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The Episode Start With:

Prachi is the target of the kidnapper who is a woman. She claims that she is capable of killing her, but that they only receive payment for a living body, not a dead one. She spits and claims that she is becoming upset while making the statement. In order to intoxicate them, she sprays the substance on them. The abductor claims that you would have done this previously and that two other females have already escaped from their captors. They are instructed by the female kidnapper to pursue the two and bring them back. She requests them to take the girls under their care. Ranbir shares with Shahana that he has the feeling that he has seen the tempo with her. While Shahana is driving, she accidentally runs into the girl while she is talking to Ranbir. She knelt down and apologised to the girl who had been hurt. Ranbir sits down on the ground and asks Shahana if she has inquired about Prachi. Shahana adds that she could not possibly know anything about Prachi because she is crying. Ranbir inquires of the young woman as to whether or not she is familiar with his wife Prachi. Shahana states, “I am aware that you are already worried.” The girl responds that she is glad he asked and that she is aware of Prachi’s location.
The female kidnapper claims that everyone is affected by whatever it is as if they are drunk. The kidnapper gives the person a call and tells them that they were about to get assistance from them in crossing the border. The guy claims that none of the girls are attractive. The kidnapper claims that I did not send the photograph of the stunning young woman. He emails the picture to the guy, who comments that she is stunning and suggests that he bring her along. The female kidnapper goes to speak with the girls. Because of the spray, Prachi and the other girls become intoxicated, which terrifies the woman who is kidnapping them. She says I am awful. The second child approaches the woman who has taken her and begs if they can play together. In addition to apologizing, Prachi engages in some playful interaction with the abductor. The female kidnapper claims she was struck at some point. After saying that she is sorry, Prachi then takes out her slipper and begins to beat her. The kidnapper of the woman continues on from there. The two of them take a seat together, and Prachi explains to the young lady that this is not her house because neither her sister Shahana nor her husband Ranbir are present. The young lady wants to know if she is married. Prachi answers in the affirmative and then displays her mangalsutra to her. She compliments my husband Ranbir’s good looks while laughing and giggling.

The arrival of Shahana and Ranbir at the location A portion of the kidnappers are getting ready to leave in order to hand over payment to the individual who is assisting them in traversing the border. Ranbir is still inebriated. The kidnappers have fled the scene. The other kidnappers in the area hear the ruckus, but they are unable to see anyone. He gives the idea of going inside and having some tea. Shahana asks Ranbir to get up. They proceed inside of the location. Shahana claims that this is a scheme to capture and sell young women. Where, exactly, is Prachi, asks Ranbir? He grabs the beverage and drinks it once more. Shahana makes an attempt to put a halt to him. Ranbir continues, “Now watch how I manage to save Prachi.” He uses her given name. Prachi imitates Baklu’s voice and then calls out to him. Ranbir says Prachi. Prachi makes her way to him. Ranbir gives her a hug and then says, “Hi, Chikchiki.” The young lady inquires about his identity. According to Prachi, he is my dashing husband. Ranbir asserts that he is a liar as well as a lover and a husband. He has stated that he enjoys it when Prachi is envious. Prachi laughs at your jokes before bursting into tears and confessing that she has been missing him. Shahana travels there and requests that they depart from that location first. The kidnappers go there to do their work. Prachi claims that he is the evil one who is responsible for bringing me here. The kidnapper introduces himself as Ashok and requests that the hostage take him to PS. Then, with a chuckle, Ranbir tells him to prepare some sweet paan and get away from Shahana. Ranbir has referred to me as the handsome husband. The person who has him captive threatens to kill him. While holding the wine bottle, Ranbir threatens, “I will murder you.” You are going to perish, according to the female kidnapper. The hostage taker begins the countdown and demands that he put a stop to the drama. When additional assailants attempted to apprehend them, Ranbir spat in their faces and ran away with Prachi and Shahana. Fight ensues between Ranbir, Prachi, Shahana, and the captive girls and the captors.

The hostage taker is pointing a gun at Shahana. The end of the game, according to Prachi. Ranbir expresses his regret and instructs them to retrieve their weapons. It is time for Prachi and I to leave, and he bids farewell to Shahana. The female kidnapper threatens to lock them in the room because she believes they are unable to comprehend what is going on. Ranbir is being called, so Prachi urges him to come when they call them. Ranbir asserts that he relished engaging in combat. The lady kidnapper confines Ranbir and Prachi in a room before locking the door behind them.

The kidnapper tells Shahana to have a seat. Shahana has stated that she has no plans to leave them. They should take heed of her words. The thug cuffed her hands and made death threats toward her. Shahana asks you would kill me? Ranbir and Prachi’s kidnapper had threatened to cut their tongues out. The kidnapper communicates to the other kidnappers that they are not to give the hostages any water. The young child informs Shahana that Prachi attempted to flee when she asked for some water. The girl is questioned by her captor about the reason she is not drunk. The young lady claims to consume a lot of alcohol. She reveals to Shahana that they admire Prachi’s beauty and intend to protect her at all costs. Shahana has concerns regarding Prachi and Ranbir. The female abductor brings Ranbir some water and hands it to him. Prachi is given a request to drink some water by Ranbir. Prachi throws the water bottle to the ground and begins to cry, stating that he has abandoned her. Ranbir asserts that you entrusted me to care for your belongings. Prachi responded with “yeah, I do recall.” He sobs and tells me that you were going to give up on me. In her tears, Prachi tells you that she is happy that you have married Rhea. Ranbir begs her not to cry and promises that he won’t let her shed a tear.


Sid reveals to Vikram that the DNA report along with the rest of it was a hoax, and that Rhea and Aaliya are the ones behind the whole scheme. Prachi informs Ranbir that she would never leave him, but that she has a condition for that promise, and that is that he must marry her in order to keep it.

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