Kumkum Bhagya [25th August 2022] Written Update

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The episode start with:

Shahana reading the letter that Prachi had written and left for Ranbir. She reads, “Prachi says Ranbir, you used to say that I taught you love, but even I have learned from you that love doesn’t bend down or die.” Ranbir, she reads, “you used to say that I taught you love.” She writes that you used to tell me that you love me, and even I used to think this, that your love will not get less in life’s ups and downs, but it seems like you never loved me, because if you had loved me, then you would have trusted me, just like I trusted you. She also writes that I used to think that your love will not get less in life’s ups and downs, but it seems like you never loved me. She states in her letter that she does not require any response because everything, including love, trust, and hope, has ended. She has informed me that I am going to depart from this location; please be careful. She usually spells her name as Prachi when she writes it down. She mentions that she intended to write, in the same manner as you, Prachi, but…. The emotion overwhelms Shahana and she begins to tear up.

When Prachi walks by while she is standing close to Ranbir’s car, her pallu accidentally falls on Ranbir’s face, but he is unable to react because he is unconscious. When Prachi tried to escape, she tripped and fell on the ground. Ranbir doesn’t see her. There is a truck that travels back and forth to the opposite side. Prachi gets approached by a person who inquires as to whether or not she is doing well. Prachi dabbed her eyes with a tissue as her tears fell. Shahana wonders what on earth Prachi was thinking when she went out all by herself in the middle of the night, and she considers enlisting Aryan’s assistance. She mishandles the letter that she was supposed to deliver to Prachi while going, and it lands near the bed. Rhea and Shahana have a collision, and Rhea reprimands Shahana after the incident. Shahana tells her that she is not Prachi and cautions her to stay inside the boundaries that have been set. She claims that if I had been in Prachi’s position, I would have killed her instead of you. Rhea tells her that she is useless and instructs her to go wipe the tears away from her “so-called sister.” Shahana claims that Prachi has already moved out of their home because she was unable to cope with the charges any longer. It has been brought to her attention that you have allegedly prompted sid to lie. Rhea asserts that Sid is Prachi’s friend and that he will agree with what I have to say. She also claims that she is helping Prachi feel like a very powerful person. Shahana leaves after telling her that they will catch up with each other later. Rhea is overjoyed and adds that now that Prachi has left, she can finally leave as well. She claims that the good news about her pregnancy is a hoax, but she acknowledges that other positive news is genuine and that I have been successful.

Prachi is given the suggestion to hydrate herself with some water by the guy. No, Prachi says, everything is fine here. The gentleman inquires as to whether or not you would like to call someone. Prachi tells him that there is no need to worry and then requests that he leave. The guy offers her assistance and then inquires as to whether or not she had a disagreement with her husband. He approaches Prachi from behind and requests that she provide him with information regarding an address. He wants to know if people in Delhi think like this. He is asked to leave by Prachi. Someone else arrives at the scene and abducts Prachi along with him. After briefly regaining consciousness, Ranbir closes his eyes once more. The kidnapping takes place in plain view of him during the entire process.

