Kumkum Bhagya [26th August 2022] Written Update

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The episode start with

Prachi inquires about the girls’ identities. The girl claims that they have kidnapped us and will sell us on the black market. According to Prachi, something like this simply cannot take place. The young lady claims that she overheard them discussing their plans to sell us once they have crossed the international boundary. She claims that after that, nobody will be able to search us, and we will be put up for sale. The other girl claims that everyone is aware of the reasons behind why the girls are sold. She inquires about your whereabouts and how you ended up here. Prachi claims that she is married to Ranbir Kohli, but that her husband has cheated on her with another woman. Shahana sprinkles water on Ranbir. Ranbir inquires as to why you are still here given that I am trying to get some rest. Shahana informs him that she does not find him in the bedroom and then requests that he exit the vehicle. Still intoxicated, Ranbir is staggering around the room. Prachi tried to get away from you by leaving the house, but someone kidnapped her and took her away in a vehicle, according to Shahana, who claims that some individuals have kidnapped Prachi and that these individuals are responsible for her abduction. The question that Ranbir asks is, “What is the number of the tempo?” Shahana has a recollection, which she then shares with him. Ranbir dials the number and inquires as to where the recipient of the call is. He claims that I will not deviate from the established pace. After taking a seat in the driver’s seat herself, Shahana motions for Ranbir to do the same. The driver starts the vehicle, and Ranbir gets in. Shahana gets behind the wheel and departs.

The thugs open the door of the truck and holler at the girls, telling them to get out. The goon claims to Prachi that the only thing that leaves this place are the girls’ dead bodies after they have been brought here. He warns that he will cut them into pieces and then asks other thugs to tie their hands behind their backs. The goon compliments Prachi, stating that she is beautiful among other people and that there must be something in her surely. Prachi tells him that she won’t sit quietly, that her husband won’t sit quietly, and that if he comes here, then your family won’t be able to identify you. The goon accuses you of displaying attitude even at this moment and then asks the other goons to put tape over everyone’s mouths. He takes a picture of Prachi and then tapes over her mouth on the photo. The goons are successful in bringing down all of the girls, including Prachi. He orders the goon to blindfold each of the girls so that they will not be able to determine where they are. He confesses to the girl named Soumya that he deceived her in order to catch her because, in any other circumstance, she would not have been caught. He predicts that you will find a trustworthy partner in the future. They transport the girls to the specified location.

Rhea is drinking. Aaliya inquires after your whereabouts and what you are doing. Rhea claims that she is having a party right now. Aaliya questions who came up with the concept of using Sid’s sister in the first place. Rhea expresses her gratitude to her for her idea and tells her that her idea was fantastic, that she utilized her brain, and that as a result, she was able to spare her from jail. Thank you to her for everything. Aaliya politely requests that she refrain from buttering her up. Rhea claims that if she doesn’t flatter you, she won’t be able to consume you. She claims that I picked up the bottle first, and only after that did you arrive. She says that she will not stay with Sid and that she will let his sister free. According to what she claims, a significant amount of money is spent on his sister. Aaliya thinks you are Kohli’s bahu. It is possible, according to what she says, that Sid will tell anyone once his sister is released. They are under strict orders not to abandon them, she says.

Shahana confronts Ranbir with the question of his level of affection for Prachi. Ranbir says so much. She inquires on the cost. Ranbir asserts that Prachi was unable to comprehend the situation at the time and wonders how you will comprehend it now. Shahana inquires about the direction in which we should proceed: left or right. Ranbir says how do I know? Shahana urges him to get a sense of the path she took by pointing in different directions. He claims that he is hearing something and orders her to get out of the car at that point. He claims that there is another person in the room. Ranbir approaches an inebriated man and inquires as to whether or not he has observed a female participant in pace. A negative response comes from the drinker. Shahana informs you that one female was taken hostage in the tempo and then asks you if you saw any girls. Ranbir displays a picture of Prachi to the audience. The guy who’s been drinking all night claims that she is Lakshmi. She is supposedly mine, according to Ranbir. Shahana says she departed. The intoxicated guy says that he is going to beg and then goes on to remark that the begging industry has grown to be worth 500 crores. It appears that Ranbir is caught off guard. The sloppy drunk approaches him and requests that Lakshmi be brought in for darshan. Ranbir claims that I will deliver her to the specified location. Ranbir is offered a seat in the vehicle when Shahana extends an invitation to him. After a moment, Ranbir returns to his seat and suggests they search for Prachi. Shahana says where to go? The conversation continues with Ranbir stating that Prachi has gone to the left and asking why you don’t trust him. Shahana has instructed me that I need to have faith in you. Every single girl is forced to take a seat in the godown by the goons. The question is posed by Prachi regarding the location of our current location. The thug orders them to remain silent and then threatens them by brandishing the weapon while warning that he would put it to use if they do not comply with his demands. He inquires as to whether or not they have grasped the concept. The answer is affirmative, according to Prachi. The thugs discuss how they will transport the females to the location in their conversation. One of the goons refers to the other goon as his younger brother and promises that this time they will make a lot of money. He claims that the saree girl is of the highest caliber, and that we will make a successful movie because of her. The other thug adds that all of the girls should stand on one side, and the girl who is wearing a saree should stand on the other side.

During her coughing fit, Prachi reveals that she is suffering from a serious illness and could pass away at any moment. Goon is the one she asks to fetch the water. A goon fetches some rope, and then Prachi’s feet are tied together. It was his statement that I would deliver the water. The glass shard can be picked up by Prachi when she slides and dances around it. She uses the knife to sever the rope, which allows her to liberate her hands and feet. She is on the verge of escaping when she decides to turn around and help the other girls escape. She extends an invitation for them to join her. When they were on the verge of fleeing, the goon returned and notified the other goons.

The conversation continues with Ranbir informing Shahana that Prachi is close by. Shahana says that you have broken Prachi’s heart. Prachi had gone to ask if you trust her, but Shahana says that you have done this to her. The question is posed by Ranbir: what did I just say? Shahana tells him to shut up and scolds him for not being there for her when she needed him. Prachi instructs the other women to climb out the window and flee the building. Two of the young girls are successful in evading capture. The lady goon arrives just in time to prevent the third girl from escaping the situation before she could. The next thing you know, she has Prachi in her sights with the rifle.


Shahana informs the young woman that she wouldn’t have asked if she had seen how troubled she was, but that he did. The young lady responds that it is fortunate that he (Ranbir) asked, and that she can tell him exactly where Prachi is located. Shahana has been spotted in the location frequented by the thugs. She hears from another female that the goons are treating the lovely girl with kindness while they keep her captive. There, Ranbir and Prachi had their first encounter. Prachi inquires whether or not you enjoyed seeing me in such a vulnerable state. Ranbir utters the phrase “I detest it,” and then promises that he would not let her weep.

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