Kumkum Bhagya [2nd December 2022] Written Update

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Kumkum Bhagya [2nd December 2022] Written Update

In Kumkum Bhagya, Rhea telling the unconscious Ranbir that she will be in the car until he arrives and will also be unconscious. Going for the keys. Ranbir wakes up and gets out of the car. He goes home. Shahana, Sid, Mihika and Prachi are unconscious. Prachi opens her eyes, sees the fire around them and faints again. Ranbir comes there and asks Prachi to get up. wakes up Sid. Sid wakes Mihika. Ranbir wakes up Shahaha. Shahana asks Sid and Mihika to come out and says she will take Prachi out. Yaara and playing.

She takes the unconscious Prachi in her arms and tries to go, but burning logs fall in front of them. Ranbir wants to go. Rhea returns to the car and tells Alia that she doesn’t know where Ranbir went? Where does Alia say she’s going? The thug asks if you really know where he went and says maybe he regained consciousness and went inside to save Prachi.

Rhea is shocked and is about to go inside. Alia stops him. Rhea says I will go to Ranbir. Alia asks if you came to the party, you meet her. She says Prachi will tell her everything and detain you before catching the thugs. She says she won’t let you be with her. Rhea says if anything happens to her. Alia says nothing will happen to her. She asks the bandits to tie her hands and feet and, if necessary, bring her back to an unconscious state. The bandit says he’ll charge extra, she says. Alia speaks well.

The bandits enter. Rhea says she wants him to come out. Alia asks if she wants to see him now or forever.

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She asks him to come with her. Another thug approaches the thugs and asks for the car keys as his car is not working. The bandit gives him the car keys and tells the other bandit that they are going to drive another car.

Pallavi informs Vikram that Prachi and Sid are not back. It says their phone is not connecting. She says I went to ask about Ranbir but he is not in the room. Pallavi says I’m thinking of Ray. She says even Rhea and Aliya are not at home. Vikram says Rhea, Ranbir and Aliya left without telling them but Prachi and Sid are gone. Pallavi says they said they will come soon.

She says she is very worried and asks if she is taking their side. She says I don’t know where everyone is and she gets worried. Vikram thinks she has heard nothing against Rhea and Ranbir and can’t help speaking out against Prachi.

Ranbir thinks to go out the window as the road is blocked by fire. She asks Prachi to do something else, they will be burned. She manages to open the window and asks Prachi to come. Prachi wakes up and asks her to go alone. Ranbir says how can I leave you alone. she thinks she can’t stand it. Shahaha, Sid and Mihika come out the window. The bandits see a strong fire and think they will burn if they get inside. Another thug says they are khatron ke khiladi and earns money by fighting danger.

Ranbir takes Prachi to force her to sit somewhere and then searches the place to escape from there. She forces him to sit down and says he will come back for her.

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Prachi asks him to leave the window and not come back. Ranbir says if you say this, I will drop you from the window and burn you here.

Prachi says I am fine and can jump out the window. He asks are you sure, he says yes. She asks where is Shahana and others. Ranbir says everyone is out.

The thugs see Ranbir and Prachi alive and tell each other that their love is also tested by fire. Prachi and Ranbir see the thugs. Prachi asks them to let them go. The thug tells Prachi that you have to die anyway. Ranbir asks why should he die, I will give you money. The bandit says we have fulfilled our commitment. He shoots Prachi. Ranbir remembers Prachi saying the baby is from her, comes forward and puts a bullet in her shoulder.

Bandit says we have to save him. Another thug asks him to kill Prachi as well so that no one to witness survives. Prachi says you did something wrong in firing him. He takes the stick and starts beating the bandits. Sid, Shahana and Mihika come back, hear the gunshot and beat up Prachi’s thugs. The bandits are running.

Prachi asks Ranbir to open his eyes and asks Shahana to bring some water. She tells Ranbir that she will not let anything happen to her. Shahana brings water. Prachi splashes water on her face and asks why is she a hero? She says I asked you to leave but you are not listening to me. She says stay with me, don’t faint.

Ranbir says I am listening to you and asks him to listen.

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd November 2022 Written Episode:

She says I can feel the food in your lap and reassure you that you are okay and that if anything happens to me, I am happy to have it in your lap. Prachi says nothing will happen to you. Ranbir says darkness is gathering before my eyes and asks him to go with her.

Shahana, Mihika and Sid run to the car. Sid begins. They turn to Prachi. Prachi asks them to wake her up. Sid says we have to take him to hospital.

Alia and Rhea return home. Aliya says I always have a spare key, so no one will know when you left or came home. She asks Rhea why she didn’t say anything. Rhea says she is not feeling well and has bad thoughts. She says we will go and get Ranbir back, she says.

Alia asks him to control his emotions. She says my thugs are very clever and have taken a lot from you and me. She says they are very smart. Rhea asks her to call them and ask about Ranbir. Aliya asks him to drink water from the kitchen. Rhea is coming. Alia thinks Rhea’s love is obsessive love, a deadly obsession, which is difficult for both of them.

Sid is driving while Ranbir is unconsciously lying on Prachi’s lap. Shahana and Mihika are also in the car. Prachi asks Ranbir to get up. Sid says nothing will happen to him.


On call, Prachi says Ranbir was shot. Ranbir’s mom is shocked and says this time, if anything happens to my son, I will make Prachi’s life hell.

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