Rhea visits Prachi in her room in order to reach out to her. She claims that she has left this world permanently. When she finally collapses into the bed, she experiences a pleasant sense of relief. She claims that being sick and having problems brings about a sense of serenity and that this is an incredible phenomenon. The house, as well as Ranbir, according to her, belong to her. She takes out his picture and adds that “that unlucky Prachi” used to stand in the way whenever she attempted to get closer to him. She is going to remain in this room, where she will also have access to food and a potential romantic interest. She claims that she is experiencing an overwhelming feeling of love for him. She says, “I realise you are furious with me, but it is all that inauspicious Prachi’s mistake.” She acknowledges that your anger is warranted. She claims that if she had been present at the time, then you would have married me as your first love and first wife. She promises that she will provide you with all the joy that life has to offer, that you will be devoted to me, and that you will just love me. She contemplates moving her bedroom into this space and thinks to herself, “If the spouse is mine, then the room must also be mine.” She removes Prachi’s garments and decides to keep her own for the time being. When she sees her wearing a saree, she gives a disgusted expression. Aaliya walks up to them and inquires about the activity they are participating in. Rhea has informed me that I will be transferring her belongings. Aaliya has confirmed that she is still at her residence. Rhea reports that Shahana informed her that she is leaving and that she will transfer Rhea’s belongings and force Rhea to control, shift, and delete. Aaliya laughs and says fantastic idea. Shahana makes her way outside of the house while she is contacting Prachi. The goons are in the process of seizing control of Prachi. Prachi is able to pick up on the sound of her voice. The thugs have warned her that they will execute both her and Shahana if she makes even the slightest sound. They bring her to the religious building. When Shahana looks back and sees Ranbir sleeping in the car, she tries to shake him awake. She is under the impression that he is intoxicated and claims that women do not drink whereas males do. She tries to alert him to the fact that Prachi has disappeared, but he is comatose at the moment. Shahana contemplates what action she should take, debating whether she should hunt for Prachi or deal with him. In an effort to shove the goon away, Prachi makes her move. Another goon emerges from Tempo and places a large sack over the woman’s head.

Dida receives a visit from Sid, who confesses to her that he has brought great suffering to their family, despite the fact that he felt powerless deep down inside. He suggests that perhaps this was the option that God decided to go with. Shahana witnesses the thugs putting a woman in the back of the truck. There is a cry for assistance coming from Prachi. Shahana is of the opinion that it is a little girl speaking. After that, she begins to suspect that it is Prachi’s voice, since Prachi is the one who is calling her. Shahana discovers her bracelet, and in her confusion she begins to believe that she is Prachi. She tries to outrun the truck, but ends up tripping and falling behind it.

Dida drags Sid away from the group and throws him. Vikram inquires after the recent occurrence. Dida requests that he refrain from returning to this home at any time in the future. She claims that blood cannot undergo any kind of transformation. Vikram inquires as to the motivation behind your statement. According to Dida, reopening previous wounds might cause further injury. [Citation needed] She reveals that she had two boys named Vikram and Vikrant, and she explains that Vikram treats her with respect but Vikrant has humiliated her to the point where she is unable to return to the village. She said that you have no personality, just like your father, and she also said it about my daughter Prachi and my son Ranbir. Pallavi says that is not just Sid’s error. Dida warns her not to reveal anything further and explains that this is all about Ranbir. Rhea claims that Prachi is the one who made the mistake because Ranbir was quite explicit with her about the fact that Sid likes her and she ought to have remained away from him, but instead she met with him behind his back. Dida asks her to keep quiet and requests that she not say anything. Sid explains to Dida that he is not providing justification and that Prachi did not make any errors in her actions. According to Aaliya, you are trying to hint at the fact that you adore Prachi without actually saying it. Vikram has stated that we will discuss this issue at a later time when the situation has calmed down. He instructs Sid to retire to his room and get some much-needed shut-eye. Dida asserts that I requested that he leave the premises. Vikram has told me that we will talk about this later because you are angry right now. He leans in to give her a hug before telling her that she is making the same mistake that Ranbir did. Dida questions the wisdom of her upbringing. Vikram maintains it is nothing like that. The girls in the tempo remove the handkerchief that was covering Prachi’s head. Prachi inquires about everyone’s identity by asking, “Who are you?” The girls report that they have been taken captive at some point. A girl divulges the information that her boyfriend is responsible for her kidnapping. The other girl claims that they are going to sell us. The feeling of surprise overwhelms Prachi.


the goon explains to Prachi that everyone must enter through this door before their dead bodies can leave through the other door. Aaliya claims that our work is over, but the reality is that there is still a significant amount of work to be done. The thug informs Prachi that she is the most attractive of all of them, and then he asks her to smile for the camera before taking a picture of her.

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