not care about you or your feelings and says the reason could be face as her behavior is wrong. Ranbir says he doesn’t like Prachi’s face but he likes her inside. Rhea wore in front of Prachi

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